Lily's Art Class 18 ~ Michael Reeves

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a boomer art class
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  • 16:58 actually my ipad and ipad case

    Vicenzo Mikael Oliveros ValenciaVicenzo Mikael Oliveros Valencia6 órája

    Darius PerladoDarius Perlado7 órája
  • Wow it’s already been a year

    Axl PeronoAxl Perono12 órája
  • 13:22 Here we find a loose jojo fan in lily's chat Yet nobody understand's him ;-; I respect this man

    Nicholas TolentinoNicholas TolentinoNapja
  • idk why but lily just looks so pretty in this video *CHEFS KISS*😘🙌🏻

  • 😂

    FoopFoop2 napja
  • ☜(゚ヮ゚☜)

    soonF NsoonF N3 napja
  • Michael Reeves breaking nerd stereotypes right here

    Mich PMich P5 napja
  • Just to remind you when lily was 10 *Michael was 4 years old*

    Nashtag DominicNashtag Dominic5 napja
  • Micheal is the type of person to remove the locks on every door so he can maximize his tazing ability

    Dadofett 1Dadofett 16 napja
  • God the videos with you and micheal are so comfy

    Patrick CurriePatrick Currie6 napja
  • It would be very helpful if you told me what art program you used at the beginning of the video. Thank you!

    TacosSFMsTacosSFMs7 napja
  • ngl that crack cocaine is so synchronized with the fur Ellis

    EzraEzra7 napja
  • Its been a full year since this masterpiece of a video released. Im so happy for them.

    WhatTheHeckIs ZatWhatTheHeckIs Zat7 napja
  • ( 7:57 ) u can see that in this moment Lily alredy fall for the madness of Mykull

    Nicolas Anderson MartinsNicolas Anderson Martins7 napja
  • and now their dating

    Jeff .UJeff .U7 napja
  • That code tho... lol it took them forever for that one word...

    Glatic LouelleGlatic Louelle8 napja
  • Are we gonna talk about how at 4:38 someone said "Michael kiss and choke me" orrrrr...

    Jacob AckerJacob Acker9 napja
  • Michael is: Buff Smart A crackhead A horrifying combo

    TheWeirdestNerdTheWeirdestNerd9 napja
  • Omfg boomer cards, YES

    Havannah WildHavannah Wild9 napja
  • I think the last one deserves 100%

    Artist WannabeArtist Wannabe9 napja
  • from buddy to honey huh

    Adam PadinAdam Padin10 napja
  • From her buddy to her honey Top class character development right here

    ImpowsturImpowstur10 napja
  • 16:37 Lily just casually playing Fur Elise while Michael tries to figure out what the code is saying

    Es. CrowEs. Crow11 napja
  • They weren't dating right during this time

    Sainath PallapothulaSainath Pallapothula11 napja
  • 13:22 pause vide look in chat only cultured anime ppl get it

    Alyse AcevedoAlyse Acevedo11 napja
  • Lily: "just come in!" Me takes it out of context: Ara ara

    Ferris LuxGoodFerris LuxGood11 napja
  • Please answer me. What is the name of the brush she is using?

    ImFeeling PurpleImFeeling Purple12 napja
  • cute ... why u 2 cute?!

    Olen Matthew LajomOlen Matthew Lajom13 napja
  • its sad how her bg was with albert,

    Yvonnen'tYvonnen't13 napja
  • still waiting for Michael for buying a billboard that says "Ok Boomer"

    Charmello JuanestaCharmello Juanesta14 napja
  • 10:25

    bambam14 napja
  • mykullbuff

    Yvonnen'tYvonnen't14 napja
  • sorry but at 9:28 its no michael but beaulo (jason doty)

    zackary normandzackary normand14 napja
  • Terrible video, first step for drawing Michael wasn’t doing 20 pounds of crack

    TDCTDC15 napja
  • Thiss is where it all started

    Lee AdamLee Adam15 napja
  • ayy my comment got deleted

  • 5:02 when you thought they quiet white kid was weak but he has a gym membership

    Mr HydraMr Hydra15 napja
  • Okay boomer :) lollll

    karl edouard De jesuskarl edouard De jesus16 napja

    Dan BaltazarDan Baltazar16 napja
  • are you paimon

    Dan BaltazarDan Baltazar16 napja
  • idk why, but Michael reminds me of Meliodas in a reality version for some reason :/

    GhayleGhayle16 napja
  • Michael actually buff tho holy shit

    TheFalcon612TheFalcon61216 napja
  • 16:44 “YO it was CRACK COCAINE”

    Gabe FaganGabe Fagan18 napja
  • I love how they were faking michael not being at their house so they’re like “michael come over!”

    Gabe FaganGabe Fagan18 napja
  • Petition for Michael to mass produce the boomer cards

    Ryan ItaharaRyan Itahara18 napja
  • *turtles*

    White CatWhite Cat19 napja
  • He looks so happy to be there 😭😍

    Bailey GarciaBailey Garcia19 napja
  • Michael's excitement upon discovering that those lines of code actually meant crack-cocaine actually speaks to me.

    Geraldo NetoGeraldo Neto19 napja
  • 4:40 someone in chat says "Michael kiss me and choke me"

    Tyjon SmithTyjon Smith19 napja
  • What graphics tablet do you use

    slythyr 55slythyr 5520 napja
  • Wait no one notice michael say ang bobo no one notice it oh i think the maning of ang bobo is moron or stupid

    ssj1945 sjsjssj1945 sjsj20 napja
    • In the start watch it

      ssj1945 sjsjssj1945 sjsj20 napja
  • am i missing something or has lily never ever sweared

    PepsiKetPepsiKet20 napja
  • This video I found out : Michael IS FUCKING BUFF

    TomTheHeroTomTheHero21 napja
  • See he hates turtles and I love his channel but turtles are my favorite animals soooo I think you can see the problem here

    Ender PlaysEnder Plays21 napja
  • This dude built like izuku midoria, i jad no idea he was that swole 😂

    J. R.J. R.22 napja
  • Poki just chillin in the background

    Brumous ?Brumous ?22 napja
  • Michael should make a robot that throws plastic straws at trutles

    Jayden KingJayden King22 napja
  • I didnt know breathing had velocity

    Joshua ;-;Joshua ;-;22 napja
  • is reeves a filipino or half LOL

    ChaosCrafterChaosCrafter23 napja
  • it took me awhile to notice that poki was on the bed... i thought she was like at the door LMFAO

    hazeeeuhazeeeu24 napja
  • i think its pokimane

    Dino SaurDino Saur25 napja
  • who is that in the back?

    Dino SaurDino Saur25 napja
  • Michael: who wants to see lily learn how to code Lily: that wud be the most boring thing ever Future Lily: i beg to differ

    xxedf_CKxxedf_CK26 napja
  • 0:55 is that albert?

    Coleen BediaColeen Bedia27 napja
  • Anybody self conscious how buff Michael is then you

    LuffyLuffy28 napja
  • 2:06

    ImJustAnAnimeGodImJustAnAnimeGod29 napja

    AyJayAyJay29 napja
  • She forgot the taser

    The EggThe EggHónapja
  • I don’t appreciate Michael wanting to kill all the turtle because turtles are fucking delicious

    Julian HernandezJulian HernandezHónapja
  • 5:10 Nobody: All the girl viewers 😳😳😳😍😍😍😘😘😘😉😉😉😏😏😏❤️❤️❤️🥵🥵🥵

    ToxicWolf 2451ToxicWolf 2451Hónapja
  • I heard the persona 4 battle music and instantly subbed that and these guys are cute together

    Robear McGinnisRobear McGinnisHónapja
  • I love how he literally took most of the art class time to crack the cocaine code (see what i there aah?)

  • Anehl beaaaaaaaaaaaads

  • 13 more days till this video becomes a year old

    JustJaden_ YTJustJaden_ YTHónapja
  • wait did michael not live with them yet during this video?

    G3TPL4YEDOE GamingG3TPL4YEDOE GamingHónapja
  • 5:00ónapja
  • I've watched this 4 times now

    Fearless GDFearless GDHónapja
  • Lily Pot?

    Smoking PeachSmoking PeachHónapja
  • ‘’they drew you way to cute’’

    Ines MiklavcicInes MiklavcicHónapja

    o l i v i ao l i v i aHónapja

    Michael J. PiazzaMichael J. PiazzaHónapja

    Fox ScottFox ScottHónapja
  • WHY IS HE SO BUFF WHAT?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!!

    Silver TuneSilver TuneHónapja
  • WTF! How much does he go to the gym!?

    Noah McCrayNoah McCrayHónapja
  • U U w

    Devont JacksonDevont JacksonHónapja

    Eetu 144pEetu 144pHónapja
  • +10 because I’m killing a turtle

    Ak47 Mac11Ak47 Mac11Hónapja
  • Poki in the background: 👁👄👁

    RodRodboiii T-TRodRodboiii T-THónapja
  • #milyRichu , 2020 anyone???

    Aiden JonesAiden JonesHónapja
  • Michael the buff nerd


    wavvy clanwavvy clanHónapja
  • 13:46 that's kinda weird for Mykull to point out now 😬🤦🏽‍♂️😂

    Mackhenzie Rhod YusonMackhenzie Rhod YusonHónapja
  • 7:39 it's remag

    msw 49msw 49Hónapja
  • Lily is wrong 60 is NOT a passing score out of 100 the passing score is 75 out of 100 idk how ik this I’m still 10

    Chona CuregChona CuregHónapja
  • 0:35 Did Mykull just said: "Ang bobo!" or am I deaf?????

    Charlie KotubukiCharlie KotubukiHónapja
  • oml poki is a mood

    Mariana FrancfortMariana FrancfortHónapja
  • was that albert with her??

    Ice GreenIce GreenHónapja
  • for those who watched the stream... How long did it take for michael to figure out the coding thing

  • Does anyone know who’s the artist at 8:55?:(

    Stupid BeeStupid BeeHónapja