DRINKING STREAM HIGHLIGHTS! - Ft. DisguisedToast, Michael Reeves & Scarra

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    Lupe GarciaLupe Garcia15 órája
  • Lily and toast have a great friendship -i ok ByE

    Esther OrtizEsther Ortiz15 órája

    Tristan GoellerTristan Goeller18 órája
  • Toast’s laugh after Lily’s Mario impression 💞💞

    Jade LeoncioJade Leoncio19 órája
  • Wtf are drunk people so funny lol

    Zac McLeodZac McLeod20 órája

    Leo MejiaLeo Mejia22 órája
  • 9:55 😂

    Dominic sblgDominic sblgNapja
  • "With enough alcohol anything is possible" -Lily

    Lyte LostLyte LostNapja
  • damn toast

    Xolione_FG _Xolione_FG _Napja
  • Lmao! "When I win I always type EZzeeeeee"

    macro madelinemacro madelineNapja
  • I think I see toast simping

  • You wanna get lit

  • lily is actually toasts lil sister

    bruh brainzbruh brainzNapja
  • micheal was weird this episode of c r a c k h e a d s

    Jasonr1206 -Jasonr1206 -Napja
  • Cant kiss him on stream when all the t3 subs are watching.

  • someone in chat just typed "Deep Kermit" when Toast was singing


    Soggy_kat •ᴥ•Soggy_kat •ᴥ•Napja
  • If they’re rapping to the beat from highest in the room... Does that make it drunkest in the room?

  • I love drunk toast

  • whats that jacket Lily have? 10:14

    BiscuitToucanBiscuitToucan2 napja
  • good eag

    Jenna AlderJenna Alder2 napja
  • need more of this

    Arvin Peter TolentinoArvin Peter Tolentino2 napja
  • Michael and Lily are sooo cute together!!!

    Abigail RonaldAbigail Ronald2 napja
  • Why did Jeremy ask if Thomas would kiss him on the lips? “Toastkunno” ?

    김지훈 바바김지훈 바바2 napja
  • Toasts sinnging skills are actually good xD

    JsciJsci2 napja
  • toast is content anyday

    2xce C hoicer2xce C hoicer3 napja
  • toast and lily are best friend goals

    Shravya SahShravya Sah3 napja
  • So lykk where can I watch it full?

    step stepstep step3 napja
  • how come every time scarra enters the room it looks like the door opens on its own

    fwagwo Flimzyfwagwo Flimzy3 napja
  • 6:40 layer 33 its michael chara

    fwagwo Flimzyfwagwo Flimzy3 napja
  • michael brought me into this otv hole and i'm glad

    meowzermeowzer3 napja
  • The Editing 😂😂😂

    Little SanskritaLittle Sanskrita4 napja
  • Damn, I love toasts singing so much😂❤️ and also Lily’s piano playing. Much love to you both.

    weenuk 64weenuk 644 napja
  • Toast's voice is perfect for holiday nights.

    Oxeldia NorfedilOxeldia Norfedil4 napja
  • got me with the club banger 3000 at 13:57

    majdmajd4 napja
  • Lily and Toast are so funny

    Kearing 1Kearing 15 napja
  • is it just me? or does toast looks like the blind mice from shrek when he wore the glasses 😂😂😂😂😂??

    Janice Patricia HamdaniJanice Patricia Hamdani5 napja
  • taost opera king lol

    ジョジョMarcusジョジョMarcus5 napja
  • Drunk Michael + Spider man = Drunk man

    PokeRyan ._.PokeRyan ._.5 napja
  • Lily is SO emotional and helpless when she’s drunk xDd

    ѕυмιяєѕυмιяє5 napja
  • There's nothing more accurate to me than 16:50 this hella made me crack up

    Chico The FourthChico The Fourth5 napja
  • Why was toast's singing so fire tho

    Skillz1kSkillz1k5 napja
  • How does lily play the piano so well while drunk 😭

    Mason LiddleMason Liddle5 napja
  • toast is music goals

    CompNerd2160CompNerd21605 napja
  • Drunk lily is probably the worst version of her But she can still play piano so it’s a contradiction (You know like getting hit by lightning and becoming a genius)

    DiaKorrus 18DiaKorrus 185 napja
  • toast sound hella good omg

    GuilaGuila5 napja
  • rap is literally rythm and poetry Pog

    Bartosz KubiakBartosz Kubiak5 napja
  • michael is tier 4 sub.

    Utkarsh GuptaUtkarsh Gupta6 napja
  • when did harry potter became spiderman

    Ch4mbaCh4mba6 napja
  • 9:57

    HiraethHiraeth6 napja
  • Temmie is a B E E N

    Squidge LadSquidge Lad6 napja
  • So let me get this straight ... they can drink alcohol on stream but can't kiss ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    SoFknBadSoFknBad6 napja
  • lilly drinks 3 white claws and a bit of beer me *cough* *cough* 13 drinking 12 white claws: wtf where is the drunk feeling :(

    Phantom BladePhantom Blade6 napja
  • Simp

    Chandrajit SahaaChandrajit Sahaa6 napja
  • Lily is cute🤣

    Clara SkyeClara Skye7 napja

    Devy WettyDevy Wetty7 napja
    • I think you had one too many drinks.

      MilkyMilky4 napja
  • xD

    Cristina CapiliCristina Capili7 napja
  • The 3 Drunketeers: Michael: A responsible Spider-Man egg. Lily: A 6 year old pretending to be drunk when she drank Apple Juice with a tiny drop of alcohol. Toast: An ex-opera singer.

    BatteryHatBatteryHat8 napja
  • People may not get it..but that's real bro and sis bonding 😃

    Konyak WangshaKonyak Wangsha8 napja
  • currently watching this kinda drunk and playin league with 88 lp and uni things to do for tmr, wish me luck uwu

    sleepystreetssleepystreets8 napja
  • Toast singing hallelujah is the most beautiful thing lmao

    CxʀᴘsᴇSᴛᴀɴLᴍᴀᴏCxʀᴘsᴇSᴛᴀɴLᴍᴀᴏ8 napja
  • Toast is low key fire 🔥

    Random GamingRandom Gaming8 napja
  • Good egg micheal Pog

    ShrimpShrimp8 napja
  • i just realised sth, you can say that lily is drunk sometimes while michael is drunk everytime

    mohd adhammohd adham9 napja
  • 14:50 is nobody gonna talk about lily's rap? That was impressive

    Huki HukiHuki Huki9 napja
  • 15:50 that's why don't drink wines🍷 with Toast 🍞

    Eagle eyEEagle eyE9 napja
  • Michael and lily are so cute together. I hope their relationship will not getting worst I really hope because I love went they are together 🤩🥺

    Haikal TVHaikal TV10 napja
  • All the ads I got for this video were abt alcohol XD

    EnzieEnzie10 napja
  • it is 2.35 am here in Noeway

    Tor Ånen DrangeTor Ånen Drange10 napja
  • 15:59 toast looks like PSY

    Chiv4s14Chiv4s1410 napja
  • I’m just here cooking food while Toast is singing Alleluia LMAO

    RaeKakeRaeKake10 napja
  • toast could definitely sing in an opera

    Guten TagGuten Tag11 napja
  • i neeeeedddddd frieeennnndddssss likeeee themmm

    Marco OcampoMarco Ocampo11 napja
  • lmaoooo

    Marco OcampoMarco Ocampo11 napja
  • everybody who wants a friend like toast like heree

    Marco OcampoMarco Ocampo11 napja
  • Honestly Michael's face is a slightly plump version of Harry Potter

  • 0:24 Im feeling the music man.......

    richard setiawanrichard setiawan11 napja
  • Michael would low key make a great Spider-Man tho lol

    Thomas AmbroseThomas Ambrose11 napja
  • i miss this shit on lily live

    Vincent VillanuevaVincent Villanueva11 napja
  • 9:42 Y ya wanna know *HUH TOAST*

    British YoutuberBritish Youtuber11 napja
  • I’ve started to love lily so much

    Kristine BarnesKristine Barnes12 napja
  • I don't even drink n watching this😑

    Debasis mahapatraDebasis mahapatra12 napja
  • 9:55 😂😂😂

    lorik Bajramilorik Bajrami12 napja
  • Rip microphone that really deep toast

    Haris Fz7Haris Fz712 napja
  • How are you all so ducking cute! 🤣🤣🤣

    Vikrant ShettyVikrant Shetty12 napja
  • aw man, toast should have play satirically racist trigger me elmo

    Alex KAlex K13 napja
  • I am a good egg

    The advanced gamer 1The advanced gamer 113 napja
  • can we just talk abt how toast could actually sing

    Jacob VermillionJacob Vermillion13 napja
  • One way to tell how drunk lily is is how many stray hairs she has and how many times she tells Michael that she’s not drunk

    Alexander nanniniAlexander nannini13 napja
  • Lily drunk af

    Nathan YuNathan Yu13 napja
  • Holy sh*t I didn’t know lily was a alcoholic oh wait she is in the other videos

    Nathan YuNathan Yu13 napja
  • Can someone please collect your girl

    Nathan YuNathan Yu13 napja
  • Don’t worry toast don’t worry there’s more girls

    Nathan YuNathan Yu13 napja
  • XD It says no captions available when she did a impression

    Nathan YuNathan Yu13 napja
  • Yeah Maria has eyes and ear and arms a body and legs

    Nathan YuNathan Yu13 napja
  • Toast looks like a little kid drinking alcohol

    Nathan YuNathan Yu13 napja
  • OTVis definitely a cult

    Zeska MartionoZeska Martiono14 napja
  • lil pichu on the beat

    sudar sanansudar sanan14 napja
  • 4:15 "this could be us but you playin"

    Collin NicholsCollin Nichols14 napja
  • And the video is over and dangit it deserves another comment. I woke up my wife laughing

    TheMcsqueezTheMcsqueez14 napja