Bad Boys for Life RED CARPET! Ft. Michael Reeves

2020.febr. 1.
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the camera has an auto-focus feature but it's somehow still out of focus
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  • I like the first outfit Michael had

    I make movies in my head trust meI make movies in my head trust me6 órája
  • This is an R-rated film, how did a 12 year old get invited to the premier!?

    LiquidArmProductionLiquidArmProduction6 órája
  • another name for this would be scaring yvonne

    Pinthusaan VijinthanPinthusaan Vijinthan7 órája
  • I wonder what the name of the hoodie shirt is that Michael is wearing cause I wanna buy one

    duckmanduckman20 órája
  • These days I can hardly find I streamer I enjoy that releases videos on valorant. Thank you jodi

    Richard TorresRichard TorresNapja
  • Genetic disease called "being a Flilipino". I don't know about you Michael but I'm 6.1'.

    Big PapiBig Papi2 napja
  • Im quite happy that I share the same genetic disease with someone, only that I have it 100% in my genes

    respetorespeto2 napja
  • Michael: maybe 10 20 Me: maybe 10k 20k viewers per stream

    John David San luisJohn David San luis3 napja

    aiden mcfaddenaiden mcfadden3 napja
  • Am I the only one who wants to know where they are at the starting of the vid? I want that food sooooo baaaad.

    _ChickenMCnuggies__ChickenMCnuggies_4 napja
  • Lily is literally me lmao

    blacie Riceblacie Rice4 napja
  • why were you invited?

    Very LokiVery Loki4 napja
  • Michael looks like a freshman going to his first prom

    Very LokiVery Loki4 napja
  • It's smill with

    Thunder FoolThunder Fool5 napja
  • i wonder if there is a way to overcome the fear of falling when getting to the handstand postition

    Artsaint DhimatheraArtsaint Dhimathera7 napja
  • They are walking past like.. alot of famous people and they're just fooling around xD

    FrEaKiN fAngIrLFrEaKiN fAngIrL7 napja
  • - Can pick locks - Is faster and stronger than he looks - Can make torture devices that inflict pain and feel pain - Has an arsenal of tasers - Is high on crack 24/7 terrified

    Martin XYMartin XY7 napja
  • Wow wth happens at the otv house-

    aNnYeOnGhAsEyO bAnGtAn SyEoNyOnDaN iMnIdAaNnYeOnGhAsEyO bAnGtAn SyEoNyOnDaN iMnIdA8 napja
  • anyone know what michael was eating? it looked really good lol

    andrew-jpegandrew-jpeg8 napja
  • 0:49 why do I hear boss music?

    Talk Major StudiosTalk Major Studios9 napja
  • I’ll be honest lily looks SO SCARED of everything if I’m being honest (Like when Sony met and Michael was just a swift walk away)

    DiaKorrus 18DiaKorrus 189 napja
  • Oh my god I went here before the pandemic happened lmao. It was like at the same time the video was supposedly filmed and I keep imagining being in the same restaurant with Lilypichu and Mykull and Yvonne.

    G LeeG Lee9 napja
  • I keep on rewatching this help 😭😭

    Rhrbfnf FhrrfhRhrbfnf Fhrrfh9 napja
  • michael is saying filipinos are short lmao

    Radley LobeteRadley Lobete9 napja
    • @Moonlight Dream ye its kinda cool

      Radley LobeteRadley Lobete2 napja
    • I mean he's half filipino thus proving it.

      Moonlight DreamMoonlight Dream4 napja
  • Wait did she Live stream the entire thing?!

    RakshithRakshith9 napja

    Jeremy247Jeremy24710 napja
  • wait michael is filipino?!?

    Marceline ReyesMarceline Reyes10 napja
  • The fact that they like, a foot shorter than everyone there just sends me to the moon

    Tony WeiTony Wei10 napja
  • " I'm more than just content " " I know you're my friend " " I'm ok with just being content " He was expertly dodging the friend zone from the begining

    Rio PachecoRio Pacheco11 napja
    • Copied comment...

      All54321 GamingAll54321 Gaming10 napja
  • "keep that life360 on okay?" i died

    Icicle Dragonore-BoltIcicle Dragonore-Bolt11 napja
  • Michael be like: I have a genetic disease, called being a filipino Me as a filipino: f**ing agreed

    Carl Jabez CortezCarl Jabez Cortez11 napja
  • 3:43

    No OneNo One11 napja
  • When you have that one friend that tortures you while you’re on a diet 2:38

    Tori BaylissTori Bayliss12 napja
  • It’s covid

    プラズマ毒プラズマ毒12 napja
  • Dear God, michael wearing the minion mask reminds me of that episode of the office with the CPR dummy. Terrifying

    Grace T.Grace T.12 napja
  • So micheal dont like being filipino?

    EquinoXEquinoX12 napja
  • God, i still wish Michael went up and talked to Jaden Smith when he had the chance

    YouTube NameYouTube Name13 napja
  • As a Filipino college student, I'm taller than everyone in my household, so I feel more blessed than any of my siblings. I live alone... But still

    HeghogeHeghoge13 napja
  • Wait does Michael has a blood of a Filipino

  • When mykyull chased yvonne he looked like a minecrafter hacker

    RedRed14 napja
  • "I have this genetic disease called being a filipino" I don't doubt it myself

    Marc Lawrence LaroaMarc Lawrence Laroa14 napja
  • 9:27 Tony Stank?

    Roman CastroRoman Castro15 napja
  • Micheals such a mood abt being a sgort filipino lmao its aight bro were all like that-

    Lenoo ._.Lenoo ._.15 napja
  • do u know lily is 28 , i thought she is 21-22 or 18 sometimes :3 and michal revess is 22 , in this coouply we cant even say who is elder by looking at them :3

    Reediculos - Stream and GameplayReediculos - Stream and Gameplay15 napja
  • 3:00 I've been there before. It's near my old high school. Really good Boba there. There's like 3 Boba places in that area I know of.

    mindmaster323mindmaster32315 napja
  • 6:42 yeah same micheal i have that too

    Gordon RamsayGordon Ramsay15 napja
  • This Video in a Nutshell: Lily is a dictator, The boys are the Workers, and Yvonne and Poki are the hostages.

    Gabriel HauwGabriel Hauw16 napja
  • I am a socially inept potato and i got so much second hand anxiety when you recorded the party section

    Gusty GallonGusty Gallon16 napja
  • god I love this couple

    AxylotlAxylotl16 napja
  • Lol the fact that y’all passed by rdj and he looked right at y’all 😂 side note I’m not sure it was probably is but idk was funny to me because micheal is worried about will smith

    Red-Fox YTRed-Fox YT16 napja
  • OMG no se si sea la única mexicana aquí, pero estaban junto a Omar Chaparro xD eso fue super cómico... We Love you ❤

    Paola CocaPaola Coca16 napja
  • Michael: I was born with a genetic disease called being a filipino (6:14) Me: At least you're not living in the country

    Carlomaster 1O5Carlomaster 1O516 napja
  • Imagine someone came up to them asking if they are lost because of their height. Not in a bad way😚

    The weirdo CrystalThe weirdo Crystal16 napja
  • 戈複迍♡♡

    Blue LemonBlue Lemon17 napja
  • Lily is at least taller than my mom cuz mom is about 4’12 ft

    choochoo picklepiechoochoo picklepie17 napja
  • "Hi nice to meet you have you seen bad boys 1?"

    lizzylizardkinglizzylizardking18 napja
  • I can't believe he's actually Filipino

    Chrysan themumChrysan themum18 napja
  • Where did you get the crepes?

    Eddie Del RioEddie Del Rio19 napja
  • Poor Yvonne she is they toy in the house lmao

    [ ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ ][ ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ ]19 napja
  • Random man: So how many followers on twitch? Micheal: a few....10....20...

    Quiet QiwiQuiet Qiwi19 napja
  • The Neko Atsume music made me go off

    Lime GenieLime Genie19 napja
  • I noticed how when mykull asked if they had seen bad boys 1, they immediately asked what they were streaming on, and when mykull answered Twitch, the guy instantly asked how many followers they had. I dont know why but for some reason that bugged me, cause it seems to me that they were trying to gage whether they should interact with them further. like if they found out that lily had alot of followers, (which Lily does), I wonder if they would try and buddy buddy up to her, you know what I mean?

    C.U.CosplayC.U.Cosplay20 napja
    • Exactly my thoughts. And good that Mykull responded with "yeah ten, twenty".

      RoWolfRoWolf11 napja
  • "i have a generic disease, for being filipino" same💀kaso matangkad ako pero ahehehe

    Justin Oliver E. DesembranaJustin Oliver E. Desembrana20 napja
  • 6:42 **When a famous guy said random word about filipinos** Filipinos: *allow us to introduce ourselves mga bobo*

    Mark YTMark YT20 napja
  • They're like two kids lost in a grocery store

    Daniel AndreDaniel Andre21 napja
  • 6:41 Damn. F in chat for all the short Filipinos (I wish I was taller 😔)

    Lindsay MaderaLindsay Madera21 napja
    • @Justin Oliver E. Desembrana bro life is hard for short Filipinos 😔

      Lindsay MaderaLindsay Madera20 napja
    • btch i wish I was small and im filipino😂

      Justin Oliver E. DesembranaJustin Oliver E. Desembrana20 napja
  • Michael on 7:30 looks Like he's Being electrocuted XD

    Iguano KentIguano Kent21 napja
  • "I was born with a genetic disease called Filipino" I feel that

    Super Kami GuruSuper Kami Guru21 napja
  • YO IM OBESE!!!!! funniest sentence I’ve heard in my life Lol 😂

    TakahashiTakahashi22 napja
  • 2:16 what sykkuno and lily ateee

    HJ 18HJ 1823 napja
  • micheal looks like a kid going to his midle school dance - all love Micheal is my hero

    Drew DobbsDrew Dobbs24 napja
  • the dark souls bit has me litteraly crying from laughing so hard

    DrFr0styDrFr0sty24 napja

    Black D.Black D.24 napja
  • 0:49 confirms the fact that he's a grimlin

    Not ApplicableNot Applicable25 napja
  • i really felt that when he said "i was born with the genetic disease called being filipino" pinoy legs are so short 😂😭🔪

    mablehh _mablehh _25 napja
  • 6:41 damn michael stop spilling tea bro lmao

    SOMASOMA25 napja
  • At this point, Micheal was of the opinion that he and lily were dating. Isn't that funny?

    Morteza PaksereshtMorteza Pakseresht25 napja
  • 3:47 accidental rhyme Noice

    FinsenatorFinsenator26 napja
  • 3:40 I Simply Died.

    Hudsontec .-.Hudsontec .-.26 napja
  • wait.. wait... wait.....Michael is filipino?

    you mamayou mama28 napja
  • Lily Is Good For Making Thumbnail:c

    Shadow MonarchShadow Monarch28 napja
  • "i was born with a disease called being filipino" Me as a filipino: i feel u buddy T_T

  • spying lily

    caleb josh basungitcaleb josh basungit29 napja
  • @6:08 he looks like that kid from spy kids

    Jennifer VictoriaJennifer Victoria29 napja
  • 3:41 that's fear

    Kata KuriKata Kuri29 napja
  • Michael looks like Harry Potter 4

    Carlos DutraCarlos DutraHónapja
  • michael is just michael

    Larrytheblobfish .pLarrytheblobfish .pHónapja
  • 12:12 im not sure if thats zendaya at the back or selena gomez

    • @Crispy Cookie welp, gotta get my eyes checked then.

      JoaquinJoaquin29 napja
    • None of the above

      Crispy CookieCrispy Cookie29 napja
  • Horror Games be like: 3:38

  • WHY’S IT SPICY 7:30

    Erik HoangErik HoangHónapja
  • 0:55 Scarra is just like daddy who just chling watch their kids messinng around lol

    Imanuel WihandokoImanuel WihandokoHónapja
  • xd i cant believe no one noticed sykkuno

    zachariah kayananzachariah kayananHónapja

    Summytheunicorn LoveSummytheunicorn LoveHónapja
    • Yeses!!! I notice that too!! I was just looking at the comments if someone notice it

      Ricka NiiRicka Nii26 napja
  • Them just casually flirting. Is everything considering I don’t think they were together during this video.

    Cinnamon TwistiesCinnamon TwistiesHónapja
  • 6:10 harry potter

    Dhananjaya PasanDhananjaya PasanHónapja
  • 6:41 Yeah Michael, same, I was born with a genetic disease called being a *FILIPINO*

    emman kunnemman kunnHónapja
  • Its ok michael i know what it is like to be short I am 5.25 feet and im in grade 9

    Bryce ClarkBryce ClarkHónapja
  • Lily your too pretty

  • I didn't know Michael is a Filipino

    CousinLover DBJCousinLover DBJHónapja
  • Istg being Filipino is like gifting you with shortness but at the same time with brains and strength XD I am speaking from experience lol

    Oh SangwooOh SangwooHónapja