DUETS AND MORE DISNEY \(≧▽≦)/ - Twitch Sings #3

2019.júl. 5.
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Thank you for watching me kill my throat.
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  • oh my god Boxelder

    Ryan SkariahRyan Skariah28 napja
  • I thought it said I ate too many bees at first.

    Zebra HackZebra HackHónapja
  • As a German, im allowed to laugh here

  • 5:50 well this was some foreshadowing

    Beep BoopBeep Boop2 hónapja
  • She's a really good singer djsisjsk lily ily

    Ashley LheanneAshley Lheanne2 hónapja
  • jeopardy

    Juan boladoJuan bolado2 hónapja
  • what's this game?

    Caio LoulaCaio Loula5 hónapja
  • 0:32 Omfg. "Whos that hero next door" My god. Gachi existed in Disney before it even actually existed

    Родион ШалуновРодион Шалунов5 hónapja
  • 3:09 so scarily became true I got goosebumps

    Engelbert AmperEngelbert Amper6 hónapja
  • It hurts to try and watch her old stuff, but it's easier now knowing she's happy again.

    Kitty MaxKitty Max8 hónapja
  • 5:45 OH NO

    KarzakKarzak9 hónapja
  • 5:52 foreshadowing

    Irish LayeIrish Laye10 hónapja
  • 5:55 didn't age well

    Till blablaTill blabla10 hónapja
  • When that avril song comes up I literally dance my ass out

    Aishi_.Aishi_.10 hónapja
  • 5:47 that did not age well

    tanishq Pathaktanishq Pathak11 hónapja
  • 5:45 this did not age well.

    DoniDoni11 hónapja
    • It actually aged well, cause she sings (unintentionally) about Albert not being hers forever. :/

      murun_ABTRmurun_ABTR10 hónapja
    • Indeed

      Duplox :3Duplox :311 hónapja
    • Yeah😢

      Paul ChicoPaul Chico11 hónapja
  • Lily knew it all along 5:45 to 5:56 Lily the future guesser

    pop rockspop rocks11 hónapja
  • 5:53 feels bad man

    Samuel MakSamuel Mak11 hónapja
  • 5:49 That aged fine

    Omega DerpOmega Derp11 hónapja
    • Uueiuruek4bkr

      Der KatzenmenschDer Katzenmensch3 hónapja
    • 100 percent prediction

      Bee TVBee TV6 hónapja
    • @Hannah Banana They broke up, he cheated. She's with Michael now.

      RhinopocalypesRhinopocalypes6 hónapja
    • Omega Derp wait what happened?!

      Hannah BananaHannah Banana6 hónapja
    • OMFG WHY

      Coffee BeanCoffee Bean8 hónapja
  • Kingdom hearts

    Nogami ventusNogami ventus11 hónapja
  • she albie albie ouh cause ablie hurt her hahahahahah....

    • didnt age well

      lul wlul wÉvvel
  • *german colors of the wind* junge das flutscht ja wie Aalsuppe(it sounds disgusting)

    Malin is not amusedMalin is not amusedÉvvel
  • 7.51 is german

  • not aged well oof

    Brian MarioBrian MarioÉvvel
    • indeed brother. indeed

  • And his name is G-A-S-T-G-G-G-G-G-AST

    Henry Guillermo Rojas CalustroHenry Guillermo Rojas CalustroÉvvel
  • I can't breathe 😂😂

    Yaski KhunYaski KhunÉvvel
  • i will sing disney with you at any time

    kenton coblekenton cobleÉvvel
  • I love these twitch sings vids

  • hi my names rolanda

    Edward Scott-BaughmanEdward Scott-BaughmanÉvvel
  • Brazil need more your voice, LilyPichu is AMAZING

  • damn lilys medium range voice is amazing

  • i love the jingle bell song so good

    Larry LamLarry LamÉvvel
  • U sound like a loli And i like it

  • 7:59 as a german potato i need to say that I saw what u were trying to say but I didn't understand what u said :D

    Inu Anime StudioInu Anime StudioÉvvel
  • Lily your german is so cute ^^ that was good

  • Hahaha the german was funny and pronunciation was ok I guess haha

  • Yo your German wasn't even bad! I'm so impressed lolol

    Mina MalowanyjMina MalowanyjÉvvel

    KLS TitanKLS TitanÉvvel
  • owo

  • Since im german , its just so funny to see lily sing in german cuz that pronounciation was just incredibly funny( not meant mean, u cute^•^)

  • "Das Land ist für dich" sounded pretty good. I would love to see you play a videogame in german, like Pewdiepie. Make it happen, pretty please :)

  • as an avril lavinge fan i kind got triggered by the happy ending one :D

  • I totally laugh when she needed to beatbox hahahaga

    John Marc EscurelJohn Marc EscurelÉvvel
  • No one shits like Gaston

  • No one shits like Gaston

  • What website is this?! xD

  • I love your voice❤❤

    Jethro Alain TemplonuevoJethro Alain TemplonuevoÉvvel
  • What is this web, program???

    • Twitch Sings

      Gabriel NortonGabriel NortonÉvvel
  • What site is she on, that looks fun!

    Will SchmittWill SchmittÉvvel
  • Oop-

    Spirited AwaySpirited AwayÉvvel
  • “Oh my god, that was a lot of beans~!” “shit”

    Kevin Chheang Kanndy 9JKevin Chheang Kanndy 9JÉvvel

    Emily FilasetaEmily FilasetaÉvvel
  • Omgash that Sara song love it!!!

    Beee BeeeBeee BeeeÉvvel
  • Sing like a exited child! Absolutely no change at all

  • Lily where ur hoodies at ???

  • Golden Buzzer ⭐

  • She sings german I'm crying this is so cute 7:50

  • what app is this?

    Matthew James TanMatthew James TanÉvvel
  • Was waiting for "Under the Sea" or "Le Poisson" - little mermaid's Chef Louis best

    Anthony ChiengAnthony ChiengÉvvel
  • (˶‾᷄ ⁻̫ ‾᷅˵)

  • Hey lily u have a hight tone and u have a whistle tone i think, so try the song IMAGINE by Ariana Grande

  • マジ可愛い!!!毎日楽しそうで何よりです!

  • This is Tiktok!

    Peter PiperPeter PiperÉvvel
  • At 8:00 Me: *Sees the lyrics* Oh, german :D (I think)

  • what's the name of this app? btw I would love 4 u 2 sing some k pop or anime op

    Hell oHell oÉvvel
  • Whats this game called?

  • Lily does really know to hold a meat scept- I mean a banana.

  • Albie albie albie ooooh

    Vincent ChuaVincent ChuaÉvvel
  • soy gay

  • what is the game ? lily, you sing well

  • Somebody remind me why Lily and Albert isn't together... They are too cute

    Daniel YdeDaniel YdeÉvvel
    • Look up the internet

      Lyr YunLyr Yun11 hónapja
    • EHEM

      AACAAC11 hónapja
  • what game is that

    tokyo kiratokyo kiraÉvvel
  • A bit disappointed, no “I see the light” Still a great video tho❤️

    Tanaka DaichiTanaka DaichiÉvvel
  • “Sing without opening your mouth” Anime child lily activated

    Amina AhmedAmina AhmedÉvvel
  • cheap thrilllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllsssssssssssssssssssssss

    Cliff Joseph OlvisanoCliff Joseph OlvisanoÉvvel
  • ‘That was a lot of beans.... Shit’ A more insightful sentence has never been completed by anyone.

    Light on the InsideLight on the InsideÉvvel
  • Why not song KDA?!!!😫😫😫

    Diana SenseverDiana SenseverÉvvel
  • What app is that lmao

    Juriza CastilloJuriza CastilloÉvvel
  • 2:10 Lily: uses banana as mic Lily´s actual mic: am I a joke to you?

    Viet NguyenViet NguyenÉvvel
  • Has a mic. Grabs banana and treat it as a mic. LilyPichu! Everybody!

    Adam WeeAdam WeeÉvvel
  • Alby, Alby, Alby ohhhh~

    Nekkowo :3Nekkowo :3Évvel
  • Where did you go for karaoke lol

    Manuel RodriguezManuel RodriguezÉvvel
  • Toast just casually sitting there...🤣

    RyujiGaming _RyujiGaming _Évvel
  • I was disappointed once I realised it was Disney in the title and not Destiny. =\

  • Super cute voice You should do seiyuu

    Quân ĐỗQuân ĐỗÉvvel
  • German part killed me lmao. OULLZ

    Fag healiotFag healiotÉvvel
  • Hi lily

    Kazume KunKazume KunÉvvel
  • lol how she quitted on german i feel insulted xD

    Simeon MesgolSimeon MesgolÉvvel
  • i swear they definitely need anime and vocaloid songs QQQQ and that german song haha you did really good +-+ ♥

  • Ahh the german Killed me 🌸🌸 it was so cute gah

  • I really appreciate the german singing of Lily :3 I am from germany xoxoxoxoxo

  • whats the app name?

    Beneditkt RossmanithBeneditkt RossmanithÉvvel
  • Her voice will be really good if she sing seriously

    Patrick GalinoPatrick GalinoÉvvel
  • When you get a twitch prime ad on youtube

    Lord BaconLord BaconÉvvel
  • Sing country roads :angryemoji:

    Fappy 02Fappy 02Évvel
  • wait what is this site?

  • Yap that tasted purple

    smug facesmug faceÉvvel
  • Is it me or i heard Timmy Turner singing for 10 minute straight?

    Zaky IkhwanZaky IkhwanÉvvel
  • Don't sing after you just ate, its bad for you

    Shawn Maynard OrtegaShawn Maynard OrtegaÉvvel
  • this video's recommendation LOL