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2020.szept. 8.
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ring around the rosie

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  • 13:13 bruhhh

    Humphrey PlanasHumphrey PlanasNapja
  • 1:25 my mans disguised toast stole the intercom while trying to teach lily to use it 🤣🤣

    grub timegrub timeNapja
  • I love how toast makes people laugh XD ♡

    monica delaCruzmonica delaCruz2 napja
  • With her voice she could probably play the role of SCP-053

    Brennan BaxterBrennan Baxter3 napja
  • Is This Lily Sing That Creepy Song!!!

    John Christian MorcillaJohn Christian Morcilla3 napja
  • 5:24 roach and ghost death music 😂 so sad

    Brian CotaBrian Cota5 napja
  • this has got to be the craziest and most weird game ive ever seen lmfao

    Fnaf Fan444Fnaf Fan4445 napja
  • Lily, do you allow me to use your "I See You" on my channel as a stream alert?

    HellWavesHellWaves6 napja
  • Reminded me of the segment which plays in Plague Inc. when death toll reaches around that of Black Plague

  • I like how lily is just like "Ok, excuse me what the fuck is going on?"

    NyanNyan7 napja
  • if i wasn’t into creepy shit before, i’m sure as shit scared now

    FrenchyYTFrenchyYT8 napja
  • The whole fking squad just got wipe out by that SCP

    Gabriel Joseph BernilGabriel Joseph Bernil8 napja
  • Lolnanis Cousin be like.

    •Ein Gacha••Ein Gacha•8 napja
  • I just realized that arcadum was the one that said "10-4 the advertising for that game is getting out of hand" 14:10

    K/calvin NoralacK/calvin Noralac10 napja
  • Can someone tell me the vod link for this one? Would love to watch the whole stream please

    Lucid DreamerLucid Dreamer12 napja
  • 13:28 ayano Chan herself

  • 13:28 she got the laugh i can do an scp laugh

    Auzen lghtAuzen lght12 napja
  • im sorry to say this, but this gameplay infuriates me

    That One Asian KidThat One Asian Kid12 napja
  • 5:10 brought Vietnam flashbacks

    Anime NibbasAnime Nibbas12 napja
  • 13:16 the best part. :D oh and 16:01

    Travis JacksonTravis Jackson13 napja
  • I love the laugh

    No OneNo One14 napja
  • lily is so scary, even scp-096 killed itself itself

    GabrielAnthonyGabrielAnthony15 napja
  • She needs to play some horror games as the monster, just so she can do creepy voices.

    NerdnumberoneNerdnumberone16 napja
  • 666k views btw

    Ì ?Ì ?16 napja
  • Views is 666K LOL

    thatsophie XDthatsophie XD16 napja
  • the song is like left 4 dead

    like lightningminelike lightningmine17 napja
  • please stop the cringe anime voice...

    Almac xAlmac x17 napja
  • 13:16 ummm........ how did she do that like the echo and the sound and the scariness tho........

    Ann MendezAnn Mendez18 napja
  • Lilly hate to break it to ya but your voice is to cute to be in a horror game sorry ☹️😥

    HungryGhostHungryGhost18 napja
  • Imagine Michael playing this game I fear the power he'll possess

    Carlomaster 1O5Carlomaster 1O519 napja

    Ghost UndeadGhost Undead19 napja
  • John is a hardcore roleplayer

    CharacteristicksCharacteristicks21 napja
  • 5:42 F for lily

    BrennAnHere 1BrennAnHere 121 napja
  • 5:42😂

    Ton MLTon ML22 napja
  • 13:00

    Anonymous FoxAnonymous Fox22 napja
  • did she stream this?? can someone link it?

    hana fhana f23 napja
  • I love you lily 😍😘❤️

    Joshua TanJoshua Tan23 napja
  • Imagine corpse playing that and everyone hearing corpse voice

    isthealthy gamingisthealthy gaming23 napja
  • 5:39 what you all came for

    Mahad MughalMahad Mughal23 napja
  • I love toast saying "EUHEGHUEUHEHH TELL MY WIFE I LOVE HER" good rol

    EthernalEthernal23 napja
  • 13:18 that gave me shook face and surprised face at the same time and that gave me the shivers and spooks (You can literally prank someone by choosing this video going to 13:18 where lily starts singing creepily and use headphones to make them hear it so it’s creepy and also make it dark in the room if they’re asleep)

    Reboot Your ComputerReboot Your Computer23 napja
  • 5:50

    Shed H01Shed H0123 napja
  • Not sure how many times i replayed the intercom section!

    mar10nfulmar10nful23 napja
  • 5:40 for anyone from the short clip.

    Dennis LeishangthemDennis Leishangthem23 napja
  • She just had to remind us that she is a voice actress...

    Lex ArtLex Art24 napja
  • 13:15 and 16:00 that is very worth it 😱👌 the laugh at the end is scary

    Marady PeouMarady Peou24 napja
  • 5:50

    xOfantaXo :oxOfantaXo :o24 napja
  • Its really funny watching new players play SCP SL, I was one of them too. Once you learn the dynamics of the game, how to navigate, get loot, etc, it gets SUPER fun. My best and most intense gaming experience of all time was during SCP. I was a D boi, most of the others were dead, there was 106, 096, 939, and a 079 as well, nearly all were in heavy. I was in heavy too, walking through trying to escape. Its just so unbelievably intense, terrifying, and exciting. You have to cling to survival with every breath, and once you reach the exit, you feel like you ascended to the gates of heaven.

    caughtinthewebcaughtintheweb24 napja
  • angry grandpa

    Hosenbocus WasiimHosenbocus Wasiim24 napja
  • What server is this?

    Collin TongCollin Tong24 napja
  • 13:15 can be my ringtone

    Just a NobodyJust a Nobody25 napja
  • L4d music plays Me: Noice

    mobile DotAmobile DotA26 napja
  • You know they should hire her for horror game with dolls when see sang the song I got chills

    nataly Estradanataly Estrada26 napja
  • 13:56 KristoferYee? Isn’t he that asian pc building guy

    tzhakitzhaki26 napja
  • No one litterly no one Lily And scp 096 friendship 😊😊😊

    Abraham 234Abraham 23427 napja
  • 13:13 is when lily goes creepy

    Sweet _AsHoney2Sweet _AsHoney228 napja
  • 5:17 heard the MW2 music and had Vietnam like flashbacks of crying for weeks after the end of that game

    CameronW28 YTCameronW28 YT28 napja
  • U know this is polish game made by youtubers?

    Ignacy The CreatorIgnacy The Creator28 napja
  • I love to have a clip of Lily creepy song and "I see you" in loop for me to go to sleep with (●♡∀♡)

    Nhi VuongNhi Vuong29 napja
  • toast is so nice omg i just realised how he explains everything so well to everyone

    the sarah xoxthe sarah xoxHónapja
  • That laugh would give me nightmare for ages🥶🥶🥶

    Amitava DuttaAmitava DuttaHónapja
  • That laugh... It was so perfect I replayed it for literally an hour because of how perfect it was to match with a little girls voice

  • I started getting nam flashbacks when I heard blood brothers at 5:10.

    「 Sudden 」「 Sudden 」Hónapja
  • 13:16

    SCP-049 - The Plague DoctorSCP-049 - The Plague DoctorHónapja
  • Who want lily to sing another creepy song and terrify everyone? ME!!!!!!!!!

    Pi neapplePi neappleHónapja
  • from lily being so terrified to lily terrifying everyone. hahaha

    Pi neapplePi neappleHónapja
  • Vod for this...

    Pan daPan daHónapja
  • I can imagine lily in the middle of the night walking around the hallways while singing creepy songs

  • Seeing Lilly play this put me in tears 😂😂

    Gg GgGg GgHónapja
  • I started dying of laughter at 5:12

  • Lily's laugh was scary lmao

    emem bucodemem bucodHónapja
  • Ayy, I didn't know Arcadum was playing, that was lit

    Dio but I'm not dio but it is I, DIODio but I'm not dio but it is I, DIOHónapja
  • I love the scp foundation

  • "I hate being a prisoner! It's like i'm trapped" Wise words of Lily Pichu @ 6:09

    mell erguvanmell erguvanHónapja
  • They are so funny AHAHHAA

    Coleen BediaColeen BediaHónapja
  • Lily, your ring around the rosies song was used in the halloween trailer fot the game

  • 13:16 if u want to hear her singing

    Gacha OreoDemonGacha OreoDemonHónapja
  • "Uhh excuse me who's mrpoopybutthole?" - Poki 2020

    Sophia YeSophia YeHónapja
  • Lily: let's go kill people! Lily's positive exist

  • her laugh made it even creepier

    _exe_ glitch__exe_ glitch_Hónapja
  • Lily’s voice is perfect for ring a ring a roses

    Charlie BartramCharlie BartramHónapja
  • huworld.info/flow/vide/rn6Hx4qTpbisnqY Northwood used her creepy ass singing in the trailer for there Halloween update lol

    Variks, The LoyalVariks, The LoyalHónapja
  • 13:16 Lily's a psycopath

    • huworld.info/flow/vide/rn6Hx4qTpbisnqY watch the Halloween update trailer for scp sl lol

      Variks, The LoyalVariks, The LoyalHónapja
  • I genuinely thought what Lily sang was part of the game when watching it on Sykkunos channel. The tone and laugh were so spot on. 👌

    La Vita E BellaLa Vita E BellaHónapja
  • 13:17 ahh this is the best music i ever heard

    Sylvia PhanSylvia PhanHónapja
  • We need to trun this into horror movie

    Wen PaulWen PaulHónapja
  • When she screamed I lost it 💀

  • I want her to say in the coms: "Hello MICHEAL! Come play with us MICHEAL" Micheal will then think twice about scaring her.

    Kuroh KenKuroh KenHónapja
  • 13:16

    Xedrie GopezXedrie GopezHónapja
  • Toast is hella funny 😂💀

  • Imagine This Song pared up with daidus maniacul laugh

    Rainier AngpeoRainier AngpeoHónapja
  • I LOVE ur hoodie❤❤

    Voldi UnicorneVoldi UnicorneHónapja
  • What's the name of the song that plays at 12:12 and a lil' while before that?

  • I don’t see how SCP: SL is scary, it’s just people saying BABABOOEY into their mic

    ImABoi 1116ImABoi 1116Hónapja
  • I never really laugh at video but this one this one had me going

    Leni ClevelandLeni ClevelandHónapja
  • If ever lily says she was in comms, vote her out quickly

    The cause of LigmaThe cause of LigmaHónapja
  • 5:11 does someone has the music please?

  • When I first hear lily's voice I hated it with a burning passion but her personality has slowly made me love her. And now I think she has the cutest voice ever.

  • “I killed a man” “..that’s kinda hot”

    Top Hat Devil {CallMeCæl}Top Hat Devil {CallMeCæl}Hónapja
  • Please do more

    James DawsonJames DawsonHónapja