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  • i actually diedd

  • Toast and I do the same thing on toilet we both sit on the lower ring

    Ten RigiznTen Rigizn20 órája
  • Eminem is quaking.

  • Holy shit SHOTS FIRED DISS TRACK?!!?

    CocaAnd PepsiCocaAnd Pepsi2 napja
  • It was real fun listinig about shit look tost is very open i like it🤣🤣

    Wolverine LoganWolverine Logan7 napja
  • I sit on porcelain too. Quick question : Will i get hemorrhoids if i not using seat cover.

    LE LELE LE9 napja
  • .

    MidnighterzMidnighterz10 napja
  • The runescape music tho

    Ziyue WangZiyue Wang10 napja
  • Omg I am dieing!! 🤣🤣 I cant breath I'm laughing so hard!

    Veronica SerranoVeronica Serrano12 napja
  • I sit on the porcelain too, plastic feels weird.

    Jatin RustagiJatin Rustagi13 napja
  • 30 seconds of the video toast is tacking about his fatness

    Aaliyah TaghoyAaliyah Taghoy18 napja
  • Toast, Toast....moved to the WestCoast....driving Mercedes, quick to holla, HEY! Ladies.

    Vivi BurgerVivi Burger19 napja

      Vivi BurgerVivi Burger19 napja
  • Toast Malone!

    Armaan PereiraArmaan Pereira20 napja
  • DISGUSTINGTOAST thats all I am going to say that

    FinsenatorFinsenator20 napja
  • 1k

    iixNicolexii GamesiixNicolexii Games22 napja
  • 999

    iixNicolexii GamesiixNicolexii Games22 napja
  • 998

    iixNicolexii GamesiixNicolexii Games22 napja
  • 997

    iixNicolexii GamesiixNicolexii Games22 napja
  • 996

    iixNicolexii GamesiixNicolexii Games22 napja
  • Im dumb Wuts improv?

    Adam SyafiqAdam Syafiq23 napja
  • Im same with toast sitting on the porcelain is more comfy than the seat thingie so i put it up

    Silent CoyoteSilent Coyote23 napja
  • Can we appreciate the thumbnail? Toast Malone and Lil y 😂

    • K Ã I L Ü Ã •• K Ã I L Ü Ã •24 napja
  • Hahaha

    Heheh EHeheh E24 napja
  • What if... Jack plays the drums Pewds plays the tambourine Charlie plays the guitar Sykkuno plays the bass Rae plays the piano Toast will rap Corpse and lily duet And mr. beast will pay to make this happen

    angelo rebayla oribiaangelo rebayla oribia24 napja
  • i replyed this just now while eating forgetting the toilet story...

    Syahiran Mohd RidduanSyahiran Mohd Ridduan26 napja
  • Wait people take a shit with the seat thing on the porcelain thing??? Oh shit- Guess I learned something new

    Rivai LololRivai Lolol27 napja
  • this guy cant do rap or improv cause its cringey.. but would talk about the most uncomfortable things in the world like its normal haha

    a ja j27 napja
  • 0:25 1200 calories?!?!? that actually makes me REALLY concerned for toast... :( like for reference, for a 16 y/o girl who weighs 55 kg i would need to eat 1600 calories a day to maintain my weight... and toast is 28

    A GA G27 napja
  • No ones gonna talk about the cake in the end? 11:23

    Hannah MartinHannah Martin27 napja
  • Toast becomes Sykkuno when asks to improve. Lol

    FROG dela PONDFROG dela POND28 napja
  • They moment he mentioned he's been shitting like that for 20 years. I immediately thought 'hemorrhoids' Yep. That'll do it.

    Prashil PrakashPrashil Prakash28 napja
  • Half part end of video just some monk (Pog Toast) talking sheyt to lily...like...literally....talking shit...hahaha

    Sindrom 71Sindrom 7128 napja
  • Bidet hose gang

    SKAOGSKAOG28 napja
  • i just realized that people have to watch this live and they can't skip past it

    fleshyymammalsfleshyymammals29 napja
  • The Cringe🤣

    Alice BinondoAlice Binondo29 napja
  • The Cringe🤣

    Alice BinondoAlice Binondo29 napja
  • anyone else heared the hub intro in beetween the student and teacher and the prsioner and guard

    GekYumE GaminGGekYumE GaminGHónapja

  • Once the conversation is about shit that is an indication that its nearing the end of the conversation.

    Jose MacaseroJose MacaseroHónapja
  • "Is there anything I can do. " Lol

    Arnon HodArnon HodHónapja
  • Imagine lily became a kpop idol

    Food FightFood FightHónapja
  • Toast I’m tryna eat stop

    Lached Spoon7Lached Spoon7Hónapja
  • How come Michael did not had Lily's idea for his new Robot? Ending the suffering with Suffering.

    Vinch Kyle DelgadoVinch Kyle DelgadoHónapja
  • i've watched this video before and i'm watching it again and i really regret watching it while eating food.

  • Also sit ont he porcelain while pooping.. i've done it for atleast years now😅🤣😂

    Daniel GelongoDaniel GelongoHónapja
  • Offlinetv was what I was missing all along

    Cheng HeCheng HeHónapja
  • Lily's rap was actually pretty good

  • awww shit routines ... sacred

    Valentina CafieroValentina CafieroHónapja
  • *Please do Rap God or Godzilla cover.* 🤞🏼

    Todoroki Is A Beast!Todoroki Is A Beast!Hónapja
  • 11:00

    Vineeth vVineeth vHónapja
  • it went from freestyle to taking dump

    Vineeth vVineeth vHónapja
  • When doki doki literature club music comes on :D

    PREno6 intoPREno6 intoHónapja
  • Holy shit wait, the machine that tazes you when you're sad is actually an amazing idea for a Michael Reeves™ product Reeves could train a neural network using MIT's "Eight-Emotion Sentics Data", then rig... maybe an Apple Watch? to track their physiological signals and shock them every time they line up generally with "grief"! If he's particularly ambitious, he could even rig it to shock on "neutral", and force people to be actively happy (or angry, or hateful) all the time!

  • Id thought toast favorite food is toast

  • DisgustingToast

  • *lily does micheal reeves impression* Me: that would be a good video

    deadpool 299101deadpool 299101Hónapja
  • What is that song tho

  • Hi

    Its Oscar KujuIts Oscar KujuHónapja
  • I was eating, thanks

    Dana KravetsDana KravetsHónapja
  • Me: Watching this while I use the bathroom. Now: Afraid to poop

    Ryo ShojiRyo ShojiHónapja
  • Lily play dark deception with mykul

  • Top 10 rappers Eminem was scared to diss Repost.

    Theo TongsonTheo TongsonHónapja
  • I first saw lily on pewds among us videos and I legit thought it was Marzia. When these two are laughing and youre not looking at the video it legit sounds like pewds and marzia. This is very shocking to me

  • 8:05 whats that song called?

    Nick OverstreetNick OverstreetHónapja
  • I was casually eating dinner while watching this then they talked about shit and clogging the toilet.

    ate sunflowerate sunflowerHónapja

    Ashley LiAshley LiHónapja

  • runescape background music around 6:00 you love to see it

  • Toast 🍻 🤣need more with toasty lilypichu

    Definitely I AmDefinitely I AmHónapja
  • K i used to play left for dead so much as a child. So when i heard that music at 8:10 i almost shit my pants

  • . Lol

    random gamerrandom gamer2 hónapja
  • Being British, I laughed so hard when Charlie sloth showed up at 1:35

    nialish20nialish202 hónapja
  • Remind me to never eat while watching lily's videos ever again

    Kordle55Kordle552 hónapja

    SpamHamSpamHam2 hónapja
    • _🤷‍♂️idk probably from a movie_

  • OMG I am cracking up, I love this duo. Toast is so funny man and Lily really puts out the creative ideas into this hahaha

    Amari RAmari R2 hónapja

    TuanaTuana2 hónapja
  • Man the Doki Doki beats

    Tejj uwuTejj uwu2 hónapja
  • Lily can Freestyle Rap 👉🥺👈

    darkCwalkerdarkCwalker2 hónapja
  • I started to LIKE LILY SO MUCH now >< xD her voice when she swears is cute as hell xD

    Sam ReachSam Reach2 hónapja
  • 1:41 *_this part is better than all of the mumble rappers_*

    Akapulko06Akapulko062 hónapja
  • that was so much information about Toast I never needed to know

    ImNeverAnonymousImNeverAnonymous2 hónapja
  • These edits lmaooo

    Reese HovenReese Hoven2 hónapja
  • Yes toast! I put the toilet seat up to poop also hehe💩

    FilipinxFilipinx2 hónapja
  • Does anyone know where I can find that clip of lily freestyle rapping and then transitioning into the chorus of “love the way you lie”???????

    ShadowSkorpionXShadowSkorpionX3 hónapja
  • 10:36 is like they are having the talk and toast is the dad 😂😂

    r o x ir o x i3 hónapja
  • Lily should make a rap song and call herself lil crackhead

    Forged -InfernoForged -Inferno3 hónapja
  • when toast is so afraid of the massiveness of his own shit that he can’t sit on the regular seat for fear it won’t fit through

    lastimosalastimosa3 hónapja
  • Nice

    Mr BrownMr Brown3 hónapja
  • "Half the real-estate"

    Nolan Daniel WyserNolan Daniel Wyser3 hónapja
  • Lol, the micheal reeves parody. Has Too Good, Too Bad too

    Joseph CongeJoseph Conge3 hónapja
  • 6:25

    Bo-ong (Kunanon) ChotthammaratBo-ong (Kunanon) Chotthammarat3 hónapja
  • At 6:02 I thought it actually ended Lmao

    Nancy LedesmaNancy Ledesma3 hónapja
  • What if it was all just ad libs

    But WhythoBut Whytho3 hónapja
  • I forgot this video was supposed to be about rapping

    Sophia ZhangSophia Zhang3 hónapja
  • i loved listening to toast’s toilet and haemorrhoid problem while im trying to eat my spaghetti .-.

    riceballriceball3 hónapja
  • I hated this so much

    Lucas GilbertLucas Gilbert3 hónapja
  • Oh no I knew how toast felt while lilly was talking about the omlete

    EreeecEreeec3 hónapja
  • 4:29 woah once i heard the doki² theme song, i immediately got chills😨

    PoloxPolox3 hónapja
  • That free lilyPichu raps thoooo

    Erica ChuongErica Chuong3 hónapja
  • I love Lily in this video! It's so good to see her felling better mentally, plus she and toast always had good chemistry

    FroZZZenFireFroZZZenFire3 hónapja