HARDCORE Minecraft with Michael - Episode 4

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  • pp smol

    peen manpeen man47 perccel
  • that was sad

    peen manpeen man48 perccel
  • how is lily farming flowers at the end???? 0.0

    Cara Dal PortoCara Dal Porto16 órája
  • I love how michael just invents several different ways to murder small defenseless animals

    stubbyunicornstubbyunicorn17 órája
  • 15:30

  • what shaders

    Orange StormOrange StormNapja
  • Omgosh lmao ssssuch a sad endingig ༼;´༎ຶ ۝ ༎ຶ༽

    •CrystalCraft• 80•CrystalCraft• 802 napja
  • awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

    Adrienne SuberAdrienne Suber2 napja
  • 4:42 who clapped along irl with them

    Gena WongGena Wong3 napja
  • What texture pack are they using?

    KeefeKeefe3 napja
  • The thing is that I found a flower biome and I tnt'ed it LOL

    looppolelooppole3 napja
  • The end actually fucking hurt

    Young YeabyYoung Yeaby3 napja
  • Oh -

    Sam AlvarezSam Alvarez4 napja
  • The End.... moral of the story: not everything has a good ending

    MoxieMoxie4 napja
  • 17:35 rabbit mountain

    molterusmolterus5 napja
  • I just realized I found a flower biome like a week ago but walked away cause I didn’t know they were rare-

    Meagan MMeagan M7 napja
  • when Mykull said "take my tesicales for example" I was dying XD XD 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

    XD Clip3zXD Clip3z7 napja
  • Such a wholesome couple

    BepiBepi8 napja
  • I live in a flower biome in my friends smp... 😂

    LeviLevi8 napja
  • All the role play segments hit my heart hard, but the ending hit the hardest

    Thai FoodThai Food8 napja
  • The thumbnail got a lot more ironic now...

    All54321 GamingAll54321 Gaming9 napja
  • Micheal: what are you working on? lily: homework

    sealtielabelcaceres tansealtielabelcaceres tan9 napja
  • I was wondering why I dindt see a HARDCORE Minecraft with Michael - Episode 5, I came late but still fill the pain of the ones we have lost, of the ones we miss, I wish we al could se a HARDCORE Minecraft with Michael - Episode 5, but destiny and flowers made our faith different, Lilly did not only loved that server, she would love nothing more than to get it back, WE ALL WISH, WE ALL WISH.- In memmory of Lilly

    Camila HerreraCamila Herrera9 napja
  • hay LilY what shader do you use i wanan use it too my current shader is just for lighting

    JasonGamingJasonGaming9 napja

    BentBent10 napja
  • I want this

    EchoBurnEchoBurn10 napja
  • I know I am a male but I have to tell you that I always spawn or am near flower biomes so do keep your hopes down

    Mauricio RojasMauricio Rojas10 napja
  • So funny that lily was blown by a creeper

    Elijah Joshua Sta. MariaElijah Joshua Sta. Maria11 napja
  • I feel like every time I see a HUworld couple they're cringy and I don't think Lily and Michael are and there's few people with exceptions like Amy and Mark

    Alyson WestphalAlyson Westphal11 napja
  • Y NO EPISODE 5?????????????????????????//

    Gamer PupGamer Pup12 napja
  • Top 10 saddest anime deaths 😔

    Tsumae OkamiTsumae Okami13 napja
  • Wh. This is the actual end?????

    Sketches saysSketches says13 napja
  • I got hooked on the series and wondered why she stopped on 4 now I know

    Austin GalbraithAustin Galbraith13 napja
  • 4:32 most wholesome part of the video

    Timothy CadaTimothy Cada13 napja
  • i love lily's fandom, so wholesome

    Ollie KimOllie Kim14 napja
  • me : sees poki at the door smiles me : then sees fed slowly starting to frown

    Ollie KimOllie Kim14 napja
  • Micheal looks like Harry Potter XD

    BabesFNBabesFN14 napja
  • lmao once i found a flower biome and i literally just destroyed everything. i don't think i even kept the flowers, oops.

    Paranoid AndroidParanoid Android15 napja
  • Oof when Michael came into Lily’s room... I felt that

    KrisirKKrisirK15 napja
  • I just found out that I drink the same tea as lily pichu what do I do with this information

    Langston AndrewLangston Andrew15 napja
  • 14:07 all spy movie villains be like

    Grassy traderGrassy trader15 napja
  • Petition for lily and michael to play minecraft again.

    boo booboo boo15 napja
  • Petition for lily and michael to play minecraft again.

    boo booboo boo15 napja
  • 12:42 idk if lily likes flowers, or want to exterminate them

    Nico NicoNico Nico16 napja
  • This is so füçkíñg adorable

    Kakashi Todoroki‡Kakashi Todoroki‡16 napja
  • Temmie at 5:04

    ModezyModezy17 napja
  • 13:05 i thought that he had a sound board

    Cole NapieralskiCole Napieralski17 napja
  • mykull just literally fits into offline tv! love the team sm

    M ZM Z18 napja
  • I found a flower biome once... I lived peacefully for multiple days.. Then my bed got destroyed when I went exploring. Granted I had a bed at my house and there was a bed I carried with me. I was spawned to the first house I ever made. I lost my 6 dogs because they were all sitting at home because I didn't want them to get hurt. I had emeralds, diamond, gold. Anything you could hope for. Then it all went down the drain, the saddest moment of my Minecraft life.

    sleep_lover:psleep_lover:p19 napja
  • I need more of this 😭😭

    winterkagswinterkags20 napja
  • this is not Romeo and Juliet, this is the first lilypichu and Michael Reaves

    Yvonnen'tYvonnen't20 napja
  • Micheal got a heart attack after the 420 mil cake

    Genesis PUBGGenesis PUBG21 napja
  • What shaders are these???

    Sour DemonSour Demon22 napja
  • i always find flower biomes tho

    Rachel b.Rachel b.22 napja
  • The wandering trader used a invisibility potion that’s what they do when they get hit

    Benedict Tiley-HillBenedict Tiley-Hill22 napja
  • What is the shaders plis ??

    antivirus avast Solísantivirus avast Solís23 napja
  • They're so fucking cute

    Kharylle TampadongKharylle Tampadong23 napja
  • They're so fucking cute

    Kharylle TampadongKharylle Tampadong23 napja
  • dode whate is dest all flower

    F.Lalnun tawmaF.Lalnun tawma24 napja
  • Uneven is the spice of life Take my testicle for example -Michael 2020

    Rais Kert Ieuan CarilloRais Kert Ieuan Carillo24 napja
  • It makes me a little uncomfortable to see two US Americans killing a native to take his belongings 😅

    Feli GarauFeli Garau25 napja
  • you guys are so cute , i'm going soft !!!! *sobs*

    random person who you don't knowrandom person who you don't know26 napja
  • is their pt 5? *watches video* wait oh. . .

    Deaths ChildDeaths Child26 napja
  • wait flower biomes are rare? i have been to a flower biome like 15 times in 3 months didnt know they were rare

    NoobInTheSuitNoobInTheSuit26 napja
  • Art is an explosion

    elsleepy137elsleepy13727 napja
  • ITs not that rare I’ve found them a lot of times tho but I’ve played for 9 years

    jh Huntjh Hunt27 napja

    Shreyansh RajputShreyansh Rajput28 napja
  • i cried when lily died in hardcore like 4 epsiode

    mohammad faizanmohammad faizan28 napja

    eddieeddie29 napja
  • I feel bad this time, seeing fed there in a wholesome moment idk... why he fuckd up so hard men.

    EthernalEthernal29 napja
  • lily dies - mykull- here lies the dum nich who got her legs blown off

    9 9 99 9 929 napja

    9 9 99 9 929 napja
  • Tonta jajajaja

    Rene David Reyes BarahonaRene David Reyes BarahonaHónapja
  • whats the background music for 13:24

  • I love it sooo much that she uses anime soundtracks

    maddy Leemaddy LeeHónapja
  • Just know that you could've made a copy of your world so just in case that you die you still have your world and you can just do it infinitely

    Allan RebulananAllan RebulananHónapja
    • Doesnt that defeat the purpose of Hardcore mode then?

      Horace AppleHorace AppleHónapja
  • Iv never found flower biome

    Ignacy The CreatorIgnacy The CreatorHónapja
  • lily: “sunflower with no sun” me: “..hotdog.... with no hot?? 👁👄👁”

    Oikawa TōruOikawa TōruHónapja
  • u can hit spectate world, options, open to lan --> creative and cheats on, go back to the game then /gamemode survival and you are automatically put in hardcore... Mojang: Hardcore--> you die, you can only spectate. Me: ARE YOU SURE ABOUT THAT

    Solar 3DSolar 3DHónapja
  • Reboot maybe?

    Meron EshoMeron EshoHónapja
  • 18:51 "Art is the only beacon of light" ........... someone gonna tell her Minecraft has actual beacons of light....? no.....?

    Muhammed RoshanMuhammed RoshanHónapja
  • Best anime I ever watch I hope there's season 2

    Ethan MingiEthan MingiHónapja
  • i dont think that there is a more sweet person in the world than lily

  • Poor lily;-;

  • R.I.P

    Hunter CraneHunter CraneHónapja
  • 6:39 fr lol

  • 6:39 fr lol

  • 0:10 dat Inuyasha song tho 👌

    Mallow SkyMallow SkyHónapja
  • r/chonkerbears

    Logan O'Connell26Logan O'Connell26Hónapja
  • we need crack and comfy shirts irl

    Logan O'Connell26Logan O'Connell26Hónapja
  • content aware mykull

    Logan O'Connell26Logan O'Connell26Hónapja
  • michael wholesome moments

  • This whole episode was just Lily being whipped for Mykull

    Eric LaiEric LaiHónapja
  • what shaders did they use

  • oooooooooooooooooooooofffffffffffff gg

    Jaiden BaradiJaiden BaradiHónapja
  • Today marks my seveth year oct 25 playing minecraft

    Caroly UrrutiaCaroly UrrutiaHónapja
  • lily:he exscaped and the lamas died they did nothing mikel:I F*CKING BLEW HIM UP HOW IS HE NOT DEAD.

    Stephanie MoserStephanie MoserHónapja
    • its mykull :

  • lily:I want a fower me:girl you gonna be drowning in flowers

    Stephanie MoserStephanie MoserHónapja
  • You can like make a tree house at the flower place xD UwU

    Xie SamXie SamHónapja
  • i get the flower biome everytime i play??