Growing up With Asian Parents - Ft. Scarra

2020.febr. 9.
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  • I feel you scarra love from india

    ronit aroraronit arora23 órája
  • Y do i see my parents in theirs??

    Sasmit NSasmit NNapja
  • and scara have the same situation...i also couldnt understand physics but i really liked

    Brian MendezBrian MendezNapja
  • Bruh this Title is Soo suppose to be "Growing up With Parents - Ft. Scarra"

  • forgot fed was sleeping in the background. then i saw his head popping out on the edge of lily's chair and i was so confused

    jellytree27jellytree272 napja

    Erin WangErin Wang4 napja
  • I Love the transition into Cha La Head Cha La 😂😁🎵

    Matt Vennard PedregosaMatt Vennard Pedregosa6 napja
  • my dislexia made me think the title said growing up asian with parents

    zapzap7 napja
  • Feds just sleeping while they talk lmao

    Chika CruzChika Cruz7 napja
  • 1:47 "but somehow i end up the most successful of my siblings and my generations actually." "wow you must be proud of that." "no."

    김ᄒᄂ김ᄒᄂ8 napja
  • We just want you to be happy, I just got that line on my first year of college, right now when they found out I have the big sad

    Crazy DanielCrazy Daniel8 napja
  • the beginning didn't age well

    Abdulla NassAbdulla Nass8 napja
  • I can relate

    Riku Einjeru CunananRiku Einjeru Cunanan10 napja
  • They’ve watched to much Rick and Morty

    Peter LivanosPeter Livanos11 napja
  • Fed didnt age well. But hes a good guy, we dont know what actually happened, he isnt alive anywhere now, youtube nope, twitter nope, instagram nope, i hope i can atleast get something from social media

    Super BoxesSuper Boxes11 napja
  • Its so weird hearing people's story with their parents and high expextations. My mom is the complete opposite and which made me feel weird. Lol. Whemever I'd lose on a contest and i'd get devastated she'd alqays be like "Nah, you dont deserve that anyways." Or like "It's okay if you'll lose because its your fault not mine." And idk if im the only one. Lol

    DenlayneDenlayne12 napja
  • I hate how asian parents/relatives brag about you for doing something well to others. It invites envy. It pains me to hear some of my friends and cousins hated me just because their parents pressure them to be like me. And I hate how it's ok for older people think it's ok if they make mistakes but the young generation can't. Is it really hard to educate the younger gen without ridiculing them? This is really sad

    jjyeon choijjyeon choi12 napja
  • He from Houston!!!! WOAAAHHHHHH IM FROM HOUSTON this is epic

    Masterkid 692391Masterkid 69239113 napja
  • I literally had the same experience with strict asian parents, except I got depressed in college and switched majors like 5 times

    peachypeachy14 napja
  • very relateable XD

    Akii__xAkii__x14 napja
  • Scarra seems like such a fun friend to chat with about life and the kind of friend who will be vulnerable and share stuff back

    potwhovianpotwhovian16 napja
  • Kumon...

    SuperRussSuperRuss18 napja
  • Fed Just Sleeping In The Background For Content

    HanzoHanzo19 napja
  • Knowing the fed stuff now it's kinda weird seeing him in lily's bed. Kinda.

    TheNormalAsianTheNormalAsian20 napja
  • I really like this video! Im someone who lives with strict asian parents and went into the medical field because they manipulated me to. And after doing that and working in a toxic field with people degrading me along with a job I hated and sucked at, I started having depression and became a NEET like those people in Japan. It was until at that moment my parents finally realized that they just want me to be happy. I appreciate that they wanted the best for me, I really hated everything that was around me at that moment .Although Im finally happy that they understand, the cost of it all was that I lost most of my skill and confidence in drawing and wish I had the support I did now to pursue my dream path. This video of them talking about their parents really hits close to home and I enjoy rewatching it 😄 (Sorry if this post was too long and annoying. Thank you for those who took the time to read it☺️🙏)

    Keith LuceroKeith Lucero20 napja
  • I’m completely forgot fed was in the back when lily and scarra started talking Xd

    I Eat BabiesI Eat Babies20 napja
  • Scarra is correct, even I have a hard time doing physics.

    Nate PhungNate Phung20 napja
  • yus...asian parents

    NoviosityNoviosity21 napja
  • Their childhood is my life rn lmao.

    Rivai LololRivai Lolol22 napja
  • This is relatable

    Akash ReddyAkash Reddy23 napja
  • my perants are like that, all my older siblings was straight A students all their lifes, but then I came and destroyed that heritage, I had depression in my 10th grade and my marks went downhill.

    Sarah EbrahemSarah Ebrahem23 napja
  • I wonder will I ever get to hear "I just want you to be happy" :-(

    arseda marakarseda marak23 napja
  • Lily is that a SIZUKI BOOK on your piano, Im proud of you. Wait it says violin im even more proud of you :D

    Quincy EbyQuincy Eby25 napja
  • 9:15 New lily doesn't care about relationships, not a month later "Me and Micheal are dating"

    Ethan ZammitEthan Zammit25 napja
  • I nearly got disowned for saying I wanted to be a game designer so now I'm gonna do architecture but architects don't even get paid that much....

    chimwimchimwim26 napja
  • So Scarra's highschool story is starting to sound exactly like mine right now. Right down to the failing physics while taking pre-calc

    Varun PandianVarun Pandian27 napja
  • Tbh, growing up in Asia, specifically in Philippines, people really tends to compare you with others, it feels like, your entire existence is a fucking competition, that's why I grew uo with resentment, rage, and anger towards my relatives, well, I'll go back to this video after I moved out amd experience a life away from Asia....

    emman kunnemman kunn28 napja
  • Scarra failed never failing.. Huh

    Kian ColmanKian Colman29 napja
  • lucky

    redlego 2redlego 229 napja
  • The college graduate that still lives at home dang that’s me 😂

    Kitkat STKitkat ST29 napja
  • Fed was so weird here 😭😭 sleeping in a female's bed??? And not the boys cuz "no"?? 💀💀 Good grief he got kicked

  • I forgot about fed

    The Stunning Winter WolfThe Stunning Winter WolfHónapja
  • Hearing other people talk about their parents makes me wish that my mom loved me

  • i lived in the hood

    Fyfe DoggFyfe DoggHónapja
  • I trained my parents from a young age to have ridiculously low expectations by failing my way through every school year except my last two You just gotta learn how to tame them tbh (I'm joking please don't come after me)

    some guysome guyHónapja
  • 3:22 is my life right now

    abhiram lankaabhiram lankaHónapja
  • Fed casually getting in her bed did not age well

    Jonathan ._.Jonathan ._.Hónapja
  • damn i wish i failed high school so i wasn’t forced into my college degree

  • Who else watches this after Michael

    SZN CruxzySZN CruxzyHónapja
  • the fact that i can relate and the sad music oh no I'm cry

  • 1:08 new fan here. I'm sorry but the chat really called him out at this moment. I hope he changes for the better

  • I love how Fed is just dead asleep in the background 😂

  • I'm studying Doctor of Veterinary Medicine😅 I want to pursue Art

    Javie Bryan MedianaJavie Bryan MedianaHónapja
  • I hope my life doesn't go chrashing down on me ;~;

  • You dont even need to add the asian part, just say 'Growing up with parents.' and that's all you need lol

    Łil BerryŁil BerryHónapja
    • there's reasons why they added that part, don't think like you know better about these expectations 🤷

      kelsey arovikelsey aroviHónapja
  • I like how Fed was sleeping in the background the whole time

  • 8:45 lol

    banoth ganeshbanoth ganeshHónapja
  • My dad literally compares me to his friends children and my siblings all the time then gets mad when i say i did better than most of my class because im comparing to them lol

  • this gives me hope although I don't have Asian parents 😅

  • Scarra are the girls that marry old men 😂

    Danielle JudeDanielle JudeHónapja
  • oh, she went to Kumon okay.. ahh, i miss kumon why did i quit? edit: nvm, im glad i quit actually. I have too many activities already, im gonna get really stressed out if didnt quit Kumon

  • Fed in lily's bed: CREEPER RUN!

  • TIL scarra is from katy

    Ass ChapmanAss ChapmanHónapja
  • Since im a filipino I have to sadly relate to the 12 year old.

  • I wish my parents said "as long as your happy iam happy"look at me now standing over a building deciding to jump or not

    random gamerrandom gamerHónapja
  • My mom is just like this

    Bryan AguilarBryan AguilarHónapja
  • My parents compare me to my sister who is *8* years older than me

    King KarmaKing Karma2 hónapja
  • Wonder if this will happen to me

    Jelly TurtJelly Turt2 hónapja
  • Ayy Scarra my man, wow got me to :(

    McDesuMcDesu2 hónapja
  • "To reach the bottom of the barrel, you have to get through all the rotten apples"

    Just A PersonJust A Person2 hónapja
  • Wow. My parents still doesn't think this way. They still expect me to be on top even though I've complained that I didn't go well with pressure that's why I changed courses 2 times already.

    Jerwel GorgonioJerwel Gorgonio2 hónapja
  • My parents where like that of lily's and scarra's ... But instead of the whole as long as ur happy we are dad started beating me when I went downhill

    NReMPiNReMPi2 hónapja
    • I’m so sorry you had to endure that. You didn’t deserve to be beaten.

      Melanie CastroMelanie CastroHónapja
  • who is watching this after fed gets kicked out of otv?

    Ali MosaadAli Mosaad2 hónapja
  • The comment section timeline is split into when this video is out and when the Fed intervention happened.

    Jacy OngJacy Ong2 hónapja
  • Can u stop like Talking about fed sleeping? Can u like talk about there conversation? Im tired of seeing 99 comments in 100 about fed sleeping in lily's bedand hpw it didnt age well. Okay i get it he got kicked out of OTV house okay just watch the vid move on okay?

    Bonrithisak HemBonrithisak Hem2 hónapja
  • 8:46 yeahhhh about that !!!

    FA CTMFA CTM2 hónapja
  • School really dont predict your future

    10,000 subcribers with no videos challenge10,000 subcribers with no videos challenge2 hónapja
  • Scarra may not be the rock but the rock isn't scarra soooooooo who's really winning

    Jonaz BermudezJonaz Bermudez2 hónapja
  • lily: i don't believe in love me: r u sure about that ;)

    Twice TzuyuTwice Tzuyu2 hónapja
  • 🥺

    J3on_XookJ3on_Xook2 hónapja
  • I love how Fed is in the backround the entire time not talking

    Draco MalyDraco Maly2 hónapja
  • True love don’t exist Michael joins the server

    Joshua CruzJoshua Cruz2 hónapja
  • My mom still hasnt said that im 19 -_-

    ClemensClemens2 hónapja
  • Or I can become a hobo

    DailyBlueForestDailyBlueForest2 hónapja
  • Ima become a twitch streamer I suck at many things in school

    DailyBlueForestDailyBlueForest2 hónapja
  • Every thing goes down in high school

    DailyBlueForestDailyBlueForest2 hónapja
  • I love how fed is just sleeping

    Eric 07Eric 072 hónapja
  • I mean, who's to say the comment saying "i wanna date you" was directed at lily and not scarra, huh?

    Bono GiamboniBono Giamboni2 hónapja
  • Scarra was laughing because *he knew*

    A TreeA Tree2 hónapja
  • Michael ' are you sure about that's'😂😂

    Miguel GuevaraMiguel Guevara2 hónapja
  • "As long as you're happy." The words I'm still waiting to hear come out of my mother's mouth 20 years later.....

    Jonathan LeeJonathan Lee2 hónapja
  • For those of you can't understand what they are saying, Korean education system is way different from America's. Here are some explanation. 1. University B/c Lily's parents are Korean, they would probably have similar thoughts with Koreans that live in Korea. In Korea, University is all that matters for mid/high school students. When you go to top uni, that's it! You just won your life and you'll be successful. The whole Korean society will judge you primarily based on your academic background. This is why Korean parents care so much about education. 2. Kumon(in 2:52) It's kind of a private institute, and private institute is very famous in Korea. Also Scarra mentioned those education-focused areas, and that also exists in Korea, but in more serious ways. In these areas, competition in school students are extreme because school grades are reflected when you enter those 'top' universities. So in order to win these competition, students go through shit amounts of private education. So called "edu-focused area students" usually use up to $2,000 a month for private education(usually $100/week for each academy * 4~6 academies). 3. University enterance Simply hold a test that 400,000 students take, and line everybody up based on their grades. And these are the rank of university/majors. top 0~1%: medical school, law school/ management departments top 1~5%: top universities in Korea(similar to IVYleague) and so on... Every parents wants their child to go to those medical or top universities(as i stated on #1), It causes a ruthless competition for whole highschool period. 4. Life of Korean students. 0800:go to school. ~1200: classes, and have lunch. 13~19: classes, and have dinner. 19~: Depends. Some students go to academy(~22) and study(~01), or you stay in school and study(~23) and go home and study(~01) This is schedule for high school 3rd graders. Yeah. Its pretty f*cked up, I went through all of this, and failed the test, so I need to "study 1 more year after graduation".(This is a whole new story so I won't get deep inside...) In a nutshell: Don't raise your children in Korea. An honest review from native S.Korean

    JB ChemJB Chem2 hónapja
  • ive heard of ping getting higher but fps dropping much worst btw my record for my own ping is like 7M

    I am SimpI am Simp2 hónapja
  • How do y'all have such good parents. My parents were mildly successful, both of em, and now I'm senior of college, and they always compare me to other kids, family, my dad won't even talk to me unless it's about my education, I had depression since 13 and they drove me to the point of suicide multiple times

    Fresh PrinceFresh Prince3 hónapja
  • i feel like if we ask fed abt guys raping girls he gonna say "let them be, boys will be boys". 👁💧👄💧👁 for legal reasons this is a joke✨✨

    Kathlyn EstrellaKathlyn Estrella3 hónapja
  • My mom didn't say as long as im happy she is, she told me to get my shit together get thrown out when i did bad at school

    SusubatukkaSusubatukka3 hónapja
  • i was a little afraid to go into a creative field bc asian parents, but when it came time for college decisions, they told me that they just wanted me to be happy and i just 🥺🥺 so hard bc i rly didnt expect it. i still think they were a little nervous bc my dad found one of my old paintings and he basically was like "holy shit i didnt think u could do this"

    lastimosalastimosa3 hónapja
  • “We just want you to be happy” Dang I never heard that from my Asian parents. I just got threatened to get kicked out several times

    ReapersCrowReapersCrow3 hónapja
  • Fed did not age well

    jason majason ma3 hónapja
    • Ooop

      Deisy LDeisy L3 hónapja
  • It's crazy how It's fucking relatable

    Phoebe CruzPhoebe Cruz3 hónapja