HARDCORE Minecraft with Michael - Episode 1

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i like flowers
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  • 3:29 that ngl scared me

    kirari momobamikirari momobami21 órája
  • new name: lily and michael lowkey flirting for 22 min

    Julianna WiezorekJulianna WiezorekNapja
  • Do you know why the game is so hard for you it's because you are in a hard core mode that means when you die you never come back to life and the game is so hard and it has a lot of monsters

    Nojoom QaidNojoom QaidNapja
    • So be careful 😐😐 I mean really careful CAREFUL!!!!! Watch your back you don't know when they're coming 🤫🤫🤫 and if you're not careful you will die😵😵😵😵😬😬😬😬😳😳😳🤭🤭🤭🤭🤫🤫🤫🤫🤫👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

      Nojoom QaidNojoom QaidNapja
  • 3:27 I actually got scared by this.☠️☠️

    Fallen KingFallen KingNapja
  • have you no object permanence, loloudi pichu edit: loloudi is greek for flower, i think.

    Jack ZackheimJack ZackheimNapja
  • Holy shit imagine getting buried alive by sans the skeleton

    Vid.Vid.2 napja
  • Lily trying to place the door properly has made my day

    Zenflora 'Zenflora '2 napja
  • lily is going crazy with the flowers xD

    Sean Andrei IsitSean Andrei Isit4 napja
  • 42 57

    Happi i!Happi i!4 napja
  • Lily: Lilyhoech-! Hmm, nah Michael: Nah

    Charlyn VilaCharlyn Vila4 napja
  • 17:59 😭😭😭 i wanna diee😻😻💞

    yanxnayyanxnay5 napja
  • Why is she forcing her voice to sound cute

    Eduardo Rivera JrEduardo Rivera Jr5 napja
  • Please bring it back

    Incredilble ReviewerIncredilble Reviewer5 napja
  • CUTE

    Ash KenchumAsh Kenchum6 napja
  • Lilly: Do you remember when we first meet? Micheal: Yeah Also Micheal: Remindme again? Lilly: Yeah, remindme again? This is what we call Goals ☝️

    Camila HerreraCamila Herrera6 napja
  • I love sans

    reza littenreza litten8 napja
  • My skin is Frisk rn. I do have my own custom skin though. Also the Zelda music when the Pillager shows up.

    JoNekoVRJoNekoVR8 napja
  • Zombies can fucking break doors?!?! Wtf

    Dawnie DawneDawnie Dawne8 napja
  • 8:45 “SKELETON!” says michael in a sans skin

    『hoshii 』『hoshii 』9 napja
  • Lily:comfy Michael Reeves:crack both combined makes Comfy Crack

    Apple LoverApple Lover9 napja
  • Lily's content is so adorable I almost can't watch it

    hawk jameshawk james10 napja
  • 11:06 i dont think lily knows how pressure plates work....

    Kotaro KashimaKotaro Kashima10 napja
  • 3:28 made me lose my shit

    j e o n g i n n i i i i ej e o n g i n n i i i i e11 napja
  • Does michael have a gaming chanel

    Gaming CookieGaming Cookie11 napja
  • MIcheal should use his face for his skin

    Ch4mbaCh4mba12 napja
  • 19:50 aww :)

    Nathan PintalNathan Pintal12 napja
  • “hisss, creeper-chan” THAT TOOK ME OUT

    grace hopkinsgrace hopkins12 napja
  • i know rite .

    diarshaqiridiarshaqiri13 napja
  • 15:47 That jump on his long long sword..... oooff

    emotion lilyemotion lily13 napja
  • Lily would love Botania just saying...and Michael would love all the tech mods

    Ryder SkyrealmRyder Skyrealm13 napja
  • Lily: Careful there's a hole here!

    Clement LuiClement Lui14 napja
  • press E

    Aaron ArevaloAaron Arevalo14 napja
  • Lily should get a Minecraft pet

    Imisi ObafisoyeImisi Obafisoye14 napja
  • new crafting recipe learned to open press *E*

    Dansson CarantoDansson Caranto14 napja
  • ヽ ( ´ 益 ` ) ノ

    Kermit TheToastKermit TheToast15 napja
  • 19:41 song made me sad imagining at some point in the future they might not be streaming and just be parents

    Arekkusuz •Arekkusuz •15 napja
  • I have no interest in gaming neither do i play any of these games but i keep watching lilypichu because her and Michael are cute

    Nishtha SagarNishtha Sagar17 napja
  • They must be playing on hard mode

    Stove JeebsStove Jeebs17 napja
  • 69k likes and 699 dislikes It's magical ;^;

    Shadow WolfShadow Wolf18 napja
  • I can't find the epic shader they used , I really wanna find it and use it

    Sour DemonSour Demon18 napja
  • okay but like... *this messes with my feelings in a good way*

    justmarijustmari19 napja
  • 6:10 ok they are adorable ngl 🥺

    Pyeonpyeon puddingPyeonpyeon pudding19 napja
  • Lilly saw the I would Frick a creeper song and wanted a better boyfriend so that's why she is wearing the creeper skin

    humanhuman19 napja
  • 3:27 i fucking legit got scared

    IvanIvan19 napja
  • this is so adorable >.

    estefany louieestefany louie21 napja
  • 3:27 You gave me heart attack wtf

    Andrew CadornaAndrew Cadorna21 napja
  • Lily: *typing the sign* "Welcome to Mykull and Lily's comfy home uwu" Micheal: *typing the sign* 8 = D Lily: "Nooo"

    LoS AnimationzzLoS Animationzz21 napja
  • Woo congrats you have reached 69K likes and 694 dislikes

    Kiet TranKiet Tran21 napja
  • I'm so alone

    Dinamita 28Dinamita 2822 napja
  • 17:55 Lily's singing Are You Bored Yet by Wallows❤️

    AnjleusAnjleus24 napja
  • lily vs doors

    มะลิ mali lawมะลิ mali law26 napja
  • I really love your thumbnails its very cute uwuwuwuwuwu👀💕

    Darryl Mae CanilloDarryl Mae CanilloHónapja
  • Imagine calling your girlfriend "Honey" because you forgot her name...

    Neko ChanNeko ChanHónapja
  • The door had me dead

    Bigsby ReaxxxBigsby ReaxxxHónapja
  • This is too cute for my heart to handle 👁️💧👄💧👁️

    Jabirong MominJabirong MominHónapja
  • the editing and content in this video are top tier.

    Connor WilsonConnor WilsonHónapja
  • It’s so cute how he calls her honey .... in the middle of weird situations

  • 3:46 like if this made you laugh way more than it should've

  • Yeah. I just realize i need Lily and Micheal's content when i sick and cant sleep

    Ngân PhạmNgân PhạmHónapja
  • She said “michael” exactly 124 times in this video

    All MightAll MightHónapja
  • Congrats to Lily for being the only person that van make mykull say WoW that's sweet sincerely

    jean-lou toulaborjean-lou toulaborHónapja
  • 11:18 im choking on my pizza

    The Redneck Bros.The Redneck Bros.Hónapja
  • Conclusion : MICHEAL WHERE AR YOU ??

  • A sadistic skeleton and an artistic creeper go on an adventure...

    Dio but I'm not dio but it is I, DIODio but I'm not dio but it is I, DIOHónapja
  • Hisssss creeper-chan... 😆😆😆

    Basil FabianBasil FabianHónapja
  • The fact you know jae I’m jealous

    La YangLa YangHónapja
  • Who else misses them playing Minecraft I’m so scared it’s 1 am

    Gavin WardGavin WardHónapja
  • him its a deep hole be carreful. me if I was with him jumps strait down.

    Stephanie MoserStephanie MoserHónapja
  • him: ITS LIKE PLAYING HELEN KELLAR me: oh my god im dying

    Stephanie MoserStephanie MoserHónapja
  • Nobody pointed out that Lily jumped on Reeeeves when he laid down on the bed just before the cut. I love how those videos goes from all ages safe to subliminal +18

  • UwU

    Itati MartinezItati MartinezHónapja

  • 8:50 my favorite part

    Clesta chraClesta chraHónapja
  • Fking scarra edit scared the sh!t out of me, with the fnaf edit!? FK!

    Ramielle Louise FloresRamielle Louise FloresHónapja
  • that's the kind of relationship i want

  • Lily: *gets flowers* Me: *Throws flowers into lava*

  • I'm so used to sprint-jumping that moving normally is weird for me.

  • I'm gonna get depressed watching these videos

    Renan WeberRenan WeberHónapja

    Mobile idiotMobile idiotHónapja
  • “That’s one of my favorite things we have in common, honey, is the Alzheimers.”

  • Why do you suck at minecraft?

    Bambang Adi YuswantoBambang Adi YuswantoHónapja
  • 14:45 I honestly Did NOT expect left 4 dead music to appear in lily's videos let alone MINECRAFT

  • Michael and Lily's relationship status before this Michael and Lily's relationship after Lily puts the bed next to each other (:

    Collin TongCollin TongHónapja
  • Why do I feel like they should play normal Minecraft instead of hardcore I think it’s because I want the series to be long

    Kix EstaKix EstaHónapja

    leina2lazy _leina2lazy _Hónapja
  • 15:02, I think since for ever if you’re on a harder difficulty

    derek marquezderek marquezHónapja
  • *HARDCORE with Michael - Episode 1* o.O

    Zyron CorvusZyron CorvusHónapja
  • Michael acts like a completely different person when he’s around lily

    PinguGoNootNoot -PinguGoNootNoot -Hónapja
  • Micheal:is it morning i wanna go outside *every person in the world*

    Jhester AizenJhester AizenHónapja
  • FYI the music that played when the zombies started breaking the door is the tanks theme from L4D2

  • I watch Dream for a year and I start to envy the skills of the players I am seeing. I watch Lily and Michael and I suddenly feel REALLY GOOD about my minecraft skills lmao

    Zareth WilsonZareth WilsonHónapja
  • can anyone help me what is the texture pack

    Joseph.L _. CJoseph.L _. CHónapja
  • 17:29 Lmao u clicked

  • 3:28 is so funny lol

  • Tell her to be a little bit fat shes so cute!

    Paimon GodPaimon GodHónapja
  • 1:46 3:29 9:57

    peepeepoopoo28 or chicken noodles 55peepeepoopoo28 or chicken noodles 55Hónapja
  • .

    pumkin piepumkin pieHónapja
  • this. right. here. is. the. ideal. relationship.

    han’s gfhan’s gfHónapja
  • bee's dies when their sting is gone

    DARK Ken KanekiDARK Ken KanekiHónapja
  • Is it just me or is anyone else addicted to her voice (Just me :(. )

    Ciro LmaoCiro LmaoHónapja