MINEcraft Adventure with Michael! :D

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will fix michael's mic next time D:
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  • Lily: There are 12 yr olds watching right now. Me: She KNOWS??!?!?!??

    Mohd Nu'man Bin Mohd ZahiriMohd Nu'man Bin Mohd Zahiri11 órája
  • Im 12

    Grayson WaltonGrayson WaltonNapja
  • Cool name is "Mike Oxlong"

    Why ಠ_ಠWhy ಠ_ಠ3 napja
  • guys does anyone know which texture pack,shader, etc she uses in her recent minecraft streams? sorry and thank you so much! :))

    SophiaSophia4 napja
  • 4:02 explains 10:07

    Raymond CerdaRaymond Cerda5 napja

    Rocher DoguilesRocher Doguiles6 napja
  • 0:52 Michael is the 12 year old

    Ashley PerezAshley Perez6 napja
  • what if minecraft

    CorodingCoroding6 napja
  • Lilly u should make temmie a youtube channel it would be so cute

    Brian WhitsonBrian Whitson6 napja
  • Michael: haha what chapter is that☺ Lilly: Chapter of what? Michael:Of your f**king life story i diddent ask for.😎😎😎 Me: thinks of the that one meme when the guys falls back with everyone screaming*

    Elite05DrewElite05Drew8 napja
  • Lily: STOPP! THERE ARE 12 YEAR OLDS WATCHING THIS me: **laughs in 9 year old**

    softttaesoftttae9 napja
  • 11:56 I think the term she’s trying to figure out is cottagecore/fairycore lol-

    Isabel NopeNotGivingThisAwayIsabel NopeNotGivingThisAway10 napja
  • what shaders does she use again?

    Bunnie♡Bunnie♡10 napja

    Ishigami YuIshigami Yu10 napja
  • Lily you can just place bone meal on the ground and there is a possibility for flowers to spawn

    peepeepoopoo28 or chicken noodles 55peepeepoopoo28 or chicken noodles 5512 napja
  • What texture pack is this. It looks rlly cute.

    Imisi ObafisoyeImisi Obafisoye13 napja
    • Nvm I just found it

      Imisi ObafisoyeImisi Obafisoye12 napja
    • Shaders

      TDCTDC12 napja
  • how'd she guess my age-

    Andre AjocAndre Ajoc14 napja
  • I am young I am 12

    Tye PollakTye Pollak14 napja
  • Joining to their call and server is like a dream come true

    John David San luisJohn David San luis16 napja
  • Im 5 years old

    Dylan MaglaoyDylan Maglaoy16 napja
  • Can you guys react to BTS please ☹️☹️

    Benaziar AidilBenaziar Aidil17 napja
  • Is it me or Michael and lily makes me feel human Edit: normal

    Lil.Riceboy. TheGoatLil.Riceboy. TheGoat18 napja
  • Hi

    Prashitha PereraPrashitha Perera18 napja
  • Michael: goes to change his shaders Zombies: ITS FREE REAL ESTATE

    HammarkidsHammarkids18 napja
  • GOD I HATE YVONNE she should’ve left instead of fed.

    TakahashiTakahashi18 napja
    • @TDC Yeah yeah I know what happened But seriously look back on a lot of videos and they seriously don’t even seem to have that much of a friendship with Yovone more than fed Lily even says in a video about how most of them hate your van but she loved fed with the content he gave her so in my opinion it would’ve been better if she had left instead of fed and you don’t have to hate on me for it we can have our own opinion dude.

      TakahashiTakahashi12 napja
    • Please just fucking consider what you just said

      TDCTDC12 napja
  • Lily: They are 12 yr old watching this rn Me: Good thing i am a teenager now.... 😂

    Lumine EditzLumine Editz18 napja
  • She is sooo innocent

    ohmyindians 108ohmyindians 10820 napja
  • How do know my age

    Solomon CameroSolomon Camero20 napja
  • Lily is sooo adorable, love ya girl

    Sia karmaliSia karmali21 napja
  • the house is the village hidden in the flowers

    Josh steinJosh stein21 napja
  • “There are like 12 year olds watching this” Ummmm I’m 10 years old

    Owen VerdibelloOwen Verdibello24 napja
  • im 11 >:0

    josh somthing more somthingjosh somthing more somthing24 napja
  • why michael

    Strike TeamStrike Team25 napja
  • Ree kid

    Paola OrantesPaola Orantes25 napja
  • 你可以给我那个texture pack的link吗?

    snow fox雪狐画渣snow fox雪狐画渣27 napja
  • Omg I spawn at a biom guys omg

    Analie AbelloAnalie Abello27 napja
  • Your house is so pretty

    Melissa RosantMelissa Rosant27 napja
  • Whats the shaders lily uses?

    Verx ArcticVerx Arctic27 napja
  • Lily I’m 8 I’m sorry

    Katelyn_Cookie power Cookie girl CookieeKatelyn_Cookie power Cookie girl Cookiee27 napja
  • 4:33 that had me dead! 😂😂😂

    ItsMeRaZorrrItsMeRaZorrr28 napja
  • 4:34 was so golden

    Retro Vv_Retro Vv_28 napja
  • AHEM* im 14 thank you

    Phoenix XPhoenix XHónapja
  • im 10 years old

    Jarrel Asher QuejadaJarrel Asher QuejadaHónapja
  • Is the shader Lily uses Chocapic?

  • When she say there are 12 year olds watchin. Me being eleven:uuuuuuh

    TF gamerTF gamerHónapja
  • anyone know which VOD is this video?

    Andika SyahputraAndika SyahputraHónapja
  • Haha 10 years old actually

  • I'm 12 :)

    Joel SngJoel SngHónapja

  • 12 yr old watching rn? more like 11 yr old watching rn

    ridiculous inflatable swan thingridiculous inflatable swan thingHónapja
  • More Minecraft videos!!!

    Cora HelsethCora HelsethHónapja
  • What mod is this?

  • Yvonnes the firebender

  • You know when your 12 you see the video already

    Dragn09 -_-Dragn09 -_-Hónapja
  • ;c

  • 0:41 I knew it..

    Top Hat DogeTop Hat DogeHónapja
  • That's interesting

  • This thumbnails are hella cute

  • :^

    Juday QuizonJuday QuizonHónapja
  • Best Couple

    CJ P.CJ P.Hónapja
  • 12? I am 10

    Speedragon CruzSpeedragon CruzHónapja
  • the fact i said yet at the same time as lily talking about michaels of account

    Jason FolkersJason FolkersHónapja
  • You guys should play bed wars in hypixel

  • I wonder what her true voice sounds like

  • im 14 and im fine : )

    Corrupted LinkCorrupted LinkHónapja
  • Uwu

    The Degenerates PodcastThe Degenerates PodcastHónapja
  • Lilly is correct about 12 year olds watching her

    Kat Is not HereKat Is not HereHónapja
  • michael must be good at redstone

    maliza cunananmaliza cunananHónapja
  • LILY WTF YOUR SO CUTE OMG F YEAH AND your house is perfect perfecto mhuam mhuam

    Ricardo GuerraRicardo GuerraHónapja
  • Why u bully me i am twelve -_-

    D A R K V I B E SD A R K V I B E SHónapja
  • 7:33 I'm so glad I'm not the only one who's had to do that....😂😂😂

  • Michael's 22

    XD YTXD YTHónapja
  • Acutely im 11

    Tyrell MitchellTyrell MitchellHónapja
  • 血らア血か 血おっアいの

    Professor XProfessor XHónapja
  • 12 y/o know more then there supposed to know honey😂

  • "Take your time but hurry up"... literally every guy ever

    SA TahaaSA TahaaHónapja
  • 0:41... I ded

    SA TahaaSA TahaaHónapja
  • Lily play dark deception with mykul

  • Oh. It's the fucking- the fucking birds!

    Magic is Me!Magic is Me!Hónapja
  • what are the mobs that u guys use????

    Sir_ BooppySir_ BooppyHónapja
  • Lily: wants trees near her house Me: Destroys a whole oak biome

    Shadow BringerShadow BringerHónapja
  • 0:55 Runescape Karamja Theme song... Only the real ones will remember that😏

  • Me plays minecraft: i need a bunker in my house intruders will come

    mr. sock and friends.mr. sock and friends.Hónapja
  • “There are 12 year olds watching” Me: wait I am not a 12 year old I am mature girl Under 12 that watches the Simpsons

    Greta BergGreta BergHónapja
    • @Sinnister Pleb lmaoo

      a childa childHónapja
    • @a child you heard her

      Sinnister PlebSinnister PlebHónapja
    • uh what

      a childa childHónapja
  • 0:54 Me: HOWWWWWW

    Jam SisonJam SisonHónapja
  • LOL

    Atoool KAtoool KHónapja
  • Yvonne is the wife of ragnaros.

    mobile DotAmobile DotAHónapja
  • Lily: cute and fun being wholesome Mykell: BURN DEATH AAAAAA

    annusian sargentannusian sargentHónapja
  • They are soooooo cute together!

  • Lol “occulent” isn’t a word, it opulent

    Emily CaplanEmily CaplanHónapja
  • minecraft pls

    Benny Alvarez-FloresBenny Alvarez-FloresHónapja
  • what shaders is this again?

  • Toast just coming out of nowhere to demand attention 😂

  • a

  • Your reason to not talk about sex is that there are 12 year olds watching... I don't think you quite know what the twelve year olds of this generation have seen...

  • Funny how she thinks 12 yo don't say s3x

    yeeter27 m8yeeter27 m8Hónapja
  • 4:33 is a mood

  • just found her channel she's so cute 😭 time to binge watch all her content

  • i love how lily has diamond armor but is scared of everything

    Imagine _0Imagine _02 hónapja
  • I love when Michael says a good complex word like opulent and the editor it like oh he said occulent

    joshua rodgersjoshua rodgers2 hónapja