lily tries... Pokémon Sword and Shield

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  • “Oh this game is so pretty” *nintendo fans want to know your location*

    Vid.Vid.20 órája
  • "I wanna *sheer* him, for clothes and *food* " ah yes, sheep's wool is *DELICIOUS!*

    leauxleaux2 napja
  • I have him shiny the squirrel

    Alexander VargasAlexander Vargas4 napja
  • Lily: I only want to get cute Pokémon! Also lily: *Proceeds to get a sobble that uses a shotgun in the last evolve*

    {{Marshy _Boba}}{{Marshy _Boba}}4 napja
  • Lily likes ugly thing bruh

    foreignguy8593foreignguy85934 napja
  • lily says i just catch cute pokemon , after 2 minutes she catches foxtrot xd

    Mehmet ErdenMehmet Erden5 napja
  • Lily the sheep dose not have bones it’s just wool

    A Duck with a hat and a tieA Duck with a hat and a tie5 napja
  • omg ur so annoying stop acting, and if ur not acting grow the fuck up

    Kevin ChangKevin Chang5 napja
  • Scarra is the father of OTV

    Thinh PhamThinh Pham5 napja
  • me who completed the game with only a smol sobb

    Random YoutuberRandom Youtuber7 napja
  • Why do you hate grooky he is so adorable and awsome if scorebunny wasn't a fire type no one would care about him

    Lil Levis Lovin LifeLil Levis Lovin Life7 napja
  • 0:41 I mean, she’s not wrong lol

    Rye BreadRye Bread7 napja
  • It’s not unspoken at all. They openly say in heartgold/soulsilver that slowpoke tail is a dish that they eat

    Fast CastFast Cast8 napja
  • Grookey was the best starter this gen. Fight me Lily

    TisIJustAGuyTisIJustAGuy8 napja
  • Outro?

    julienpoeschljulienpoeschl8 napja
  • Wait is that aquas face on sobble Lol

    John Mher PanganibanJohn Mher Panganiban9 napja
  • I will not stand for this grooky slander. GROOKY GANag

    Joseph HemphillJoseph Hemphill9 napja
  • 1:26 Me: *Sobbing* i'll try *sniff* to find *sniff* someone who actually likes blaziken *sniff*

    Mark Christian Gelig.Mark Christian Gelig.10 napja
  • Lool

    ¿Minerliton?¿Minerliton?11 napja
  • “Budget Squirtle” 😂🤣😂

    Kevin VerdeKevin Verde11 napja
  • 0.1 second in the video"gen one is the best"

    toxiyboi playstoxiyboi plays11 napja
  • She kept her Torchic to lvl 60 HAHAHHAHAHA 💀

    YuYu’s PropertyYuYu’s Property12 napja
  • I wish u could name your soble emergency food Xd.

    Jared SorianoJared Soriano12 napja
  • What? Pokemon IS JRPG. Wtf And EXCUSEEEEEEEE YOU PRINCES, Grookey is the most cutest of the 3.

    Hakaishi00Hakaishi0012 napja
  • Hey, just a quick question for Lily, did you ever finish Pokemon Sword/Shield?

    theGLaDPokesuperfantheGLaDPokesuperfan12 napja
  • 5:29 OH MY GOD OH MY GOSH HOLY SHIT HOLY FUCK i mean sorry i shouldn’t curse I freaking died

    KirbyKirby13 napja
  • I choose sobble to

    Supreme PapiSupreme Papi14 napja
  • "He's cool! Never mind..." "Probably gonna collect dust in there honestly but like what're you gonna do."

    Meowser LynelMeowser Lynel16 napja
  • Rookide: being cute af* Covriknight (the final ev of rookide): Laughs on being cool and strong but not cute*

    M FoxM Fox17 napja
  • you were gonna love cinderace scorbunny was the strongest pokemon and hes still cute at last evulution i beat 6 gym leaders and one shotted em with a single cinderace

    Paul GeorgePaul George18 napja
  • Lily says she likes gen 1 but pichu is gen 2...

    Glendon CheahGlendon Cheah18 napja
  • If you hate hop, you play pokemon sword/shield

    Wicked FastWicked Fast18 napja
  • Lily to the dark manipulative fox: I’ll name you Fed Me from the future: Oh boy here we go ;-;

    Brayden SmithBrayden Smith18 napja
    • She should have named the trash pokemon like that.

      Shining LightShining Light17 napja
  • Man, Scarra is such a top tier human. How can you not love that guy?

    Gavin Akil ThomasGavin Akil Thomas18 napja
  • Lily: Naming the pokemon after her friends Figment Michael: let us go Lily the accident wasn't your fault

    Carlos motaCarlos mota19 napja
  • The one no one cares about was my first starter :/

    EliteElite19 napja
  • Blaziken is ❤️😭 he's my bro since I was a kid up until now I'm adult

    oneMonkey GamingoneMonkey Gaming21 napja
  • When she comes and plays this game again and see's her fox named Fed...Thats going to be awkward

    Dan DuffyDan Duffy21 napja
  • lmao first time i hear that "i grew my torchic up to level 60" XD

    Victor Samuel Baez SouffrontVictor Samuel Baez Souffront22 napja
  • She turned this game into shopping simulator

    MD24 ClipsMD24 Clips22 napja

    Jansen MedinaJansen Medina22 napja
  • i wass waiting for her to see the dog at the research place

    Raymond LinRaymond Lin23 napja
  • GEN WUNNER Edit: she knows muchlax

    L3G3ND P4ND4L3G3ND P4ND424 napja
  • About the meat in pokemon: it is mentioned that people eat pokemon as Magikarp, Basculin or Frarfecht'd; but one producer of pokemon said that in pokemon there are a lot of foods that dont exist in real life, so maybe it is a kind of food we dont know. The real answer is its a children show and they cant show people killing their "friend pokemon", so we must assume everyone is vegetarian and the meat- if not specified, as in slowpoke tail curry- comes from a strange breed of pokemon we dont know.

    Fernando VeigaFernando Veiga26 napja
  • When she goes pika pika is really cute

    NOT_KNAKNOT_KNAK27 napja
  • Picks Sobble the water type. Me: cool! What's the first gym again? Milo? oh... oh. I'm sorry.

    Scott W PilgrimScott W PilgrimHónapja
  • Lily: everyone knows gen 1 is the best Me: bruh,,, gen 6 bruh, gen6 numbah 1

    James Dela PenaJames Dela PenaHónapja
  • “Gen 1 was the best gen of course” *Ah, a genwunner.*

    • @Your local Trash panda If they think Garbodor, they should hate Muk.

      Nexus_RedNexus_Red5 napja
    • People insult garbodor saying he’s disgusting and just garbage (as a Pokémon as well as literally) but look at muck, people say new Pokémon are unoriginal when execute is literally just eggs. Jen 1 is just as bad AND good as all of the others

      Your local Trash pandaYour local Trash panda5 napja
    • @Scott W Pilgrim duh, people who think that the 151 will always be the best have problems with their head

    • mmm, I've heard all the arguments and such, and as a traienr since Gen 1, my people are shitheads. Pokemon will never be contained into the original 151, and I will always find new and exciting ones with every gen. That being said, Typhlosion PWNS ALL!!

      Scott W PilgrimScott W PilgrimHónapja
  • Dibble evolves into an emo teen and the emo teen evolves into a confident boi/gurl that hides the pain

    A DoorA DoorHónapja
  • My name is Steven and I'm not a turtle with a head that's bigger then it's body and I don't have a spike on my head either but whatever and Scarra even laughed at the thing cool lol

  • Lily: It’s like a jrpg Me, sarcastically: Gee, I wonder why? Lily: I actually love Charizard Every genwunner: So do we

    KAIsibs Does GamingKAIsibs Does GamingHónapja
  • Ehhh? Blaziken looks so damn cool!

    Fool QueenFool QueenHónapja
  • Lily: I might have to replace someone .....fed I am sorry This seems so real now 😂

    indraneel jainindraneel jainHónapja
  • Wow wompa/yamper is so cute

    Victor VangVictor VangHónapja
  • Should’ve named the turtle Michael

  • lily: gen 1 is the best me: T H I S I S N O T O K E Y D O K E Y

    Matthew SudakMatthew SudakHónapja
  • Is- is she playing with two seperate joycons?

    John Carlos PalonsonJohn Carlos PalonsonHónapja
  • she said the one no one cares about when It got to grooky

  • I picked grookey opp

    Titus TranTitus TranHónapja
  • I liked charizard too until game freak started giving it such high favoritism examples: Good Shiny, amazing move set, 2 mega evolutions, And a Gigantimax I rest my case

    RedRP StudiosRedRP StudiosHónapja
  • Remember back in the day when pokemon devs went "No. We won't tell you type advantages. Your rival is gonna start with the opposite type starter pokemon. Because we hate you. We will not guide you. We will not show you the way. We will not heal you. You suffer. Because we enjoy it."

    Jacob RolandJacob RolandHónapja
  • This is the most cringe thing ive ever seen

    big deezlebig deezleHónapja
  • 2:20 I think imma name my sobble, Aqua

    Deadly ReaperDeadly ReaperHónapja
  • You should have picked scorbunny because the second and third evolution of it is terrifying

    Lhanny bruceLhanny bruceHónapja
  • Me: kills everyThing for xp for my 1 Pokémon Lilly: catches everything

    Detective HelloHelloDetective HelloHelloHónapja
  • Why is scares simping over lily

  • U called grookey bad and then chose sobble how dare u

    Scott TaylorScott TaylorHónapja
  • excuse meee the one no one carses about !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Dimitri IvicDimitri IvicHónapja
  • Something I love about sword and shield is the amount of cute Pokémon in the game

    Limxuv HerLimxuv HerHónapja
  • I love that she thought leon was cool but immediately backtracked when he did that dumb pose

    Da WizadDa WizadHónapja
  • Pikachu should be Sykkuno, cause everyone simp for both of them.

    Savant SlackerSavant SlackerHónapja
  • after scarra gave lily food i was silently saying "i hope she shows us that she actually will eat"

  • Obviously Michael brainwashed lily since she said Gen 1 was the best, because we all know the best games are the ORAS games

    The Cooler ReaperThe Cooler ReaperHónapja
  • I figured this was gonna be a lily saying “it’s so cute” the whole time.

  • lily triggers me every time she mocks grookey :

    Kurt CorroKurt CorroHónapja
  • I loik it even doe you say gen 1 is da best

  • Charizard is to overrated and must not exist

    Vincent EliotVincent EliotHónapja
  • "i know that one, that's a sheep" .....

    Vincent EliotVincent EliotHónapja
  • Im playing my first nuzlocke run and im sobbing. Ive lost 4 pokes already. Ps : MT Moon sux

    The Duke Of DorksThe Duke Of DorksHónapja
  • It's almost ironic that a sly manipulative Dark type fox was named Fed.

    • Damn, I liked Fed too :(

      Adrian MaciasAdrian Macias16 napja
    • @TheInvertedMind he deserves it, besides, he's probably worse that what the of described

      Destiny ZengDestiny Zeng27 napja
    • @TheInvertedMind can't do those types of guys dirty.

      Scott W PilgrimScott W PilgrimHónapja
    • You’re doing him dirty LMAOOOOOOO

    • God damn it

      Alduin The PartysnackAlduin The PartysnackHónapja
  • 0:37 "It's like a JRPG." I'd like to point out JRPG stands for Japanese Role Play Game. Pokemon actually is an RPG from Japan.

    Christian HaChristian HaHónapja
  • lily: i dont really like grookey 70 percent of pkm sas players: um no

    pokalock 123pokalock 123Hónapja
  • Was that aqua because she cry’s or because she’s the Goddess of water ?? Or was this a weird coincidence

    Arctic PhoenixArctic PhoenixHónapja
  • Hi

    Emiliano Yanez GuillenEmiliano Yanez GuillenHónapja
  • All I think of when she says that sheep is cute is rt slaughtering 3000 of them

    Matt HendersonMatt HendersonHónapja
  • How- I want my voice like urs how u do ittt

    -ˏˋ elle ˊˎ--ˏˋ elle ˊˎ-Hónapja
  • Wheres alfieee

    French Jhon SecuandoFrench Jhon SecuandoHónapja
  • Yeah I'm starting to think that lily really is that basic cute girl archetype. Much prefer Jaiden's take on pokemon. She accepts the changes of her pokemon for the better but that doesn't make me hate lily

  • “Aw its so cute” she says as she kill its

    sir pugsikl sir pugsiklsir pugsikl sir pugsiklHónapja
  • Boomer

  • Budget squirtle killed me 🤣🤣🤣

    Chris HelbertChris HelbertHónapja
  • Not going to lie, the only problem i had getting through this game was trying to beat the rock-type gym leader. Pretty sure my starter was at its first (non-evolved) form when I first entered the wild area. When I finally exited the wild area, it was either its second (first evolution) form or its third (second evolution) form. I was completely OP. I chose the fire starter, by the way. Like I said, completely OP.

    Argentum MessoremArgentum Messorem2 hónapja
  • Lily's such a gen wunner.

    Adib TahsinAdib Tahsin2 hónapja
  • Isnt pokemon a jrpg

    SpeedyDarklightSpeedyDarklight2 hónapja
  • kimi is kimi no na wa

    Ryan ThapaRyan Thapa2 hónapja
  • I like how scarra is basically lily's dad

    Dolphin lover JotaroDolphin lover Jotaro2 hónapja
  • She sounds like a angel when she curses

    Anime WeebAnime Weeb2 hónapja
  • Grookey would suit the name 'Boomer' much better since he evolves with a drum.

    Atrocious_ AsianAtrocious_ Asian2 hónapja
  • "wow you already know about type advantage" yes well clearly you don't since you chose one thats weaker

    KurKur2 hónapja
  • scarra is so nicedbflsj,befdljksdf

    b0keYamaaab0keYamaaa2 hónapja