Rebuilding My Room! Ft. Michael Reeves, Fedmyster and Scarra

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  • 3:16 when the camera got shot the goddamn ad was the afterlife 😂

    S F FS F F4 órája
  • Dang remember when fed Yvonne and poki where all still with otv

    JoelJoel20 órája
  • I laugh every time michael pulls out a power tool

    macro madelinemacro madelineNapja
  • 9:18

    I’m PotatoI’m Potato2 napja

    Sammy HSammy H3 napja
  • michael is going to be a great dad

    NøvaNøva3 napja
  • Goddamnit fed you seem like such A nice guy why did u have to do it man

    Ben GBen G3 napja
  • i could princess carry my mom and i am 13

    MumbaDumbaMumbaDumba4 napja
  • I need something like this. I want someone I can be goody like this. This video made me extremely happy.

    Veera KaipioVeera Kaipio4 napja
  • Michael's hey at the beginning just omfg

    Axel BlazeAxel Blaze5 napja
  • I- Lily its paper ofcourse it's going to break (I'm kidding ur adorable and I love you UwU)

    Misha Chloe PoliquitMisha Chloe Poliquit5 napja
  • 5:50 song?

    Panginoong EdujPanginoong Eduj5 napja
  • Technically Lily could have kept the loft bed by anchoring it to the wall and added pads underneath its legs so it didn't wobble and make it more stable, but the crackhead goblin had better use for it lol

    toenailfungotoenailfungo5 napja
  • We were shot by fed then boom advertise 😂

    Lily NaeLily Nae8 napja
  • the sword kills me

    Caleb HerringCaleb Herring8 napja
  • name of all background music

    Julfukar Ali ZafarJulfukar Ali Zafar8 napja
  • The size of the gun doesn’t matter, it’s the size of the heart what matters most But if you can get a bigger gun go get it

    Jun JunJun Jun9 napja
  • Lily surprise attacks Michael.Michael "CLEAR THE ROOMS FBI OPEN UP

    Will CallahanWill Callahan10 napja
  • omg 4:12 is so cute when they both looked at eachother 😅

    マリイ.マリイ.10 napja
  • 0:33 Lol

    Zianley De LunaZianley De Luna11 napja
  • 9:21 ME! THAT IS 1000000000000000% MEEE!!!!!!😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    White CrownWhite Crown11 napja
  • can we appreciate that the sao music started playing at one point

    Ashley BeachAshley Beach11 napja
  • i like how lily cant pick up michael (a small short skinny Filipino) (im not being mean)

    HeadlesshorsemanHeadlesshorseman12 napja
  • I could really use a bed I have a floor

    Arekkusuz •Arekkusuz •13 napja
  • her jumper explains every thing when the bed frame fell down

    himiko togahimiko toga14 napja
  • michael: *breaks the wood thing* lily: *sobbing* also michael: *comforts lily* *scarra in the back laughing so hard*

    Alexia Mae TornoAlexia Mae Torno14 napja
  • Ahh that bed had bigger plans for life, being the next greatest thing..

    Magic_ Vibes シMagic_ Vibes シ14 napja
  • Dude micheal is the luckiest guy in rhe world no idea how the fuck he is able to dodge all disasters happening to him

    Gravity0PGravity0P15 napja
  • I was literally Scarra at 9:20. Oh my gosh!! 😂🤣

    Jenny LJenny L15 napja
  • this is too wholesome 🥺🥺🥺🥺

    bubububu15 napja
  • I just love how Lily asked and Michael let her princess carry him . I know many man who would've become offended because " it's for girls I'm a MAN"

    So what I was sayingSo what I was saying16 napja
  • could anyone help me try and find a pokimane comment so I can watch people simp for her

    Mr. BirbMr. Birb16 napja
  • awesome

    el_tankesito_arceusel_tankesito_arceus17 napja
  • I love the pikmin 2 background music

    William SeibtWilliam Seibt19 napja
  • Michael is the perfect crazy that lily needs

    Nishtha SagarNishtha Sagar20 napja
  • When she turned the lights red, I instantly assumed she was going for the nerf gun again. XD

    JayHog1992JayHog199220 napja

    maddy baemaddy bae21 napja
  • mykull every time he looks at lily: 😁

    estefany louieestefany louie21 napja
  • Indirect Kiss😜

    MattMatt23 napja
  • the wires are annoying me!

    Microrobot Franco MangilimanMicrorobot Franco Mangiliman23 napja
  • Minus the electrocution, Micheal is a great boyfriend

    Divyanshu SahaDivyanshu Saha25 napja
  • fed was so great.. sad that those things happened. 😔

    Pink Bxnny_Pink Bxnny_25 napja
  • On the death of the loft bed, a prototype robot was born

    emman kunnemman kunn26 napja
  • So this is where Micheal got the wood for the surgery robot prototype

    Ethan MelanoEthan Melano27 napja
  • 0:36 here's ur replay button uwu

    WelpWelp27 napja
  • Watching this makes me feel so single🙂

    Sunshine HobiSunshine Hobi28 napja
  • lily is like Yui from k-on

    Parishmita ParasharParishmita Parashar28 napja
  • Lily so lucky to have michael.

    Marjorie ArabitMarjorie Arabit28 napja
    • Michael so lucky to have lily*

      Tijn GrootTijn Groot23 napja
  • 4:12 look at them their so adorable!!!

    nessukinessuki28 napja
  • anyone know which specific loft bed this is, i really want it :(

    Keziah GaviñoKeziah GaviñoHónapja
  • no we shoot others not ourselves lol im kidding

    cool killer98cool killer98Hónapja
  • I have a loaf bed so yup for me it’s not scary

    24x549 Baby yellow24x549 Baby yellowHónapja
  • seeing this side of michael that isn't entirely just pure chaotic evil, basically when he's around lily, is both terrifying and weirdly wholesome

  • How many nerf guns are in ya’lls offline tv hype house ? This feels like that thing when u count the candys in the jar

    Ines MiklavcicInes MiklavcicHónapja
  • People of the comments section what is the name of the soundtrack at 5:30 ?

    Jave LaurenJave LaurenHónapja
  • lily if your are reading this u are insanely lucky to have someone like michael because he is funny and smart and there are not a lot of those people in this world.

    Gauge Valdez-LugoGauge Valdez-LugoHónapja
  • The bed shakes to much cause the nails sometimes aren’t tightened enough :p

    jacqueline astorgajacqueline astorgaHónapja
  • 4:10 quq

    Ezra !Ezra !Hónapja
  • Love it how michael instantly looked like a husband to lily

    That one missing plane in bermudaThat one missing plane in bermudaHónapja
  • I need to know where she got the lil table I want one

    JDR PhotographyJDR PhotographyHónapja

    Mariana FrancfortMariana FrancfortHónapja
  • Michael has a acne beard.

    Tomoka ChanTomoka ChanHónapja
  • Why do I get hinata from naruto vibes from lily

    Shadow BringerShadow BringerHónapja
  • When lily said Alexa turn lights red my Alexa tried to turn the lights red

    Liam GossettLiam GossettHónapja
  • You turned my lights red too

  • Hope fed gets better and hangs out with them again i would say join offline tv again but i dont think they would

  • 9:25 scarra just losing it is the best

    Ethan ZammitEthan ZammitHónapja
  • so this was the filler part of the surgery robot arc

    Ejac PeanutEjac PeanutHónapja
  • 4:10 my heart melts every fucKING TIME THIS IS SO PRECIOUS

    chloe crywankchloe crywankHónapja
  • This should've been called lily trying to murder Michael for 11 minutes 23 seconds

  • What's the name of the background song at 5:30

    Mark SenasMark SenasHónapja
  • Ew, yucky fed

    Fishy boi of TerrorFishy boi of TerrorHónapja
  • 3:13 😂

    ItalianoDaPizza !ItalianoDaPizza !Hónapja

    Zeph Beatz ProductionZeph Beatz ProductionHónapja
  • Lily: do you wanna dance with me? Mykull: no. Lily: *starts dancing with him* Mykull: I do I do I D O

    Matthew AlexanderMatthew AlexanderHónapja
  • Timestamp 1:00 Lily: uses gun in intended single shot mode Mykull: fucking turns the pistol into a minigun

    ML SquiddoML SquiddoHónapja
  • Hahahahahahaa

    Ayman TomawisAyman TomawisHónapja
  • Hahahahahahaa

    Ayman TomawisAyman TomawisHónapja
  • At 6:31 Was she implying.... wait how would you do it up there? Edit: I just realised why they put the bed down.............

  • Awhhhh, so sad that Lily gets the smallest room and Poki had the gigantic huge room

  • why does mykull always look like the polite cat meme whenever he's smiling

    Laura BalcazarLaura BalcazarHónapja
  • They are literal soulmates that I will never have in my life 🤧

    RA PasambaRA PasambaHónapja
  • I feel like there is way less space but it looks a lot more comfy and soul warming

    Thomas ClarkeThomas ClarkeHónapja
  • Me and the boys: Damn he's strong!

    Kenta NakamuraKenta NakamuraHónapja
  • Watching the mess of wires Lily had down there made me feel less embarrassed about my own mess of wires

    Red LenaiRed LenaiHónapja
  • Its ram the anime girl

    KM LeeKM LeeHónapja
  • She turned my lights in my room red when she said Alexa! lmao

    Emily ReisEmily ReisHónapja

  • Wait isn't that the wood that was used to build the surgery robot ? 🤔

    Abdelrahman TawfikAbdelrahman TawfikHónapja
    • Yup

      Jack BassettJack BassettHónapja
  • 5:29 Undertale game background music

    Sarbaz ZendegiSarbaz ZendegiHónapja
  • I laughed the same way Scarra did when the bed fell. Hahahaha

    Erika Liz P. VillanuevaErika Liz P. VillanuevaHónapja
  • 6:30 whats this music i forgot the name D:

    Pinja LaaksoPinja LaaksoHónapja
  • Please tell me where you got the sao sword.

    Toxic _BowlesToxic _BowlesHónapja
  • dad instincts 9:18

    Nora KNora KHónapja
  • 4:12 kilig ako, tangina XD

    Vice VirtueVice VirtueHónapja
  • Smh Lilly can't even shoot straight what a failure of a son.

    Elijah DageElijah DageHónapja
  • Lily shows ram chibi figure fed it must die where’s the trash

    Broly ParkerBroly ParkerHónapja
  • 5:41 is unveiling the bride

    T PT PHónapja
  • 4:10 my fooking heart

    deez nutzdeez nutzHónapja
  • Is she an artist or something? like all there little cartoons on the screens

    Manzar SahilManzar SahilHónapja