lily's art class 20 - my zozo zombie character

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  • wait i just noticed Lily and Sykkuno has the same outro has anybody this []~( ̄▽ ̄)~*

    Kliptz _Kliptz _12 órája
  • Lily learned how to do decimal

    Nithin AsokNithin Asok22 órája
  • 19:12 I wanna say this is a Gawr Gura reference, but I'm not sure.

    ThesomethingNerdThesomethingNerd2 napja
  • "Okay I'm done" -looks at 30 more- "Ok ok I'm done!" -looks at 20 more- "okay no really I'm done now!" -continues to look at more-

    Jette LJette L3 napja
  • hey can i ask what programme does she use for her digital art

    Gabriela DraganovaGabriela Draganova4 napja
  • Its funny because she is a va in that one game called undead darlings and she is one of the zombie waifus in there

    CheeseOhCheeseOh6 napja
  • Love the game grumps reference

    Jake YoungJake Young6 napja
  • Lily needs to play roblox's zozo zombie game

    juojuo6 napja
  • Do one with sykunno loll

    riley wangriley wang7 napja

    French MonkeyFrench Monkey7 napja
  • Can anyone tell me how to join lily's artclass??

    GameOverOfficialGameOverOfficial8 napja
  • Fun fact: I think LilyPichu sounds like WolfyChu

    •AngelCookieOwU••AngelCookieOwU•9 napja
  • How do you submit the art?

    ꧁AvacadoYT꧂꧁AvacadoYT꧂9 napja
  • 9:19 looked like a paimon zombie

    Bhusta Crow21Bhusta Crow219 napja
  • zozo is a derogatory term for black people in South Africa lmao

    BwernBwern9 napja
  • Lily the answer to the math problem is 224.727272727

    NickNameNickName10 napja
  • 27:30

    noob gangnoob gang11 napja
  • 13:17 does anyone know this music that is played?

    NatsuriNatsuri12 napja
  • wait, was that the real emiok

    GamingwithKeyGamingwithKey12 napja
  • Lily: i am done Also lily: OMG THIS IS SO KYUUT Lily once more: AHH THIS ONE LOOKS KUUL LILY: ok im done for real And again: THIS LOOKS SO CALM THE EXPRESSION AHH

    akitoakito13 napja
  • What program do you use?

    Zohar HarelZohar Harel13 napja
  • Lily's zombie character reminds me so much of Clara from the anime " Welcome to demon school, Iruma-kun"

    Joachim SanchezJoachim Sanchez13 napja
  • For real though I’m done **Proceeds to See More**

    ♡︎Peachu♡︎♡︎Peachu♡︎14 napja
  • 69.99% Nice

    PR05PR0515 napja
  • 10:30 Who else thought this looked like Michael 😂

    Gooble ManGooble Man16 napja
  • i was grading as well and i said 93 in 18:21 and im so suprise when she said 93 too i just want to share it hehe

    Ailish PlaysAilish Plays16 napja
  • There is even a Temmie mouse ^v^

    Tenshi 123Tenshi 12317 napja
  • a

    Daniel XiaDaniel Xia17 napja
  • That art in 9:40 reminded me of Day6's song "Zombie" thoughh

    aaron agustinaaron agustin17 napja
  • which soft is she using

    Ritvik AnandRitvik Anand18 napja
  • 21:28 I abolutely agree, this handwriting is superb, but why in God´s sake is it written in two colours?

    Hans Peter AndersenHans Peter Andersen20 napja
  • a legit art class

    KazeyoKazeyo20 napja
  • 10:35 :)

    Miggie CheeseMiggie Cheese20 napja
    • stop

      Miggie CheeseMiggie Cheese19 napja
  • I love the fact that her art lessons give better tips than actual school

    色蓝色蓝21 napja
  • Reaction video please

    Erick VillalobosErick Villalobos21 napja
  • what software is it?

    Jesslyn ZhangJesslyn Zhang21 napja
  • It’s ok to fail, ppl yk LOL!

    Adeena TariqueAdeena Tarique21 napja
  • what is the name of the outro song?

    Rihana1224Rihana122421 napja
    • Dreamy night, by herself

      Esteban De la FuenteEsteban De la Fuente13 napja
  • If there was a zombie apocalypse, I’d eat... my dog?

    Sushi TimeSushi Time23 napja
  • lily can u do one with corpse napja
  • 5:10 I can see the different 🤔🤔 the right is Thin while the left is THICC... 🤭🤭

    MyMindMyMind27 napja
  • what app is this? :)

    Nealjan MarzanNealjan Marzan27 napja
  • what app is she using to draw? :)

    Anime GuyAnime Guy28 napja
  • She is so talented

    Nikhil KumarNikhil Kumar28 napja
  • Why do you sound like Wolfychu but less... How do I say this...? Innocent

    Gacha GracieGacha Gracie28 napja
  • Lily Is Cute, Lily is flower, lily is lily and lily is mykull's

    Solar PhoenixSolar Phoenix28 napja
    • :|

      Solar PhoenixSolar Phoenix28 napja
  • Print ("68%");

    MSN 11MSN 11Hónapja
  • Ngl your voice is the opposite of corpses voice

    Ruben the gamerRuben the gamerHónapja
  • how can i join art classes! is there a schedule?

    Tan Wei FengTan Wei FengHónapja
    • She usually says It a bit before on her Twitter or says It on stream the day before. To participate, you must have a Reddit account (at least 3 days old), upload your drawing to Imgur, get the link to It and comment it on the post she makes for every art class on r/lilypichu

      Esteban De la FuenteEsteban De la Fuente29 napja
  • ur in a gum ad :0 XD

    stop signstop signHónapja
  • 6:48 it's worth 100

    Vedendra MallVedendra MallHónapja
  • The picture flipping back and forth is so annoying

    Anubis PerryAnubis PerryHónapja
  • imagine playing cod zombies and you hear lily yell max ammo

    CameronW28 YTCameronW28 YTHónapja
  • brockhampton

    Osvaldo GarciaOsvaldo GarciaHónapja
  • Why is ther no hellhound temmie

    Sir SpaceSir SpaceHónapja

    wowowow wowowowowowowow wowowowoHónapja
  • Cutie Lily

    Nuah AbdulraheemNuah AbdulraheemHónapja
  • Anime localization directors be like: You know how you are a good voice actor who can sound like a genuine character actually speaking? We don't do that here. I need you to sound as sarcastic and nasally as possible, with the same awkward cadence as every other localization voice actor.

  • 19:12 Gawr Gura intensifies

    Crack WalkerCrack WalkerHónapja
  • Stay comfy guys :)

    AR HarianandaAR HarianandaHónapja
  • Lily this song is so good?!?

    Julian BieselJulian BieselHónapja
    • 🥰

      Julian BieselJulian BieselHónapja
  • Lily: ok I’m done.... LOOK AT THIS ONE!!!! 🥺

    Julian BieselJulian BieselHónapja
  • Art class 21 callmecarson would be the best video ive ever seen

    Don CheadleDon CheadleHónapja
  • When will be lily's next art class i wanna join😭

    Mashy MallowsMashy MallowsHónapja
  • is it just me or Lily looks like Yoohyeon from dreamcatcher? i hope im not the only one •3•

  • 11:04 someone was busy on leg day

    Mason MoffittMason MoffittHónapja
  • If Lily was Tommy : All 69

  • 10:36 everybody thinks Michael submitted this

    Kartik GuptaKartik GuptaHónapja
  • 9:12 *a* for affort

  • 18:11 i love the aesthetic of this one so much but also she kinda looks like the vampire kid from scary godmother

  • im drawing the character in paper its loking okay i guess idk why im commenting this cause this is nothing im just bored

    Rosa E Ruiz ColonRosa E Ruiz ColonHónapja
  • I get that its not the point, but the maths is incorrect. BODMAS guys XD

    ThatGuy -YayaThatGuy -YayaHónapja
  • So the score for the math art is 224.7272 repeating

    Sword ForgerSword ForgerHónapja
  • 15:50 be looking like mira yoo a bit from god of highschool

    Zig ZagZig ZagHónapja
  • Draw Micheal but he's a zombie

    Alvin LohAlvin LohHónapja
  • Where is that "I thought this was typed." sound clip from?

  • So we're not gonna talk about that animated Temmy Mouse? K.

  • What program does she use????

    Daniel ArauzDaniel ArauzHónapja
  • These videos are so underrated

    Thiccshaq528 7Thiccshaq528 7Hónapja
  • 11:15 can somebody PEMDAS this for me

    Homegrown AlligatorHomegrown AlligatorHónapja
    • *NO* XD

      -Gacha_ Troll--Gacha_ Troll-Hónapja
  • Why is the ending like my mom when we are leaving literally ANYWHERE

    Ryan CoffeeRyan CoffeeHónapja
  • Should have called the character in the show lilyeatchu smh

    BlaMon SchachnerBlaMon SchachnerHónapja
  • a

    Steven PibbsSteven PibbsHónapja
  • 19:11 gawr reference

    Tyrone Q.Tyrone Q.Hónapja
  • oh, 10 year old me definitely didn't need that winking tip

  • Am I high or is the "hmmm" autotuned???? 5:00

  • William osman put a baby in a dryer so, u wanna talk lily. You can do a middle finger

    Dakota SchockDakota SchockHónapja
  • bruhh 19:30 is a Plants vs Zombies Zombie ´ very cool

    Afonso SantosAfonso SantosHónapja
  • Yo how do we submit things for art class

    strange memes ytstrange memes ytHónapja
  • Finally

  • Is it me or is lilly a obsessive with the number 69

  • this makes me feel better and happier than my relatives do, all they do is make me sad, hurt, insecure, angry, alone, I hate them. i love my partner


    Yung TimezFNYung TimezFNHónapja
  • 19:12 a (nice reverb there)


  • *botle*

  • i am new to LilyPichu... is her voice real?

    SinOfLust AMVSinOfLust AMVHónapja
  • 8:34 Probably the most asian thing i've heard lily say in english. Just search up uncle roger and you'll get what i mean

    Agood NameAgood NameHónapja

    Alexis PandeliAlexis PandeliHónapja
  • Nice, can't wait to see the Christmas one's starting in like the second week of November cause I swear that's when decorations start coming up

    Captain CJ 97Captain CJ 97Hónapja