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  • Few things -i made michael return most of the stuff -I had fun! The complaints about tiktoks were mostly tongue in cheek. We dont rly care tbh, let ppl enjoy what they want -i took the honey sponsorship cos Michael did Kk bye

    LilyPichuLilyPichu8 hónapja
    • ok

      blacie Riceblacie Rice4 napja
    • So basically people from California get annoyed by Florida people for existing Love it

      Mary RiveraMary Rivera5 napja

      John David San luisJohn David San luis7 napja
    • *M O S T*

      Vid.Vid.8 napja
    • U don’t care about TikTokers

      AnimatedminebloxAnimatedmineblox13 napja
  • I love that Michaels voice while in the plane is just nightmare repeating

    Jacob HobbsJacob Hobbs2 órája
  • The sad “why not?” Gets me every time

    YourPalGeorgeYourPalGeorge3 órája
  • did anyone else also notice some undertale songs?

    ian lucianoian luciano8 órája
  • 16:07 awwww -but like spill the tea sis-

    winnie bradfordwinnie bradford11 órája
  • Micheal just stealing shit was sooo funny and tbh I would probably do the same thing

    SilentNinjaJoshu PS4SilentNinjaJoshu PS415 órája
  • Goddamnit that wink waker music near the beginning makes it hard

    epicfriesepicfries16 órája
  • "I'm just trying to get cute footage of fucking teemie" Take that out of context

    Skynx FianderSkynx FianderNapja
  • i thought mykull was in the shower

    Ryan PazRyan PazNapja
  • 13:13 That transition is soooo smooth

  • Lily : walks Mykull : thats mine too

  • Lily at 1:40: I'm just trying to get cute footage of f*ing Temmie Me: You want to do what to your dog?

    Clement LuiClement Lui2 napja
  • 5:39 thought that was tristan jass in the background

    Punchy - OPunchy - O2 napja

  • Legend has it Michel never gave the cup back

    Batboyten nBatboyten n2 napja
  • That sars joke didnt age well

    LaneyLaney3 napja
  • i love how he was saying it had sars right before covid was a thing

    Collin KurznerCollin Kurzner3 napja
  • This vid is sponsored by MIKULS CRACK ADDICTION

    Ragged LionRagged Lion4 napja
  • is it just me or was Larray and Nyia doing a tiktok in the back

    bruh brainzbruh brainz4 napja
  • My dog is a ten month old lab who won’t get off the couch

    BL_ProdigyBL_Prodigy4 napja
  • Imagine, "Mykull" makes a army of robots and weaponize them with tazers, just imagine.

    Zenitsu • GamingZenitsu • Gaming4 napja
  • 12:20 ITS JON REYES

    Jaxon PerryJaxon Perry4 napja
  • "i feel like i'm in another country... like another culture..." I have never been able to describe the feeling i get when I go to playlist until this moment

    SummerTimeSummerTime5 napja
  • 10.20 Stalin in 1945

    ElmoElmo5 napja
  • Michael: your special Lily: tha- Michael: special eddddd.

    Mary RiveraMary Rivera5 napja
  • He didn't put it back

    Sophia LenamingSophia Lenaming6 napja
  • not me knowing all the tik tokers hhahahah

    Katelyn McknightKatelyn Mcknight6 napja
  • Your voice is kinda looks like Wolfychu

    Bimaa Azmii Aldila NajibBimaa Azmii Aldila Najib7 napja
  • Michael and lily are probably the oldest people at the convention despite the fact that they look incredibly underage

    Dolphin lover JotaroDolphin lover Jotaro7 napja
  • Micheal said oh they’re tik toking I wanna kill my self

    Johnathan SturgillJohnathan Sturgill7 napja
  • At 11:41 Michael is wearing the glasses he stole lmao

    Jayce RichardsJayce Richards7 napja
  • Michael: _Shoots nerd gun at Yvonne_ Are you crying now!? Yvonne: No! _Realizes_ YES! YES! Good recover.

    All54321 GamingAll54321 Gaming8 napja
  • Michael is basically all of us mentally And it’s obvious lily is the mom because she forced Michael to return half the junk he took

    DiaKorrus 18DiaKorrus 189 napja
  • Why is lily holding elucidator??

    Wendy JohnsonWendy Johnson9 napja
  • this man was in orlando florida in march? bruh i live there

    Usman KhanUsman Khan9 napja
  • Thank god I’m a weeb and a gamer 10times better than a tiktoker

    Prince Of all saiyan’sPrince Of all saiyan’s9 napja
  • Michael taking those freebies like a true Filipino champ 😂

    neilneil9 napja
  • "don't judge me its 2020" i guess Michael is a physic

    Caleb WebsterCaleb Webster10 napja
  • hehe, micheal reeves - wap

    BentBent10 napja
  • whenever i rewatch this i realize how short we filipinos are

    ツKαкαѕнιSєиѕєιTM HαтαкєツKαкαѕнιSєиѕєιTM Hαтαкє11 napja
  • this was where he got spoon

    Project GeminiProject Gemini11 napja
  • Michale had a salad with tomatoes and we know what Michale doesn't like

    reio paringreio paring11 napja
  • i just watch these and and saw michael get all the freebies to take home and we know that point michael reeves has a blood of filipino

    evan muhievan muhi11 napja
  • Hm.

    Tyler CaiTyler Cai11 napja
  • 8:33 the way he ran to the door😂😂

    Alexander GarciaAlexander Garcia12 napja
  • Michael has balls of steel, steals things, intentionally antagonizes people and goes into place to touch things he shouldn't, all while not giving 2 shits about it

    Bob JoeBob Joe12 napja
  • Sooo who are those underrated tiktokers??

    MaddieMaddie12 napja
  • Again know I’m “late” but I’m watching this for the second time lmao

    CxʀᴘsᴇSᴛᴀɴLᴍᴀᴏCxʀᴘsᴇSᴛᴀɴLᴍᴀᴏ12 napja
  • Plot twist: He never put the cup back

    CxʀᴘsᴇSᴛᴀɴLᴍᴀᴏCxʀᴘsᴇSᴛᴀɴLᴍᴀᴏ12 napja
  • i really think if that control panel wasn't locked he would have re route it to somewhere that's stupid. IDK man that dude is unpredictable XD

    BlueEXE99BlueEXE9913 napja
  • Jesus I wish I had a relationship like micheal and lily.

    Emaad ZaheerEmaad Zaheer13 napja
  • god, rewatchin these vlogs makes me miss traveling which i didn't even do, like ever

    YouTube NameYouTube Name13 napja
  • ok can we agree that Michael and Lily are the BEST couple?

    Alyse AcevedoAlyse Acevedo13 napja
  • somewhere in this convention, there are interns getting pissed off by refilling pen cups

    Kunihiro MakitaKunihiro Makita13 napja
  • Opening random door is so mee. Lol . I always am curious what could be on the other side

    SynonymousSynonymous13 napja
  • go to jupiter in flarion

    kaindra alfarabikaindra alfarabi13 napja
  • I share 3 things with Michael: I have glasses i am a boy and a absolutely hate fucking tik tok

    Antonín KřížAntonín Kříž14 napja
  • Lily "Oh look at all these things" Michael "this is all mine now"

    Will CallahanWill Callahan14 napja
  • When I saw Michael Holding the box cutter at the beginning of the video I thought it was a firearm ngl

    SharkmanEdSharkmanEd14 napja
  • Did Michael get fined 20k or something for all that shit he stole Micheal: "I'm gonna put back" Lies

    Aidcrazy SolAidcrazy Sol14 napja
  • Michael embracing his Filipino side. Taking everything that is offered free.

    Persian StorePersian Store14 napja
  • When she said “I like you” I swear the smile on his face.

    Ramen _the_YumRamen _the_Yum15 napja
  • i can’t believe that there are actual ppl that set up there camera against something in public, step way back to take up as much space as possible, and then do a dance that they didn’t even choreograph ... that’s so embarrassing esp in front of so many people AGHHHH

    grace hopkinsgrace hopkins15 napja
  • "ohh wooooooow!... It's mine now"

  • Omg the nightmares cracked me up so bad

    inez werthinez werth16 napja
  • i feel the same way about florida, bsides disney world that state is trash af

    Brent StevenBrent Steven16 napja
  • Its like watching two gods walk across tiktok hell

    Your mom GamingYour mom Gaming16 napja
  • Its like watching two gods walk across tiktok hell

    Your mom GamingYour mom Gaming16 napja
  • 0:30 if ya wanna skip the sponsor thing

    BlaZeBlaZe17 napja
  • no im gonna put it back ah yes lies and deceit

    oddballanimationsoddballanimations17 napja
  • Haven't thought that there's literally SARS virus, aka the corona ting basically everywhere now, eh?

    ZameDoesWteverZameDoesWtever17 napja
  • 4:57 Michael: "Nice" Also Michael: *sudden realization*

    RJSMRJSM17 napja
  • Lily was trying to show michael's good persona. While he kept it hidden

    patorrissepatorrisse18 napja
  • 1:38 punctuations on subs go a long way.

    Bleep BloopBleep Bloop18 napja
  • did Michael ever put the cup back?

    Amelia HuynhAmelia Huynh18 napja
  • 90% of lilypichu's vlogs footage of temie 10% vlogs

    Zeal Cerge PelagioZeal Cerge Pelagio18 napja
  • But did Michael get his Heelys?

    Gokuss9999Gokuss999919 napja
  • two lovely crackheads and polar temmie

    Ryza MedinaRyza Medina19 napja

    Ryza MedinaRyza Medina19 napja
  • Mykull is actually acting like a filipino

    ArchyDrawnArchyDrawn20 napja
  • look at how careless we where, now it comes back to bight us

    the russian duckthe russian duck20 napja
  • That dog is the cutest dog I've seen all year

    VapidVapid20 napja
  • *Legend has it, Micheal never returned those pens or that cup*

    JustAPistachioJustAPistachio21 napja
  • Yeeeaa undertale music

    HiddeWHiddeW22 napja
  • Wtf hahah opening random doors and steal pens 🖊 and papers haha

    scooby doooscooby dooo22 napja
  • Mikull sees a shoes on the road. That shoes is mine too

    Anita MoktanAnita Moktan22 napja
  • Michael talking about the convention having SARS is very dark but brilliant covid forshadowing

    IcetankerIcetanker23 napja
  • Did he ever buy those heelys tho

    TheWrongKim 21TheWrongKim 2123 napja
  • Temmie = Content

    Respect FishRespect Fish24 napja
  • "Cute footage of f**cking temmie" I'm sorry that sounded so bad.... I wanna die

    iread yaoiiread yaoi24 napja
  • It makes me happy to think that in some poor girls tik tok, mykull and lily are walking by judging the heck out of them.

    Hayden ThompsonHayden Thompson24 napja
  • Tik tokes are a disgusting species

    TriniscaperTriniscaper24 napja
  • sry i joined with mr beast's code lol

    hot savagehot savage24 napja
  • sped hahahaha

    NimbudsNimbuds25 napja
  • “She was like a little heelys fairy!”

    Charlotte RiggsCharlotte Riggs25 napja
  • Wait temmie is a girl confirmed lily herself said she's my dog also said good girl good girl.

    super ducksuper duck26 napja
  • 16:40 whats the name of the background music that's playin?

    song ringsong ring26 napja
  • :)

    ABigLoser •ABigLoser •27 napja
  • What does lily write on the menu?

    Sawyer HaysSawyer Hays28 napja
  • why does he look like harry potter

    julianna wjulianna w28 napja