art lessons with michael reeves

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  • Draws a line on the word line "artest"

    Ch4mbaCh4mba5 órája
  • Alternative title: Art Lessons BY Michael Reeves

    Nefarious StormNefarious Storm5 órája
  • botle

    KrysumKrysum6 órája
  • Now im an art expert and i can say that is botle

    Swiggity SwootySwiggity Swooty9 órája
  • not gonna lie, "draw outside of the frame and just let a bit of it show" and randomly remove a quote was actually really creative

    Flying ThunderFlying Thunder9 órája
  • Stanley Kubrick: you photograph the photograph Michael: 6:49

    Imran KhalilImran Khalil13 órája
  • When Lilypichu was at the age of 19 Michael was 13 So Lily can officially be michael's babysitter at the age of *19!*

    Bozz BoihazBozz Boihaz15 órája
  • Someone get this man his shirt

    Joshua GibsonJoshua Gibson17 órája
  • “Simplicity is key -Lenard de vinkie”

    precode precodedprecode precoded18 órája
  • Micheal must've been named after Michelangelo

    SiabiSiabi18 órája
  • In the beginning lily was going to teach Michael but in the end lily was just beginning to see what true art is from Micheal

    IJustWantSaladIJustWantSalad23 órája
  • Lily: What if I teach you how to draw? Michael: no u. Me: How does this not even surprise me? Oh my Irene these two... c r a c k h e a d s I love them xD

    Misha Chloe PoliquitMisha Chloe PoliquitNapja
  • My future kid: ‘I don’t wanna draw triangles I wanna draw *the mona lisa* ’

  • This has Squidward teaching spongebob about art kind of vibes

    STEM-Rendyl James LazalaSTEM-Rendyl James LazalaNapja
  • Why is that "lines" situation, where he says "sometimes adding is subtracting" actually accurate to art school-

    Kay OfficialKay Official2 napja
  • My "botle" merch came in. I love it.

    Kainoa SilvaKainoa Silva2 napja
  • The virgil abloh of offline tv

    J ManJ Man2 napja
  • This is so funny, Abstract? hahha

    Dane LagdamenDane Lagdamen2 napja
  • I feel like this is mspaint

    spongey Mageespongey Magee2 napja
  • what feeling is this giving me

    Bedecick CucumberbatchBedecick Cucumberbatch2 napja
  • The thumbnail muahhhhhhhw

    CloudzyFnCloudzyFn2 napja
  • fylosofey

    KenDoesThingsKenDoesThings2 napja
  • This is my fav video of all time lmaoo

    Jonathan MartinezJonathan Martinez3 napja
  • The blue on the "lines T-sheert actually looks amazingly good together!

    watix11watix113 napja
  • My botle shirt came in today, I love it

    Crunchy the GoblinCrunchy the Goblin4 napja
  • Hi Lonely Guys/Girls hit like.

    okok4 napja
  • What app are they using as well?

    Crazy GamerCrazy Gamer4 napja
  • What does lily use to draw?

    Crazy GamerCrazy Gamer4 napja
  • "I have Parkinson's!" ~Michael Reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee 2020.

    Saadhana SSaadhana S4 napja
  • Abstract art is actually really hard

    obsessed weebobsessed weeb5 napja
  • It's been a while since I've watched something that literally makes me say "how did I get here? What am I watching anymore??" Out loud.

    Akamiko 6Akamiko 65 napja
  • i have porkinsons

    hasbel kaderhasbel kader5 napja
  • B O T L E

    Dominic van den BergDominic van den Berg5 napja
  • Why does lily amd michael’s worst drawing is like my best? What the HECK!

    San LightSan Light6 napja
  • I would buy clothing with all these designs on them in a heartbeat

    RudicleRudicle6 napja
  • Inspirational speeches intensifies

    2xce C hoicer2xce C hoicer6 napja
  • nice

    『Mr. Seiyuu』『Mr. Seiyuu』7 napja
  • lost my shit the moment she erased a line through the "lines" XDDD

    jayden edwardsjayden edwards8 napja
  • Is that naruto filler music I hear?

    strawbs yogurtstrawbs yogurt8 napja
  • So this is what art does to some people

    Stefan HoppentochtStefan Hoppentocht8 napja
  • Michaels Art Class

    Bloberty LobertyBloberty Loberty8 napja
  • this is actually really deep

    brian chenbrian chen8 napja
  • Honestly, I'd wear both of their designs on a shirt.

    9 napja
  • Michael.. what if my mind is the box?

    JamesJames9 napja

    Kenzie’s WeirdKenzie’s Weird10 napja
  • Bottle

    Connor GlancyConnor Glancy10 napja
  • I like how Michael changes into the artist instead of lily

    ductless_octagonductless_octagon10 napja
  • How the turn tables ._.

    Alonso VillarosaAlonso Villarosa11 napja
  • this started with lily teaching michael this ended with michael teaching lily

    babababreadbabababread11 napja
  • 9.14 I was not expecting this

    illuminate14 Lilluminate14 L12 napja
  • What program is Lily using? Is it Sai?

    damiester1damiester112 napja
  • This is my one joy I life

    Verge_NorraVerge_Norra12 napja
  • Bonjour monsieur Michelangelo 😚👌

    JoNekoVRJoNekoVR12 napja
  • I can't stop laughing lmaoo

    PAOLO BunagPAOLO Bunag12 napja
  • Where can I get this merch

    penguin animations 2penguin animations 212 napja
  • "botle

    scott 599scott 59912 napja
  • You know Michael's filipino when the leg comes up

    hawkodoshihawkodoshi13 napja
  • Michael sounds like my ela teacher trying to explain why she failed me on an opinionated assignment

    Taein YiTaein Yi13 napja
  • I have that botle shirt on right now

    PulsePulse13 napja
  • Botle

    The ScoundrelsThe Scoundrels13 napja
  • 7:38 That teacher that acts like this when not satisfied with your answer.

    Angelene UstareAngelene Ustare13 napja
  • It goes on a shirt, I walk around town, I have khaki jeans on, I have a fucking flower in my hair, I'm taking pictures on holywood boulevard, I'm on the ground, I'm fucking- flipping around, People have DSLR camera and lights, I'm standing in the middle of the street with a leather jacket over my shoulder, And all you see is *_b o t l e_*

    Ofer ZilbermanOfer Zilberman13 napja
  • do you draw the pictures of you and michael for the ccs and stuff like that?

    jean jack gamesjean jack games14 napja
  • This is so infuriating and amazing at the same time. XD

    Anthony FarrellAnthony Farrell14 napja
  • This is actually modern art dude omg.

    JerkFace FuckasaurusRexJerkFace FuckasaurusRex14 napja
  • did people really buy that shirt just curious tho

    Khansa Farras CKhansa Farras C14 napja
    • Yeah, it's so stupid it's actually genius

      Robby RabagoRobby Rabago13 napja
  • I want the Le Leunes t-shirt, but the shipping is almost half of the t-shirt price and that’s “economy” package 😭

    Mailo SvetelMailo Svetel14 napja
  • Michael: I’m not saying my humor is broken but if you put a oblong rectangle in front of me and write botle *wheeze* Lily: why tf are you like this

    Alexander nanniniAlexander nannini15 napja
  • No joke everything Michael said makes sense for artists stuck in their ways. He's a genyuus!

    Andrew AikenAndrew Aiken15 napja
  • A get this jok 4:27

    Adi Septi La IdiAdi Septi La Idi15 napja
  • I think Micheal just thought me more than the past 16 years of skool

    Red-Fox YTRed-Fox YT15 napja
  • lily to michael: you wanna learn how to draw? michael: no do *YOU* wanna learn how to draw

    Sanctuary GuardianSanctuary Guardian15 napja
  • botle

    Sanctuary GuardianSanctuary Guardian15 napja
  • The contrasting difference between the boomer and the zoomer 2020 colourized

    TriggeredTrigz // Trigz // DCGTriggeredTrigz // Trigz // DCG15 napja
  • This is hilarious!

    ATGEKIATGEKI15 napja
  • bruh can we just talk about how fire her song is. -.-.... no ok

    Ana finau LangiAna finau Langi16 napja
  • I demand jellied eels merch NOW

    alexa saráialexa sarái16 napja
  • 5:07 what micheal told about the dream thing is actually true and happens to me

    Kurosaki d narutoKurosaki d naruto16 napja
  • Lily was too intimidated by Michael’s sheer artistry

    Rimuru TempestRimuru Tempest16 napja
  • My botle shirt just arrived today

    Logan Turner-MannixLogan Turner-Mannix17 napja
  • Mine just came in and its amazing

    Brewski's VidsBrewski's Vids17 napja
  • 11.34

    EmilyEmily17 napja
  • Micheal become the avatar

    geramir felicildageramir felicilda17 napja
  • "botle

    nelmvnnelmvn17 napja
  • Im buying the botle merch.

    giraffe.giraffe.18 napja
  • Anybody know what drawing tablet/device she uses?

    FazBearBoxFazBearBox18 napja
  • What’s the song at 6:23

    no _no _18 napja
    • no _ I believe it's this

      RevaReva17 napja
  • Actually I liked the line one 😅

    Thammai SThammai S18 napja
  • You know, I usually think Micheal exerts crackhead energy but this is the first time I've legitimately thought he was on crack.

    Luke BlackistonLuke Blackiston18 napja
  • Wow michael reeves is a better artist than lily. lily draw things like a child like a baby.

    Daniel SinagaDaniel Sinaga18 napja
  • Just saying, I would gladly wear any of these designs on my body

    Lilli BraunLilli Braun19 napja
  • The SECOND I get my paycheque I'm getting the botle shirt

    That GuyThat Guy19 napja
  • man that crack me up xd

    Natsu DradaganilNatsu Dradaganil19 napja
  • As a wise man once said “it’s a masterpiece “

    KingBoopKingBoop20 napja
  • this is literally every school art teacher, except theres not enough perspective art where they force you to draw a fucking room for 3 months

    Real KirboReal Kirbo20 napja
  • petetion for lily to make the line one merch

    Ryza MedinaRyza Medina20 napja
  • Ordered the lines shirt

    Nathan ThompsonNathan Thompson20 napja
  • 7:32 i actually REALLY like this one. i love the simplicity.

    hyhyukjaehyhyukjae20 napja
  • Who is the simp in the bottom left corner about to by the botle art work!!!

    Void FxdeツVoid Fxdeツ21 napja
  • Please make the one with eels

    Weirdo in the cornerWeirdo in the corner21 napja