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  • Hi Lily! This is the mom that was with the girl who lost her phone. We both just wanted to thank you for your entertainment, your kindness, your REALness. My daughter really looks up to both you and Albert so much. You inspired her to work harder on her drawing (she is very hard on herself) and you also inspired her to pick up the violin. I know you cuss sometimes but that is life! What you have done for my daughter is amazing. We still think that God or whatever higher power you believe in (or don't) placed you in that spot at the exact right time! My daughter had removed her wig from her Maka costume (she was super cute) and we were going home after losing the phone. If we had turned down ANY other row, we would have missed you! So meant to be for us. You brightened her day and changed the tone of our entire visit (including the line on the first day!). So I wanted to take a moment to thank you. I hope you keep this up forever. You certainly deserve to have wonderful things happen to you!! -ConMom (Stacey) :)

    Stacey AEStacey AEÉvvel
    • This was like a yr ago and im still crying

      Onecool animationsOnecool animations3 hónapja
    • Oof... Alby thing... Offf

      Suikage KagetsuSuikage Kagetsu11 hónapja
    • Aww...

      Eunice MiunEunice MiunÉvvel
    • @Dr. Grie Oh wow! Lol. I think they all feel like that about us to some extent. Hang in there. :)

      Stacey AEStacey AEÉvvel
    • @Stacey AE the troll is my 12 year old son. Nice to know what he says about me when I talk to him :)

      Dr. GrieDr. GrieÉvvel
  • The history LilyPichu and John Wick plis

    Dark CrashDark Crash6 napja
  • Feels so good every time I watch u man!!!!! Just makes my day

    Akhilesh sharmaAkhilesh sharma17 napja
  • Wassup Lily! I went to AX 2019 and saw you perform in front of the artist hall! Your music inspires me so so much and I just wanted to say thank you! For the next up coming years I hope to possibly see you again at AX but maybe actually get the chance to meet you this time >////< Best of wishes for your music and gaming career in the future! P.s sorry this message came at a very late time -w-""

    crystal vangcrystal vang4 hónapja
  • What about the time you got flipped by John wick

    DannychaosDannychaos5 hónapja
  • I only started watching this video because d piddy

    Empty BagEmpty Bag5 hónapja
  • Uhhh are you ok from John whick

    RockRock6 hónapja
  • Holyshit... I would of felt soo damn warm inside~

    BrandonBrandon8 hónapja
  • why does your voice sound like an loli

    icewallow comeicewallow come8 hónapja
  • That one time you high fived john wick and get flipped over

    Blu_CometsBlu_Comets8 hónapja
  • Jhon Wick xD

    EKA GAMERS 21EKA GAMERS 2110 hónapja
  • as micheal reeves says "ok boomer" 1:53

    King CrimsonKing Crimson11 hónapja
  • Can you please keep things up for 10 years or sthg:)))) I want to come to the US and share some wholesomeness please. Or maybe forever I don't know :)))). I'm like 16 and you're like 27 but whatever I love what you do

    Nguyen Khanh ToanNguyen Khanh Toan11 hónapja
  • Lily pls make a other video pls I love

    Nick JoeNick JoeÉvvel
  • 1:03 I thought she said "Covered in cumstickers" and would've went DansGame irl

  • Weirdoss Stoi owoi


  • I went to Anime Expo this yesr,it was my first time and if I go next year,I wanna cosplay Btw the crying fangirls make me wanna cry too,So Wholesome! :3 ❤💕💓💝💞💗💛💞💜💘💖❣❤💝💓💝💚💝

  • U kinda sound like lolnani. If u don't know who that is u should search her up she's really funny just like. Wait ARE YOU GUYS TWINS?

    Bee_Fearful 480Bee_Fearful 480Évvel
  • Please don’t abuse the copyright system

  • You sound like lolnani

  • Sexy

    Reyansh AcharyaReyansh AcharyaÉvvel


    Pota toPota toÉvvel
  • No te entendi ni vergas no se ingles :v :3

    angel gamerxDgg2tangel gamerxDgg2tÉvvel
  • HI I don't speak English :c Att: I love you (te quiero :3)

    sr. Msr. MÉvvel
  • *u w u*

    Jake MurphyJake MurphyÉvvel
  • lol touched me...... figuratively hahahaha

    John CrismarJohn CrismarÉvvel
  • you are really such a warmth person even i just know you a minutes ago. Thumbs up for your hardwork yay :). Peace n Love from Malaysia

    Phanthonix ChannelPhanthonix ChannelÉvvel
  • Fraxseen was crying

    Topcod29 sarantakisTopcod29 sarantakisÉvvel
  • Omg Lily!!! I just randomly found your cover of Isabella's Lullaby on the HUworld homepage (a miracle, I know), and I'M SO PLEASANTLY SURPRISED!!! I didn't know you were a HUworldr! I've been following your wholesome, fuzzy content on Instagram for awhile now! God you bless you both and thank you so much for giving so many people, including myself so many smiles! UwU

    Analytical InklingAnalytical InklingÉvvel
  • OMG MY name is yuri I'm mexcain

    Cecilia TrejoCecilia TrejoÉvvel
  • Is it just me or she shounds like WolfyChuu?

  • I could not handle the wholesomeness...

    Lúcio Correia dos SantosLúcio Correia dos SantosÉvvel
  • daam u sound soooooo cute i wanna eat up your cheeks

  • Holy shit I want an I Love Yuri pin signed by LilyPichu too WHY IS LIFE SO UNFAIR ;_;

    Flash Trance / DESU-CHAN55Flash Trance / DESU-CHAN55Évvel
  • Lily are you the one who voiced Himy from The ones within

  • Is that only me press th

    chise sanchise sanÉvvel
  • Lily, You should do a what’s in my iPhone video!! I’ve always wondered what apps you have and type of phone etc. thanks! 🥰

  • Omg you’re so fucking adorable☺️😩

  • what do you think i should do when i'm addicted of my computer and can not stop playing and you are so dedicated to the computer that i can not go and play out side with my friends what i should do

    tristan van de kamptristan van de kampÉvvel

    ᴍᴏɢᴜʀɪɪ დᴍᴏɢᴜʀɪɪ დÉvvel
  • This video made me cry😭 I love your content lily & offline tv. You’re definitely one of the realest people on here. I’m glad you had a great time at AX! I wish I could’ve talked to you too, I prolly would’ve cried😭💛 But on the last day I was leaving with my friends and we got on the car, I saw you and Albert!! & I screamed out the window “lilyyyy, I love youuuu”. I’m pretty sure it was your hair & Albert haha. Thank you for everything you do & keep doing an awesome job!👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

    Sleightly Magical1Sleightly Magical1Évvel
  • You are soooo dammmmm cute

    SreleXxxx __SreleXxxx __Évvel
  • If I asked someone to make a video with them saying a swear would u do it? Pls if you do please send me the link or name

  • Lily. Can talk about KyoAni pls.

  • You are Wolfychu?

    R U B IR U B IÉvvel
  • omg i saw you outside AX but didn't know it was you until you turned around! I saw you trying to leave but people kept wanting pics haha! you looked so cute hope you had fun 💕

  • ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    nezuko naninezuko naniÉvvel
  • please make another anime podcast

  • Hi lily love your content

    colby pryorcolby pryorÉvvel
  • I need a Kobayashi cosplay

    Jesus SalasJesus SalasÉvvel
  • Lily please do a cover with lolnani

    Purple DrankerPurple DrankerÉvvel
  • hi lily can u please piano cover this song 'across the violet sky' from an anime called 'violet evergarden' thank u

    Jk kimJk kimÉvvel
  • 1:40 or you just getting older :,v lily

    Submarine beef64Submarine beef64Évvel
  • I just found this channel after watching some wolfychu you guys sound the same!!

  • How do I art?

    Venofu _Venofu _Évvel
  • Omg that was so sweet and wholesome

    Kalena xDKalena xDÉvvel
  • U sweetotoons girlfriend?

    Kevin ReynosoKevin ReynosoÉvvel
  • Heeeey Lilyyy. I met you two years ago at AX and it was honestly the highlight of my trip to LA. I'm super happy that I even got a picture with you :DDDD Keep doing what you do!!! P.S. I went to LA with two friends of mine who had blue and pink hair at the time. I don't know if you'll remember this (or even read this), but my friend with blue hair, Ryan, ran into you at Marukai and immediately ran away to come find us because we all love your videos so much :) You asked my other friend, Jamie if we knew the boy with the blue hair. To this day, he's still beating himself up over not taking a picture with you XD

  • Hey please finish your song dreamy nights I want to hear full version if u do thx 😋

  • Soon he will have a picture of you and him as old ppl

    kewl Boikewl BoiÉvvel
  • lily hugs kids

    Swagga FrogSwagga FrogÉvvel
  • 3 years streak of me breaking my arm and giving you a Hi-5 we going til we cant no more! This was all pily's plan at CRX 17. I wonder if you remember me or see it coming cause I always wear a warriors jersey when i find you, albert said he kind of remembers from last year :D

    ajay domingoajay domingoÉvvel
  • Senzawa??

    adam Manchookadam ManchookÉvvel
  • i saw you, fed, scarra, and albert at suehiro cafe on the sunday and... wow. you guys seriously made my day. tbh, i didn’t believe it was you for a little but, it was super, super cool! i just... wow what’s it like meeting the four people that make you smile every day. i wish i had more time to tell you all how cool you are and how excited i was to see you. it was an amazing day all because i was able to see you guys uwu wooo love you, keep doing what you do

    JP AriannaJP AriannaÉvvel
  • you sound a lot like fluttershy

  • You kind of sound like wolfiechu

    Whop CremWhop CremÉvvel
  • This video is so sweet and cute and wholesome I’m crying I love you lily 😭😭😭💕💕

    Den HDen HÉvvel
  • But I still want that footage

  • Hi Lily! I was planning on meeting you next year at Anime Expo! I really look up to you as an artist and a person! I wish for you the best! And keep making wholesome content! uwu

  • Crrreeeiiisssss I cried during this video, thank you lily love you :”””””””””””))))

  • Hey Lily I'm a huge fan and I was wondering if you would ever consider going to youmacon Michigan's anime and gaming convention. It would mean a lot to me and all your other fans here in Michigan!

  • Cute story it cool see on last day AX before Security kicks everybody out Exhibit hall

  • new title of video: lily flexing on us about her fame and adoration she gets from fans.

    Nemo NobodyNemo NobodyÉvvel
  • holy fuck her art is getting so nice the progress is amazing uwu

    Tyruss B.Tyruss B.Évvel
  • Damn I forgot you were at AX 😭

  • Lily is comparable to Umaru-chan

    Eugene KrabsEugene KrabsÉvvel
  • omg , it's so cute )))

    Brooklyn BoyBrooklyn BoyÉvvel
  • "P.S. Screw you, security" -Lily

    Silas RomeroSilas RomeroÉvvel
  • Ahhh i was the kennen cosplayer whom you yelled kennen!!! Im really glad i got to see you in person lily!! I really need to speak up and the mask obviously didnt help me project my voice lmao. Anyways keep doing what you are doing! Also thank you for being so genuine irl and online! -RadiantCarbuncle on Twitch btw

    Kevin KwokKevin KwokÉvvel
  • I will see you next year Lily at least I hope.

    Sweet SinSweet SinÉvvel
  • Brazil loves you 💕💕

  • And Jhon wick?

    G.E.A.M CorpG.E.A.M CorpÉvvel
  • Heart.

    J AllenJ AllenÉvvel
  • You make my OuOs into UwUs comfiest stories every T_T

  • I just saw one of your videos and loved it so I instantly subscribed and turned on notifications

    Kaden BlanchetKaden BlanchetÉvvel
  • Visuals and audio editing so gooood, really good video! :D

  • OWO

    salama almalekisalama almalekiÉvvel
  • So were not gonna talk about how she got flipped by a john wick cosplayer

    MrMedic 8786MrMedic 8786Évvel
  • the animation is so cute :3

    // Chen// ChenÉvvel
  • Ahh yes the button guy😂

    Hahahha :DHahahha :DÉvvel
  • 3:08 Where's Albert?! :3

    Pink ChickPink ChickÉvvel
    • damnit sir not here

      Nguyen Khanh ToanNguyen Khanh Toan11 hónapja
  • Thumbs up for the stories and the editing

    Vũ Thái NguyễnVũ Thái NguyễnÉvvel
  • I hope one day I could meet Lily too ( ;∀;)

    p h o e b e a r t e m i sp h o e b e a r t e m i sÉvvel
  • Why am i even crying ...

    Kristian Dominic CancisioKristian Dominic CancisioÉvvel
  • You also got slaughtered by Keanu Reeves (DPiddy Video)

    Earl Wilbur A. NograEarl Wilbur A. NograÉvvel
  • She sounds like Senzawa.

    Ayden KempAyden KempÉvvel
  • lilypichu is a nicer name for crack she is my crack. i am addicted to lily im sure shes a nice person IRL

    Don DraperDon DraperÉvvel
  • i just want to say one word to you: AdOraBLE

    super peumusuper peumuÉvvel