phasmophobia with michael, toast and poki

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friends scared me more than ghosts .w.

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  • Toast muffled scream are the best

    borkbork12 órája

    Drag0n321Drag0n32116 órája
  • Cute Thumbnail

    Abram AguilarAbram AguilarNapja
  • I couldn’t keep a straight face every time they crouched

    RiceWithLowPriceRiceWithLowPrice2 napja
  • This is so chaotic hahahahhaha

    Taehyung KimTaehyung Kim3 napja
  • as a semi pro this was frustrating and funny knowing what they were doing wrong

    Angelic Dragon1990Angelic Dragon19905 napja
  • .

    unknownplauer 306unknownplauer 3066 napja
  • ive never heard toast scream so loud before

    roaneroane7 napja
  • AAAAAAAAA I like the chibisssssssssssssssssss

    Robin Alexi NovionRobin Alexi Novion8 napja
  • whats the ending song i really enjoy it

    weeb shiiweeb shii8 napja
    • Dreamy Night - LilyPichu You can search it in comfi beats (HUworld Channel)

      sashasasha8 napja
  • It's so funny watching them not know the ghost is hunting. They were in so much danger without even knowing.

    spoonsspoons8 napja
  • Don't say the ghosts name when asking a question on the spirit box

    Ben AbramsBen Abrams10 napja

    LaNerdJRLaNerdJR10 napja
  • 4:52 When Lily screamed in terror, a commercial named Eternal Perfume interrupted with relaxing music played.

    Rica MoraRica Mora12 napja
  • No One: Michael: Ghost Box Girl go brrrrrr

    Cina, Andrie Francis B.Cina, Andrie Francis B.12 napja
  • Just gotta day it is soooo adorable when Michael calls Lily Honey💛✨☺️ Like this moment: 2:02 Like:awwwwwwwwwwwwwww

    Meggie_ GMeggie_ G12 napja
  • That scream tho XD.

    CharmCharm14 napja
  • omg michael calling lily honey

    Tatiana MTatiana M14 napja
  • An ad played in the middle of Lily’s scream at 4:51 🤣🤣

    Dr.Doctor 64Dr.Doctor 6415 napja
  • Lily a aint never seen two pretty best friends and lily your the pretty one and mark miller is the other one

    krimsonYT 21krimsonYT 2115 napja
  • *Ghost:* Kill all men! *Me:* _mood_

    Loclyn LaBordeLoclyn LaBorde16 napja
  • Lily, your drawings are so cute!! I love it!

    Stephanie MaStephanie Ma16 napja
  • Omg😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣 whenever lily scream it kills me

    prayden jamesprayden james17 napja
  • Roses are red... Michael in the title... This video is destined to go viral

    JordanJordan17 napja
  • Alternate title "People screaming for 9 minutes and 3 seconds "

    DCLE ProductionsDCLE Productions17 napja
  • lily:AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA youtube: have a video of the new ps5 with new and better graphics

    August BjørnstiAugust Bjørnsti17 napja
  • Listen to corpsehusband x lilypicho agoraphobic dreamy night mashup

    Remember MeRemember Me18 napja
  • Hey Lily, Advance Happy Birthday! 🎂🎉 UwU

    JhnDoaJhnDoa19 napja
  • There's a killer in the floor

    DanizDaniz19 napja
  • I just noticed lily is older than michael, by like a lot

    KazaShi TM *KazaShi TM *19 napja
  • Michael screaming in the background is the beat part no 🧢 7:06

    Chilled RobotChilled Robot19 napja
  • Lily please play raft with Michael

    Muhammad Aiman HaikalMuhammad Aiman Haikal19 napja
  • ight ik lilly is with michael but, lilly and corpse would be cute just saying

    BearVibesBearVibes19 napja
  • Im literaaly covering the screen with my hands and im scared to even watch and im not playing please-

    Pan0daaPan0daa19 napja
  • 3:34 Lily and Poki being british for a few seconds

    UmbralDaydreamUmbralDaydream19 napja
  • This is dreamy night and agoraphobic mix up

    Connor GilbertsonConnor Gilbertson19 napja
  • 1:08 something fed would say 👍

    Crazy RacoonCrazy Racoon19 napja
  • Lily sounds like Louise from Bob's Burgers 😄💕

    Jessica HayesJessica Hayes19 napja
  • 7:06 you can hear Michael screaming lol

    TA1TA119 napja
  • Both toast and Lily's voices are SoOoOo CUTEEEEEE💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗

    eiummi Chaneiummi Chan19 napja
  • As a brit I am very offended 3:35

    TescoMan7TescoMan719 napja
  • Has anyone heard the mashup version of Lilly's dreamy night and corpses agoraphobic? It sounds good but needs refinement😂🔥🔥🔥

    Josh PhillipsJosh Phillips20 napja
  • Any ghosts on the roof?

    Frank JonesFrank Jones20 napja
  • Can I like volunteer as tribute to like help y’all how to play phasmophobia correctly 😂- it’s hilarious but like I wanna help them out on how to understand what to do

    LTGolden_Timer _LTGolden_Timer _20 napja
  • Remember when she was playing melodica ? :{

    Rowan voor de poorteRowan voor de poorte20 napja
  • saying the ghost name will only anger him and he will attack XDD

    filip zíchafilip zícha20 napja
  • They were doing the spy crab from tf2

    Sloth?Sloth?21 napja
  • I wish she can play terraria.

    Isaac heinrich MacapagalIsaac heinrich Macapagal21 napja
  • Play party animals

    Jaciel ManzoJaciel Manzo21 napja
  • Lily's voice reminds me of Marzia's

    Brolandian VikingBrolandian Viking21 napja
  • 4:50 I literally screamed along with lily- IT SCARED ME REAL BAD

    Pyeonpyeon puddingPyeonpyeon pudding21 napja
  • Lily:closes door* Poke:*screams*

    austin Luongaustin Luong21 napja
  • I disliked this video

    max lidstrommax lidstrom21 napja
  • Lily Why arent u Uploading :(?

    JohnJohn21 napja
  • Wait I just realised my name is poki but poki is what I called my pichu in Pokemon when I was 6 so my account is made after that pichu but any way great video

    Poppt1 DancePoppt1 Dance21 napja
  • 4:50: best part

    Mr. CheesyMr. Cheesy21 napja
  • Who's here because of nerdout rap battle.

    Fluttering Sparrow BensonFluttering Sparrow Benson21 napja
  • watch this lily "Corpse Husband X Lilypichu - Agoraphobic Dreamy Night (Mash Up)"

    Matthew JonesMatthew Jones21 napja
  • "marc miller" thought he said mac miller for a sec :(((( rip mac

    prod.aeserexprod.aeserex22 napja
  • You should go read "Down to Earth" on Webtoon I think you'll like it (BTW it's made by Pookie Senpai)

    Inmanx78Inmanx7822 napja
  • Its gonna be lily's birthday soon=) right?

  • Lily when are you gonna bring back the BoingBoing vr lily back hahaha

    SEnPai CoMManDeRSEnPai CoMManDeR22 napja
  • when lights are flicker you know that you have to get dafaq out of there or hide because the ghost be huntin also get EMF readers Ghost Writting book Spirit box also and if the temp. is below 10C Thats the spot you lookin for

    William CustodioWilliam Custodio22 napja
  • Lily how did it feel to chew five gum?

    Meme ManMeme Man22 napja
  • rewatching all of Lily's videos makes me really sad because like I heard anything in 10x the volume and why I did that is because dogs hear 10x as loud as we do...

    StrawberryStrawberry22 napja
  • “He said die that’s not very- that’s not very nice” 😂😂 LMAO

    Seth ESeth E22 napja
  • hello 8 year Old ;) Lilly super cute voice

    Roberts ZonīsRoberts Zonīs22 napja

    SayefxSayefx22 napja
  • I’m kinda new to the fan base but does she have merch? I’d love to buy something :))

    Kay LeeKay Lee23 napja
  • I love the chibis so cuty

    Leo DioLeo Dio23 napja
  • What would happen when she sucks helium?

    Mia CMia C23 napja
  • you commented lol

    not valkyraenot valkyrae23 napja
  • 4:49 “I don’t have a flashlight” EEeH “AHHHH”

    Baby GobblerBaby Gobbler23 napja

    Landon HLandon H23 napja
  • why u not play terraria then make series?? 🤔🤔

    James PaculanJames Paculan23 napja
  • Lily I know it’s wrong to promote and stuff but you need to listen to agoraphobia (by corpse ) x dreamy night ( by you ) pls I just want you to listen to it

    Quincy MintQuincy Mint23 napja

    ケセ岡Jհ3ᴀr7ケセ岡Jհ3ᴀr723 napja
  • i had a dream out of no where so i to share with everybody. SO i had a dream that valkyrae,lily,michael reeves,toast ..came down to where i live and got in a car and circled around the block..and i said hey and they just looked and went away but rae said hi.ALSO they stopped at this one place and i so happen to be there and i saw michael so i said THIS GUY RIGHT HERE hes the best he dosent care what people think and he is the funniest person THEN i also said he had some really squinted eyes so i told him that then he looked at me like wtf is wrong with you. then i woke up ...ANYBODY EXPLAIN THE HELL HAPPENED EDIT: i also watched rae lily michael toast corpse and some that may be why also idk

    TheDeepUnknownTheDeepUnknown23 napja
  • Recreate your gum acting

    Gust MasterGust Master23 napja
  • All of them are level one they don’t know how to play 😅 but it’s funny for new people to get scared and kinda not understanding how the game works even I don’t understand

    Reboot Your ComputerReboot Your Computer23 napja
  • UwU

    WEIRD KIDZ *SLurP*WEIRD KIDZ *SLurP*23 napja
  • 1000th comment pog

    Deacon Blue-AJADeacon Blue-AJA24 napja
  • I clicked faster then flash

    Temuulen EnhbatTemuulen Enhbat24 napja
  • This game is supposed to be a horror game but you guys are just making it.. not very scary

    Soviet DogggoSoviet Dogggo24 napja
  • you make a cute kawaii voice

    Joaquin BesaJoaquin Besa24 napja
  • Lilypichu remember the among us rap battle

    Vince CataquisVince Cataquis24 napja
  • i just saw you in a 5 gum ad

    Jack BMXJack BMX24 napja
  • at the last video i always vibing to ur song ♡ its so cute!

    ꈍᴗꈍ im shyꈍᴗꈍ im shy24 napja
  • Okay I know we've known her for a while but how have yall gotten over her voice??? Its so cuteee

    memeb0123memeb012325 napja
  • How do you feel about Alberts come back

    Joe boJoe bo25 napja
  • I came for the game, stayed for the *Michael calling Lily "Honey"* (2:02)

    Lilly KirkpatrickLilly Kirkpatrick25 napja
  • Me feeling like literally talking on my ear

    Julius NgatiaJulius Ngatia25 napja
  • Lily, if your reading this your a BOOMER

    RiverVman -RiverVman -25 napja
  • When she screamed at 4:54 there was an ad and it was a perfectly cut scream

    NJCNJC25 napja
    • Sorry 4:51

      NJCNJC25 napja
  • First video I watched on your channel, I subbed 😁😁😁😁😁😁

    Pepe the ree boyPepe the ree boy25 napja
  • stfu

    JackanJackan25 napja
  • Hey lily I have a school art project and it’s a portrait and I wanted to draw you and I’m currently crying bc I hate drawing faces. Ik you have art streams but I’m not allowed to have discord or twitch do you have any tips on drawing? Also I love your content keep it up!

    Felicity C. CaswellFelicity C. Caswell25 napja
  • Love ur vids UwU

    Yamete kudasaiYamete kudasai25 napja
  • I heard that wolfychu and you gonna have a v-tuber journey :3

    Slyxy PlyxySlyxy Plyxy25 napja
  • its so funny that right after lily screams it cuts to an ad

    DJWolfie101DJWolfie10125 napja