Cooking for Michael! Ft. AriaSaki

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  • f to michaels digestive system

    Sgt SkitlzSgt Skitlz28 perccel
  • A badge that screams your asian A rice cooker in your kitchen

    Riku Einjeru CunananRiku Einjeru Cunanan8 órája
  • my sister thought i was watching something else- 4:06

    kyliexcrossingkyliexcrossing16 órája
  • why does the chease bear look like a duck

    Elizabeth EdishimaElizabeth EdishimaNapja
  • Uncle roger needs to review this

    khogen Naoremkhogen Naorem2 napja
  • How the turntables lmao office reference i think

    Jose VencesJose Vences2 napja
  • Microwavable rice is _CRIINGE_

    Sym doxeSym doxe3 napja
  • Ohh me and Michael share the same favorite food!! 🍛 ❤️

    Fen WwolfgangFen Wwolfgang3 napja

    Fuckin RogerFuckin Roger3 napja
  • Aria & Lily: that's enough food for 4 people Michael: (filipino blood kicks in) MUST FINISH ALL OF IT!!!

    CompNerd2160CompNerd21603 napja
  • lily reminds me of this one unnie i knew. She literally wont stop talking 💀😂😂 Its like dealing with a little sister 😂😂and she looks like lily too 0_0; xD

    BNBN3 napja
  • They are still just as cute now as they were then ☺️

    Stephen CormierStephen Cormier4 napja
  • Wth is microwaveble rice? I thought your supposed to use a rice cooker and shit?

    Oreo KidOreo Kid4 napja
  • 1 minutes ini we ate making katsu curry 10 minutes in: so a 3 layer 10 pounds bento

    Hansel FinnHansel Finn4 napja
  • Fuck a rice cooker, y'all cant cook it in the pot

    Michael KucinichMichael Kucinich5 napja
  • TEMMIE best extra

    John David San luisJohn David San luis5 napja

    hao haohao hao5 napja
  • It doesn't matter if they put tomatoes in because he has a bot for that

    CompNerd2160CompNerd21605 napja
  • i can cook, i can clean, i just can't decorate 😅

    officxl softiofficxl softi5 napja
  • Everyone deserves a Friend like aria

    Lokesh paulLokesh paul5 napja
  • peak friendship is making food with your best friend but its for your boyfriend

    Salty Maple LeafSalty Maple Leaf5 napja
  • i bet she got the cheese ears from cheese land lol

    mccoy caedo13mccoy caedo136 napja

    Icicle Dragonore-BoltIcicle Dragonore-Bolt6 napja

    mogumogu6 napja
  • Just every asian person seeing this (including me) : Omg what asian eats microwaveable rice. Haiya... I wonder if she’s adopted. Btw this is a joke. I have to clarify this cuz some people don’t know sarcasm

    Izzat AkmalIzzat Akmal6 napja
  • When Lily hammerd the meat my mom heard the video and thought I was watching something else

    Adam CasserdahlAdam Casserdahl7 napja
  • Aria gives off such Asian mom vibes from this video! I love it!!

    Kim HuynhKim Huynh7 napja
  • Aria would be a great mom ngl

    Kotaro KashimaKotaro Kashima8 napja
  • 3:47 is what it sounds like in my room in the morning

    Chase RobertsChase Roberts9 napja
  • When u poured the jello u should've done it in the fridge so u dont have to bring it there

    ANormalGamingChannelANormalGamingChannel10 napja
  • The “my little cr*ckhead” song KILLED ME because it was sooo accurate 😂

    Tori BaylissTori Bayliss10 napja
  • This act of kindness is indirectly the start of true love.

    Nathan MarvelloNathan Marvello11 napja
  • You know you have a good future wife when she tells you this: 13:47

    Elijahzzz808Elijahzzz80811 napja
  • Damn aria dipped real fast 1:35 😂😂

    Deku M.Deku M.12 napja
  • 8:57 two pretty best friends...

    Jafet BantinanJafet Bantinan13 napja
    • PurplePug _ lmao

      Jafet BantinanJafet Bantinan10 napja
    • Wait she still looks better than me lmao

      PurplePug _PurplePug _11 napja
    • 5:28

      PurplePug _PurplePug _11 napja
  • Every one knows that every asian has a rice cooker. An asian without a rice cooker is blasphemy.

    Kimusa HendrubarKimusa Hendrubar13 napja
  • Why is this too ducking cute i wanna bawl 😭😅

    Pirie’spinkargylesweaterPirie’spinkargylesweater13 napja
  • Watching this with all the cuts really puts it into perspective how much work goes into making those bentos now, goddamn.

    TheRightestdogwhohasthecorrectopinionallthetimeTheRightestdogwhohasthecorrectopinionallthetime14 napja
  • When Lily was hammering the meat it reminded me of how weak she really is

    Pathetic kidsPathetic kids15 napja
  • u guys r so cute :

    dana odana o15 napja
  • "You're an asian and you dont have rice cooker" lol relate im asian and my relatives all have rice cooker

    Anthony MarquezAnthony Marquez16 napja
  • aria deserves the world, taking time out of her day just to see lily and her friends smile :((

    Krazyasiankate's BackupKrazyasiankate's Backup16 napja
  • Aria: we got some tomatoes Michael: Yeah lemme just get my BIG METAL PISTON SPIKE™ real quick

    Scott CohenScott Cohen17 napja
  • This is so cute awwww

    Ileana FengIleana Feng18 napja
  • This was my first time ever hearing aria and her voice sounds nothing like I thought it would.

    Obi-Wan KenobiObi-Wan Kenobi19 napja
  • This is the best couple ever and u can’t change my mind like look how cute they are is so fucking wholesome 😭✨

    KMoon 007KMoon 00719 napja
  • its sad to say but i want what lily and michael have (im tired while typing this give me a break)

    cool killer98cool killer9820 napja
  • I love how lily is like a little kid cooking with there mom 😂

    Sqturn_Sqturn_20 napja
  • Wholesome overload

    molterusmolterus20 napja
  • Lilly is too innocent to beat anything up

    Kypli 1Kypli 121 napja
  • I love the moment when Aria said the word tomato and lilys reaction to it

    FinsenatorFinsenator21 napja
  • this is the sweetest thing ever omg 🥺

    estefany louieestefany louie21 napja
  • Lily, you're Asian and you want microwavable rice?! And you don't have a rice cooker? Haiya, Uncle Roger is disappointed.

    Ken SsiKen Ssi21 napja
  • the plot twist in the vods: mykull already know and he dont eat since morning what a man

    mahL556mahL55622 napja
  • microwaveable rice? rice cooker? im learning things / European

    MynameisEmiliaMynameisEmilia22 napja
  • Food is love food is life

    NoviosityNoviosity23 napja
  • They’re literally polar opposite personalities, its adorable

    M NavehM Naveh23 napja
  • Thank god I'm using earphone rn, or else my mom's will kick me out of the house. Like it's fucking 5am in morning.

    LiszttbLiszttb23 napja
  • “You came to the wrong neighborhood !” Lol The more I learn about lily, the more precious she becomes “Here’s ur fucking utensils” Lmao

    Evets ZerimarEvets Zerimar23 napja
  • very wholesome

    trentin binnstrentin binns25 napja
  • Cocaine is magic~ -Lilypichu

    Co0kies :〉Co0kies :〉26 napja
  • I love this video!

    ammu xioruammu xioru27 napja
  • holy fucking shit they're so cute. ALSO MY FAVORITE MICHAEL MOMENT: "no im gonna finish it. im gonnA FINISH IT. nO NO NO IM GONNA EAT THE FOOD." like he acknowledged that they put a lot of effort into it, and was genuinely so happy, his face when he opened the lid--my fucking god thats so wholesome. also love how lily was so tsundere-ish when it happened "here's youR FUCKING UTENSILS sana fucking all -__- but still eating up this content

    Pamela MallariPamela Mallari27 napja
  • Michael has that chaotic Daniel Radcliffe vibe. Ya feel? Like that vibe where Dan is in a robe and pj’s with bunny slippers holding guns yelling at something? Yea. That’s Michael.

    elizah 753elizah 75328 napja
  • So wholesome 😂😂😂

    elizah 753elizah 75328 napja
  • 💸💸💸💸💸 money bird

    Autumn MckeiverAutumn Mckeiver28 napja
  • The most offensive word: You don't have rice cooker but your asian. LMAO

    WiLD LiFEWiLD LiFE29 napja
  • 4:08 me n the bois on December 1st

    That OneAsianThat OneAsian29 napja
  • i live yvonnies one piece shirt

    The StreliziaThe Strelizia29 napja
  • “Ooooh how the turn tables” made me laugh so hard

  • 12:32 anyone know the original video to this? xD It's so fucking funny.

    Nanof UrbiznisNanof UrbiznisHónapja
  • tOmaToE BaD... nIGhTmaRe LosSEr GirL

    Isaiah Saleny-ConwellIsaiah Saleny-ConwellHónapja
  • This house never gets booring 😂

    Gamaliel Jay PasionGamaliel Jay PasionHónapja
  • I thought that the background music was edited in

    Marcelo CardenasMarcelo CardenasHónapja
  • when he first dipped the katsu into the curry the little "mmmm" awwwwwwwwwwwww

    BH ArkyBH ArkyHónapja
  • Aww

    Arda ErtanArda ErtanHónapja
  • The tomato part made me flash back to ✨tomato spike✨

    Gia Bella Carbone PaganGia Bella Carbone PaganHónapja
  • 3:46 me at 3 am

  • uwu~~~

    Julia GomezJulia GomezHónapja
  • Aria: *is about to use tomatoes* Everyone: *flashbacks to the tomato removal incident of 2019*

    Peter MarsellaPeter MarsellaHónapja
  • Micheal reeves being spoiled

    Lxvinq _skiiezLxvinq _skiiezHónapja
  • Haii Lily!✨💕🌸Ik this was like posted a few months ago😂😬buttttt that was like the day I turned 10✨LOL🌸stay comfy!✨🌸and stay safe!💕

    The NLM&B famThe NLM&B famHónapja
  • as a chef i can tell this was made with love . verry cute and his reaction was great

    dyf odyf oHónapja
  • some ting rare is happening...

    Explorer SpaceExplorer SpaceHónapja
  • This was actually so fucking cute omg

  • Imagine having a fridge that big...

  • This is so cute 😍❤️😍

    Austie MonroeAustie MonroeHónapja

    mamah mudahmamah mudahHónapja
  • 7:13

    Just SomePersonJust SomePersonHónapja

    o l i v i ao l i v i aHónapja
  • I’m gonna cry at the end he looked so GENUINELY CONTENT WHDHSHDBSNANA

    Chan _101Chan _101Hónapja
  • when michael wanted to eat all of it, i was proud as a Hawaiian

    Ho'onani KamaiHo'onani KamaiHónapja
  • Why does lily get a random af British accent?

    SToRM PG3DSToRM PG3DHónapja
  • I was today years old when I learned that there is a tool to cook rice and you don't just do it in a pot😳

    Bartosz StrumskiBartosz StrumskiHónapja
  • Temmie: I dont know what we're doing here but i smell food.

    Ben FlattBen FlattHónapja

    Aniket ShresthaAniket ShresthaHónapja
  • mykull: "i feel bad for eating the things with the faces" *NANI?*

    Mariana FrancfortMariana FrancfortHónapja
  • I love to rewatch this video, everything is so wholesome qwq

  • Editor is crying at the end lmao

  • one of my favorites yet

    juan coroneljuan coronelHónapja