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  • I hear KINGDOM HEARTS.... in piano. Is that dearly beloved you played??

    Lily YukimuraLily YukimuraNapja
  • anyone else think micheal looks like herry potter??? 🤔

    Izzy timberdeerIzzy timberdeer5 napja
  • what is that vid when Lily reads off a list or something about how many times they do something daily/weekly/monthly?

    SoftiaSoftia9 napja
  • I just started watching them and 2:47 reminds me off what Michael did to lily on her birthday stream but with ice cream

    Ruth RRuth R9 napja
  • 5:43 I shower everyday too

    Es. CrowEs. Crow10 napja
  • What’s the first stream name called

    Tae and Suga with a side of Kookies!Tae and Suga with a side of Kookies!10 napja
  • "Pants" -Toast

    LightsLights11 napja
  • When Michael says buddy your screwed

    Beau OcampoBeau Ocampo12 napja
  • 1:55 yo how did he do that without his glasses falling? It's magic

    BabagushBabagush13 napja
  • what was the song at 0.04?

    KishariKishari14 napja
  • didn’t know michael was obedient 😐😶

    joceyline siallaganjoceyline siallagan15 napja
  • Fun fact: the biggest draw about being an artist is being able to put to paper your every whim and desire. even, er, carnal ones. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Listen just don’t open an artist’s sketchbook cause some of us have things that’d we’d rather not let see the light of day. source: am artist

    PlumeyPlumey15 napja
  • 6:40 the cutest "what do you mean by that" s ever❤️

    Sr 1Sr 115 napja
  • 4:04 My Alexa kept going off-

    Dev SociusDev Socius16 napja
  • f e d . . . . . . . .

    Julie LeungJulie Leung17 napja
  • 2:46 the best moment

    Mnrr.6131Mnrr.613117 napja
  • It’s amazing how this relationship has staid intact

    dolphingamer76dolphingamer7618 napja
  • 10:03 Don Scarra: Origins

    Rimuru TempestRimuru Tempest19 napja

    Max PoirotMax Poirot20 napja
  • That was so smooooth 6:31

    Nishtha SagarNishtha Sagar21 napja
  • Just Yvonne and Fed having an ( probably serious given what came to light) argument while Lily and Toast having a quiet conversation kills me.

    Ultra FoxUltra Fox22 napja
  • I come back to this video everyday just to hear Scarra go full mafia Don on lily. "Say goodbye to ya knee caps"

    Tyler WhiteTyler White23 napja
  • What's with the title thou The 'losing a bet'?

    An DyAn Dy26 napja
  • "is the easiest money I'm gonna own"

    LylapriceLylaprice26 napja
  • Why is fed a streamer

    Parker GallagherParker Gallagher27 napja
  • Pants

    AARON playsAARON plays29 napja
  • (Plays kingdom hearts theme) Me:This channels perfect i rest my case

    Fat Menacing RatFat Menacing RatHónapja
  • 10:04 was the first appearance of don scarra

    Parthiv PrabhuParthiv PrabhuHónapja
  • Fed talking about safewords aged very badly

    Sebastião MendonçaSebastião MendonçaHónapja
  • I miss fed

    Kenta AkasunaKenta AkasunaHónapja
  • my birth day vid :)

  • What was the sad music fed and lilly played is it nier automita

    Carlos HernandezCarlos HernandezHónapja
  • Ur *mccute*

    Yellow NoodelYellow NoodelHónapja
  • Ah, the days before michael was a tier 3 sub

  • You don't poop every day? I think you may need some fibre lily lmao, if you don't poop for a day it is the same as smoking one pack of cigarette

    Gavin LiuGavin LiuHónapja
  • What song was fed and lily playing i feel like I know but atm I'm stumpee

  • Holy shit its a saxophone

  • 6:13 Hits hard after remembering Michael said he goes to the gym everytime he feels like shit.

  • According to the time stamp, somewhere in the world while I was celebrating my birthday, the BET WAS SET! HAHAHA

  • My man just picked her up along with the chair, mental!

    Nawfal AmeenNawfal AmeenHónapja
  • So did lilly pay scarra yet??

    agra wijnanaagra wijnanaHónapja
  • Can someone tell me what fed did cause I'm lost

    Lawry CrosbyLawry CrosbyHónapja
  • 6:37 Basically a "You died" would appear moments after he said that. Fortunately, he's Michael and she's Lily.

    a nobodya nobodyHónapja
  • Does anyone else just chew gum \ \ \ Then just not chew gum??? No just me... ok

    Ivan MoralesIvan MoralesHónapja
  • Whats the song fed and Lilly were playing

    • Dearly beloved

      It's ya boi darkIt's ya boi darkHónapja
  • duuude, hearing kh2's dearly beloved fucked with me so hard, made me tear up :')

  • Hope fed is doing alright, he seemed really sincere when he said he wanted to change for the better.

    red crowred crowHónapja
  • Wtf who poops twice a week

  • The perfect couple doesn’t exi-

  • Ayo it's been 6 months scarra you gonna get those knee caps

    Just MeJust MeHónapja
  • 0:30 oh fuck Fed's being called out for his crimes again.

    The BusboyThe BusboyHónapja
  • I like messy bed head hair micheal

  • 3:52 what game is dis

    Nic CNic CHónapja
  • How do you only crap twice a week-

    Alex HwrAlex HwrHónapja
  • Lily screaming Alexa turned my Alexa on lol

  • What is that word at 5:34

    Tater TatertatertaterTater TatertatertaterHónapja
  • Michael is very clean I love itn

  • She is really a nosy person

    very dumb kidvery dumb kidHónapja
  • Pants

  • Bro that clip in the beginning of lily and fed playing piano was actually so good idk if it was a real song tho I’d listen to it if it was

    Abid ShaikAbid ShaikHónapja
  • Saludos lily que linda la reacion de su mascota

    clerk Bennettclerk BennettHónapja
  • 0:52 Can someone let me know what music they are playing here?

    Belle AceBelle AceHónapja
    • Kingdom hearts

      Janx JinxJanx JinxHónapja
  • The clip of Daniel Bryan with the steel chair was great

    Jack .HJack .HHónapja
  • Dragon will never be the same after the "fake dragon" incident 😂😂😂

    chen wei shenchen wei shenHónapja
  • “Pooping, once a day”

    Dogeasaurus RexDogeasaurus RexHónapja
  • 6:34 the face on michael was priceless when he said that

    I need help.I need help.Hónapja
  • Bro this pog

    skelli 902skelli 902Hónapja
  • Wow fed sure knows about safewords

  • who is here after fed got kicked out

    Hitesh PotlaHitesh PotlaHónapja
  • Feels so weird to see fed in a vid with OTV now

    Sad M3merSad M3merHónapja
  • 3:37 what game is this?

    • Ultimate horse chicken

      Giovanni MartinezGiovanni MartinezHónapja
  • 2:34 i never thought michael would be the most normal in those 3

  • So she paid yet or did Scarra break her kneecaps and Michael gave her robotic legs.

    Jlc JlcJlc JlcHónapja
  • Bruh it’s been six months

    Jaden JuarezJaden JuarezHónapja
  • The everyday showering is sooooo filipino

    Norabel BalabatNorabel BalabatHónapja
  • 0.58 miss them being together (not couple)

    BotHusks _NotBotHuskBotHusks _NotBotHusk2 hónapja
  • 3:36 whats that game

    Random guyRandom guy2 hónapja
    • Ultimate horse chicken

      Giovanni MartinezGiovanni MartinezHónapja
  • 1 month left(as of writing my comment) before the 6months is up, then we'll know if lilypichu will start streaming in a wheelchair/hospital bed or not

    BakedMoMoBakedMoMo2 hónapja
  • Imma be honest when Yvonne was yelling at Fed I had like a PTSD Flashback to when I was six and my parents were yelling at each other

    Max BelcherMax Belcher2 hónapja
  • hey whats the song at 9:26 its a banger

    Ben HornBen Horn2 hónapja
  • 5:42 mykull being a typical filipino.

    J.A.D SitjarJ.A.D Sitjar2 hónapja
  • It's been 6 months 😬

    BlarghManBlarghMan2 hónapja
  • I wish Lilly was piano, teacher my piano teacher a little scary T-T

    Jibooty JeonJibooty Jeon2 hónapja
  • Mufasa toast is the cutest thing ive seen all day

    SadhagusaloSadhagusalo2 hónapja
  • do you have the BIG SAD.. do you have NO TIME ONE YOUR HANDS... well try SLEEPING it will help pass the YOUR TIME!!!

    dominic lermadominic lerma2 hónapja
  • Welp it is now 6 months later and Lily still has her kneecaps.......SCARRA DO SOMETHING

    Leopold 67Leopold 672 hónapja
  • 7:09 best clip

    Donut The Siamese CatDonut The Siamese Cat2 hónapja
  • what game 3:39

    biyyubiyyu2 hónapja
  • It's been over 6 months I wonder if Scarra ever got his money or if Lily isn't walking anymore...

    LifeorDeath2077LifeorDeath20772 hónapja
  • I forget what's the name of the song Lily and fed we're playing on piano? Anyone know?

    RadiatedSheepRadiatedSheep2 hónapja
    • Dearly Beloved from Kingdom Hearts.

      The Trusty SidekickThe Trusty Sidekick2 hónapja
  • 0:20 hit different now that it came out...

    Jennifer HuangJennifer Huang2 hónapja
  • At 0:21 reminds me of My parents when they were together

    SpngySpngy2 hónapja
    • me too 😔

      gabe kelehergabe keleher2 hónapja
  • 0:20 I need Yvonnie getting angry comp She sounds like my sister calling me dissapointment

    Banana TreeBanana Tree2 hónapja
  • Anyone know the song at 00:10

    Jesse WilliamsJesse Williams2 hónapja
  • 1:00 when you grow up with little to no friends you tend to be forgiving to the ones you have when you finally find yourself

    Far QFar Q2 hónapja
  • Lily: "We both like it and hate it." Michael: "How I feel about you." (Game pauses) Michael: *"... Why'd you pause."*

  • 3:45 That's it... Michael is the main protagonist...

    Marcelo PinheiroMarcelo Pinheiro2 hónapja
    • what name of the game 3:39 that they are playing

      biyyubiyyu2 hónapja
  • 0:51 wuts this song it sounds really familiar

    Rei mendRei mend2 hónapja
    • I wanna say its from Kingdom hearts but dunno the name

      NateO123NateO1232 hónapja
  • bro is fed and lily okay? 1 poop every 2 weeks like what!?

    Tyroney BaloneyTyroney Baloney2 hónapja
  • 0:04 Ah I see dragon ball fighterz Cooler’s theme is used XD

    Hyuga KHyuga K2 hónapja