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  • 8:16 awwww lily chose mykulll UwU

    Mega FurryMega Furry5 napja
  • Don Scarra laying down the law

    Jeffrey O'GaraJeffrey O'Gara8 napja
  • scarra telling people he'll ask someone to break their kneecaps, he is indeed the don

    j skywalkerj skywalker9 napja
  • Fed saying 'nice t*ts' just disgusts me, no matter if it was a joke.

    Lucia HérouxLucia Héroux10 napja
  • 1:59 Don Scarra Origins

    Rimuru TempestRimuru Tempest11 napja
  • Fuck u your to good of a HUworldd and heads up your the best Ps. Better than poki

    Brody HigginbothamBrody Higginbotham14 napja
  • lul

    i.sharted.teeheei.sharted.teehee16 napja
  • 3:08 That didn't age very well...

    Who's AidenWho's Aiden23 napja
  • not being a meanie but why do i feel like scarra acts like hes smart but not really I DONT HATE HIM

    Anonymous gamerAnonymous gamer24 napja
  • not being a meanie but why do i feel like scarra acts like hes smart but not really I DONT HATE HIM

    Anonymous gamerAnonymous gamer24 napja
  • Abe looks like a fat joji :)

    ko franksko franks25 napja
  • Is Sykkuno in OfflineTV House? When did he come?

    Apsamatova AApsamatova A26 napja
  • DU MORE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Paola OrantesPaola Orantes28 napja
  • TheThumbnail tho Fed: *:D* Poki: *XD* Mimi: -.- Scarra: *:>* Lily: *•-•;* Temmie: ・ω・ Toast: 🕶 Michael: *○u○*

    Vice VirtueVice Virtue29 napja
  • haha i filipino

    Juan Miguel AngatJuan Miguel AngatHónapja
  • You are crying.

    comrade XDcomrade XDHónapja
  • 3:09 ah yes, the didn't age well comments

    ABC MEABC MEHónapja
  • Hey I’m kinda confused about the monster seeking monster game, can someone explain?

    Umm noUmm noHónapja
    • @deeenis Денис oh ok I get it now. Thank you!

      Umm noUmm noHónapja
    • Sure Each player has 4 messages to send each night, they have to use those messages to convince other players to date them (while also being funny if you want). If both players choose to date each other then they both get a heart But they're all different monsters with different powers, each monster has a distinct power that if used correctly can get them extra hearts (with a few exceptions, some monsters have powers that affect other player's hearts instead of their own, and the zombie's power has nothing to do with hearts at all)

      deeenis Денисdeeenis ДенисHónapja
  • An egg creme is just an English-butchered pronunciation of some French word I can't be bothered to google. They're delicious and I love them.

    The Unholy SmirkThe Unholy SmirkHónapja
  • Did she actually pay him?

    The Unholy SmirkThe Unholy SmirkHónapja
  • I love the thumbnail

    cchiry Renexcchiry RenexHónapja
  • don scarra

    Varun GuptaVarun GuptaHónapja
  • RIP Toast, lol. 🤣

    tankiem phituyettankiem phituyetHónapja
  • lily just discovered that worms don't have tongues lol

  • guys i just realised toast was right. Don Scarra is real and he can and will destroy your kneecaps if you dont pay him

    Sven GeorginoSven GeorginoHónapja
  • Don Scarra

  • 3:09 this aged like fine milk

  • "i need that payment in like 6 months from now." looks at how long ago this video was

  • How did Poki know about the 4 inches ;)

    Ziyue WangZiyue WangHónapja
    • they just guessed LOL

  • If i lost my phone in my house, i told my mom to call my phone so i can hear where the phone is located

    itsme cyberitsme cyberHónapja
  • I laughed so hard at this part 9:30 (≧▽≦)

  • 3:08 Oof, That one didn't age well

  • Scarra won 😂

  • Wait isn't 4 inches average?

    Kevin NavarroKevin Navarro2 hónapja
    • He’s about 0.3 above average

  • God that comment Fed made about Lily’s drawing is so much worse now.

    Ben HartBen Hart2 hónapja
  • It's been 6 months since she better have the money

    izelkizelk2 hónapja
  • Scarra: "I cant use the phone app thingy because I live in the basement so the pings wont work" Me: Dude just get somebody in the house to call you phone it will be louder then that lame as ping.

    「astxrism」「astxrism」2 hónapja
  • Wait not all kids get dropped 5 feet out of their parents arms and land on their head?

    alex poloalex polo2 hónapja
  • It's already been 6 months. We need an update on the bet situation.

    Ain't I just the Cutest! :3Ain't I just the Cutest! :32 hónapja
  • Man it’s been 6 months. I wonder

    Joshua SotoJoshua Soto2 hónapja
  • I thought it said jack-off party

    EthanTheBeastEthanTheBeast2 hónapja
  • She only has 1 month left

    Panexplosivo HPanexplosivo H2 hónapja
  • 3:09 that didn’t age well

    Generic Naruto fanGeneric Naruto fan2 hónapja
    • And 6:16

      yebayeba19 napja
  • Which party pack does this belong to?

    Jothi Madhu SudhanJothi Madhu Sudhan2 hónapja
    • @David drawful w isn't in pack 3, it's a standalone game

      deeenis Денисdeeenis ДенисHónapja
    • 3, 4, 6

      DavidDavid2 hónapja
  • I benched more than toast in 8th grade kek

    Francisco GranadosFrancisco Granados2 hónapja
    • ok jon senta

      whytwhyt2 hónapja
  • When the Myers-Briggs question came up I knew the answer right away because it was literally me. I feel so attacked right now 😂

    Miranda BecerraMiranda Becerra2 hónapja
  • Wait mykull is a filipino??

    ShaRky31ShaRky312 hónapja
  • Loophole for the boyfriend bet and the ultimate troll is breaking up with Michael at the end of the year and then getting back together on new years

    Cookie MonsterCookie Monster2 hónapja
  • 3:09 C'mon fed, you're not even trying to hide anything anymore

    Isaac ChalifouxIsaac Chalifoux3 hónapja
  • "lily's mic buzzes" Start of the video: *BZZZZZZZZZZZZZ*

    GG3 hónapja
  • Toast is trying to steal Lily from Michael Or get Poki or Yvonne

    Agent OniAgent Oni3 hónapja
  • Times almost up Lili have you paid up yet

    Mr. cheemzMr. cheemz3 hónapja
  • That 6 month deadline is approaching

    Class D PersonnelClass D Personnel3 hónapja
  • How did the two single girls know Toast's, *cough* size?

    Eli MillemanEli Milleman3 hónapja
  • After all this fed drama this video didn’t age well..

    _Skittles__Skittles_3 hónapja
  • 3:08 hits differently now.

    hello therehello there3 hónapja
  • Michael was the best thing that happened to Scarra

    SweeSwee3 hónapja
  • Kiss your nico Nico kneecaps goodbye

    gtdubs 64gtdubs 644 hónapja
  • 3:08 that didnt age well

    JoufkJoufk4 hónapja
    • Everyone knows

      Nohl__Nohl__3 hónapja
  • 3:09 that aged well

    Oscar CollierOscar Collier4 hónapja
  • 3:09 that did NOT age well

    SekingSeking4 hónapja
    • @Oscar Collier no you said "that aged well"

      Nohl__Nohl__3 hónapja
    • Shit I said that

      Oscar CollierOscar Collier4 hónapja
  • 3:08 holy shit that did not age well

    Andrej BAndrej B4 hónapja
    • Shit I just said that 😂

      Oscar CollierOscar Collier4 hónapja
  • 3:09 hold up

    the reaperthe reaper4 hónapja
    • Shot I just did that

      Oscar CollierOscar Collier4 hónapja
  • Lily, dear What even is that description?

    Yuno FictionYuno Fiction4 hónapja
  • They post once a week we must find other way to get offlinerv content 0__0

    GingaGinga4 hónapja
  • 6:16 "A Nice Massage" oh no

    dio.dio.4 hónapja
    • Even speedwagon is afraid

      Random OutsiderRandom Outsider3 hónapja
  • eHAHAHAHahwha fed

    WasDeadsWasDeads4 hónapja
  • They say scarra is still looking for his phone till this day

    Mysteryboi_Mysteryboi_4 hónapja
  • 3:06 add that to the list of things that aged like milk in offlinetv

    ChefJeffChefJeff4 hónapja
    • Haha I was looking for this comment

      RakshithRakshith5 napja
    • And 6:16

      jummyjummy6 napja
    • @Leni just search fed offline tv anywhere

      J. R.J. R.12 napja
    • @Eatmorchikn what happen

      LeniLeni13 napja
    • 8:07/8:28 too

      EatmorchiknEatmorchikn3 hónapja
  • The deadline's ticking o3o

    ShaekoNoraShaekoNora4 hónapja
  • 3:09 that didn’t age well

    nicolas lahipnicolas lahip4 hónapja
  • Anyone post-fed here?

    Christopher EdwardsChristopher Edwards4 hónapja
  • 3 more months.

    Lego YodaLego Yoda4 hónapja
  • Everyone: watches LilyPichu videos Me, an intellectual: going to the description on Lily's videos and expanding this thing ヽ(´益`)ノ

    carC ProductionscarC Productions4 hónapja
  • I have realised that I'm spending most of my time watching streamers and HUworldrs having fun with friends cuz I don't have friends

    BP KennyBP Kenny5 hónapja
  • 3:07 did not age well at all

    BTSwithNickJBTSwithNickJ5 hónapja

    LeduceLeduce5 hónapja
  • Yvonne Jason character looks exactly like her in real life

    Nathan YuNathan Yu5 hónapja
  • 6:17 “a nice massage”... That’s a yikes from me.

    Sensei BrodySensei Brody5 hónapja
    • @BukovTervicz its just ironic

      The Executive Chairman Of Smart WaterThe Executive Chairman Of Smart WaterHónapja
    • Game added that. Fed's was about smoking crack with her boyfriend. Nice try tho

      BukovTerviczBukovTervicz2 hónapja
  • 3:08 bruh fed

    Lily LiaoLily Liao5 hónapja
  • 3:08 aged so badly

    ticotico5 hónapja
    • Jesus Christ

      Hot WheelsHot Wheels5 hónapja
  • i agree, you should do more jackbox games ;) btw exactly 700th comment

    Matthew CochranMatthew Cochran5 hónapja
  • Lol the first one. Only man support each other. Ahaha (As for Lily, michael said that she has a brain problem)

    Rinkatsi TVRinkatsi TV5 hónapja
  • I have a very serious feeling that lilly is using Michael for clout if they don't get married I'm gonna poop in inconsistent places

    Trent CarterTrent Carter5 hónapja
    • honestly i doubt it, i mean she got cheated on i don't think she's the type to do that

      InZANEInZANE5 hónapja
  • I almost unsub from Yvonne frick you mean you don't like sandwiches

    stopread andwatchstopread andwatch5 hónapja
  • Why don’t they call his phone?

    Kiernan GreeleyKiernan Greeley5 hónapja
  • How do you use find your phone if you dont have connection and also if you dont have a phone?

    Monstermasher YTMonstermasher YT5 hónapja
    • Wi-fi? I mean, the phone don't have signal but of course the phone use wi-fi, maybe he just had the wi-fi off, that's mean: No wi-fi and no fucking signal

      Manuel Antonio Cuadra UlloaManuel Antonio Cuadra Ulloa5 hónapja
  • It was not my hand my mom and dad slaped it was my whole body

    Tjthekid 1Tjthekid 15 hónapja
  • Maybe the real jackbox are the friends we made along the way

    TheAGNTheAGN5 hónapja
  • poki's blank was the amount of letters needed to spell lesbian

    fallingmanfallingman5 hónapja
  • 0:08 feels bad man

    papa franku will be pleasedpapa franku will be pleased5 hónapja
  • I wish I have friends

    Analizs KatipunanAnalizs Katipunan5 hónapja
  • So Fed thinks Yvonne is cute huh. Ship it.

    CrawmonCrawmon5 hónapja
    • morganhhh this comment was a month ago. Chill.

      Sensei BrodySensei Brody4 hónapja
    • do not , yvonne has a boyfriend and fed tried to get with every girl and started drama if they didn’t

      morganhhhmorganhhh4 hónapja
    • Quetza h I think you need to put more emphasis on **badly**

      Sensei BrodySensei Brody5 hónapja
    • This aged badly

      Quetza hQuetza h5 hónapja
  • Bruh scara is like ewww mucull and lily next month be like

  • I would not have noticed the mic if u didn't say

    CapConCapCon6 hónapja
  • oh no

    sylimsylim6 hónapja
  • "we tried our best to cover it up" first milisecond: BZZZZZZ

  • Frannex is here 4/6/2563

    Natthapong sukhumNatthapong sukhum6 hónapja
  • Me being 12 have a bigger peen than toast.

    jackson grayjackson gray6 hónapja
  • Michael's use of EMP in this situation is incorrect, and infuriates me. EMP stands for electric magnetic pulse, however, having no signal due to materials blocking a signal is not electric magnetic, nor a pulse. I support Michael, and love his content, but I will not stand this spreading of misinformation.

    Coffee GamesCoffee Games6 hónapja