[D&D Animated] Episode 2: Flirting | Ft. Michael Reeves, DisguisedToast, Sykkuno, & Koibu

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  • The characters remind me of the KonoSuba characters. Kanon: Megumin PoTato: Darkness Daehkcarc: Aqua Daffodil: Kazuma

    Kirby113ex !Kirby113ex !Hónapja
  • the moment the woman said. If you want to be my friend call me bridget. And since toast kissed her hand i was expecting something along the lines of... "and if i want to be more then friends?" 😎

    Guildar DazeGuildar DazeHónapja
  • This campaign is horny on main and I love it lol

    AshezthAshezth3 hónapja

    cjnf11cjnf114 hónapja
  • If you like rpg and animations look for nerdcast stories

  • I feel irked I didn't discover the D&D animated videos until now.

    the tyrant67the tyrant677 hónapja
  • Daehkcarc is Crackhead backwards

    Skalos 54Skalos 547 hónapja
  • I love how every character is just Neil dressed up lmao.

    FreshFresh7 hónapja

    pumkinpumkin8 hónapja
  • 0:39 he got covy now

    ryan somethingryan something8 hónapja
  • 2:50 thats so Unsykkuno

    TankieTankie8 hónapja
  • I spit over my screen because i was holding in my laughter

    DeRoxasRaxbaDeRoxasRaxba8 hónapja
  • I thought the boat was called *"The Condom"* lmao

    Ya BoiYa Boi8 hónapja
  • Why does Synnuko's character look more like Michael Reeves than Michael's character

    ֆɨʀ ʐɮɛǟʀ ȶɦɛ ǟաɛֆօʍɛ ֆքǟƈɛ ɛӼքʟօʀɛʀֆɨʀ ʐɮɛǟʀ ȶɦɛ ǟաɛֆօʍɛ ֆքǟƈɛ ɛӼքʟօʀɛʀ8 hónapja
  • "I'll show you mine if you show me yours." Beautiful phrase

    AlphaAlpha8 hónapja
  • Are there any small but active dnd discord servers out there? I've been lookin to join one but all the servers I can find are either too big or dead

    ShortMelon ComicsShortMelon Comics8 hónapja

    Brandon UniewskiBrandon Uniewski8 hónapja

    Anas NadeemAnas Nadeem8 hónapja
  • All we need now is just a awesome butler

    great storytellergreat storyteller8 hónapja
  • Wow so cute😄 Anyway I kinda want to ask do you want to play a game call (dead by daylight) is a 5 player game 1killer and 4survivors and they have to fix the things and get out of the place and try not to die, you can also make a room and play with 4 of your friends just to have fun....is a really fun game and I hope you like it, I want to see what you think about the game😊😄

    KFox SweetPopKFox SweetPop8 hónapja
  • Wtf

    Kira SamaKira Sama8 hónapja
  • Comfy

    I like FamCakeI like FamCake8 hónapja
  • I hope you guys dont "flirt" like this irl

    Idan ChenIdan Chen8 hónapja
  • 2m YTT

    Mario KopatsiMario Kopatsi8 hónapja
  • This animation style is neat, but I'm expecting a near anime level death scene for Deahkcarc

    General GrievanceGeneral Grievance8 hónapja
  • Lily ur the best idol of mine in using lux

    Jeran CanlasJeran Canlas8 hónapja
  • Do you really love michael,or you guys are just dating for clickbait( money i

    Seong Jin-WooSeong Jin-Woo8 hónapja
  • simp lily

    ToyGlovesToyGloves8 hónapja
  • I don't watch you but i have a strange feeling of nostalgia keep on the good work i guess?

    The Micro KnightThe Micro Knight8 hónapja
  • Bro I needed this

    Trevor HelgesenTrevor Helgesen8 hónapja

    KRYPT0N1TE LolKRYPT0N1TE Lol8 hónapja
  • Can you do more vlogs with Michael and you

    Daniel IvanDaniel Ivan8 hónapja
  • Lets just ignore the fact that the church is planning for another crusade.

    Dazdrasen KonstantinDazdrasen Konstantin8 hónapja
  • Wow, he even said Bridget had brown hair but until I saw the animation I kept thinking she was blonde

    MombeiMombei8 hónapja
  • play getting over it

    Sergeant_AsshatSergeant_Asshat8 hónapja
  • I need more now ;w;

    Ian MoriartyIan Moriarty8 hónapja
  • KEKW

    PPV12PPV128 hónapja
  • Are we going to talk about how micheal has a 6 pack

    Thiccshaq528 7Thiccshaq528 78 hónapja
  • Potato turns around and refuses to talk to him anymore lmfaoooo

    Ayush ChandanAyush Chandan8 hónapja
  • I wonder if Michael and lily will get married

    Crunchies :DCrunchies :D8 hónapja
  • Toast immediately starts simping

    lemon pielemon pie8 hónapja
  • I love this art so much

    Enderman0415Enderman04158 hónapja
  • micheal getting the tazer cannon

    GeneraLoliconGeneraLolicon8 hónapja
  • Isn't Sykkuno that wannabe anime boy?

    ًً8 hónapja
  • Ooh myyy

    KardDoesPianoKardDoesPiano8 hónapja
  • Father Tuck: Kind sir, do you have any time to talk about our Lord and savior? Deahkcarc: Actually as a governmental figure I take the principled stance that the separation of church and state is critical to a fair and just system of law. Also, you wanna buy some crack?

    The2KXperienceThe2KXperience8 hónapja
  • Wait where is episode 1?

    Wing Kin Winki LeungWing Kin Winki Leung8 hónapja

    Juve Christian NarviosJuve Christian Narvios8 hónapja
  • Sykkuno savage XD

    None of your businessNone of your business8 hónapja
  • I really like that dude named Po Tato xD

    Potato-kunPotato-kun8 hónapja
  • Rachel's hat needs to CHILL

    LinfernoLinferno8 hónapja

    GryjlfkagorGryjlfkagor8 hónapja

    Kostas AkilasKostas Akilas8 hónapja
  • Teal

    Ben HendersonBen Henderson8 hónapja
  • Keep it in your pants

    Ab GrootAb Groot8 hónapja
  • Rip Dae

    mcfammcfam8 hónapja
  • Why did i expect thid to be anything but horny?

    Matt gronMatt gron8 hónapja
  • "I am a firm believer in the seperation of state and church" ~Daehkcarc Yes

    Gierom guy_does_nothing_productiveGierom guy_does_nothing_productive8 hónapja
  • this makes me want to watch the whole dnd series

    Till blablaTill blabla8 hónapja
  • This is just great!

    Дмитрий СлядовскийДмитрий Слядовский8 hónapja
  • D&D but everyone's horny

    Nestix NimbusNestix Nimbus8 hónapja
  • *ft.Micheal*

    stealthninjastealthninja8 hónapja
  • Sykkuno honestly sounds like text to speech but more fluent lol

    JuniKaBuni TeaJuniKaBuni Tea8 hónapja
  • I cant wait for your New Lux skin reaction 😁☺️

    József DeczkiJózsef Deczki8 hónapja
  • Wheres episode 1

    ThiccPlatypusThiccPlatypus8 hónapja
  • Outpost Santa Barbara Animated Adventures 😂

    Tonsukii VlogsTonsukii Vlogs8 hónapja
  • RIP Daehkcarc 😭

    Emjay15Emjay158 hónapja
  • Mr. Krabs: Money money money money... money? Po right now

    JSongcogJSongcog8 hónapja
  • Chocobo Tales

    Dario RicciDario Ricci8 hónapja
  • Can you make another art class stream

    TomTheHeroTomTheHero8 hónapja
  • I love these animations it's very funny!

    MaricBrigadeMaricBrigade8 hónapja
  • I’m weak

    Timmy McCabeTimmy McCabe8 hónapja
  • Your to cute

    Paulo Los BañosPaulo Los Baños8 hónapja
  • Love lily

    Paulo Los BañosPaulo Los Baños8 hónapja
  • wait i love this

    CvmmyCvmmy8 hónapja
  • This animation is so good!

    McTackyMcTacky8 hónapja
  • What was used to animate this? It reminds me of adobe after effects but I can't really tell.

    BlakmajikaBlakmajika8 hónapja
  • Why isnt there more of these?

    ScuudeScuude8 hónapja
  • I have never seen Sykkuno to have Ice Bear tendencies like this, delightfully unexpected

    My New AccountMy New Account8 hónapja
  • Dm: mentions girl Lily: IS SHE HOT?

    Greed GwynGreed Gwyn8 hónapja

    Jinx RedfoxJinx Redfox8 hónapja
  • I know this is late and off topic but.. I know you did an add for LoL ;) Dont worry it was very cute and good :)

    Johnson ThaiJohnson Thai8 hónapja

    Luis RochaLuis Rocha8 hónapja
    • If you don't want animated then watch the vods. ?

      Cole yipCole yip8 hónapja
  • I love that they all look like Koibu!!!!

    Liberty FuchsLiberty Fuchs8 hónapja
  • Mykull's character looking salty af haha

    ShuShu' On Top'ShuShu' On Top'8 hónapja
  • Daehkcarc, The legend! That shared puff was amazing!

    Lego MinifigLego Minifig8 hónapja
  • Call me a photographer. Because I can picture you and me together ;)

    JustinJustin8 hónapja
  • Hi

    Gamer a GarciaGamer a Garcia8 hónapja
  • I wonder if Lily makes more money commission these videos than doing it herself. If that's true, I'll take another...100 or so videos ❤️

    BloodWarXXIBloodWarXXI8 hónapja
  • 2 million!!! congratulation Lily!!

    Lucas PawLucas Paw8 hónapja
  • Im late to say this but CONGRATS ON YOUR 2M subs! >v

    Stellar MaidenStellar Maiden8 hónapja
  • "anndd uhhhhhh.... ill show you mine if you show me yours" me, only played a Knight in D&D for A DAY: *dayum boi*

    Kommedaten FinnKommedaten Finn8 hónapja
  • That podcast really was teasing another d&d episode XD so happy

    FeelsKekBoyFeelsKekBoy8 hónapja
  • So Lily but with brown hair

    DuvanatorDuvanator8 hónapja
  • Koibu: introduces a woman character literally the entire party: *H O W H O T I S S H E?*

    DaOneAndOnlyDDaOneAndOnlyD8 hónapja
  • Someone about to be mctazed to death

    dumb kid who knows to muchdumb kid who knows to much8 hónapja
  • Have nice day lily

    TankieTankie8 hónapja
  • ah yes

    TheDevils5TheDevils58 hónapja
  • Wait that was three minutes? It felt longer

    liam fanliam fan8 hónapja
  • Yo, this is so good

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