Shadow Lily vs Sir Michael | 1 Million Twitch Followers!

2020.ápr. 5.
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  • Temmie alwas looks so cute in the background even in intense situations like this

    Sidy _to_SpeedySidy _to_Speedy9 órája
  • Its so funny 1:30 when they share one brain cell.

    erich mabaloterich mabalot9 órája
  • ヽ(´益`)ノ

    underageanimefanunderageanimefan12 órája
  • Yasuo: WIN Lux: LOSE

  • when you kill your girlfriend on accident

    Nicolas FelicianoNicolas Feliciano3 napja
  • i half expected THOT! by tokyosrevenge to play in that intro

    RibbityRibbity3 napja
  • See michael aint no lilypichu simp, get dominated lily

    Anon CommenterAnon Commenter5 napja
  • Is temmie even here?

    DiaKorrus 18DiaKorrus 185 napja
  • Lily got jebaited

    halo 5832halo 58327 napja
  • Johnny Vs Funny Valentine, Circa 1890, colorized

    Alyse AcevedoAlyse Acevedo8 napja
  • I just know that michael is an only child

    ellxieellxie8 napja
  • “Ochinchin” XD

    Rito - SanRito - San9 napja
  • *Bonk*

    Guy Eating RamenGuy Eating Ramen9 napja
  • 2:08 he really hit her with a lvl 3 super

    Dorian HamptonDorian Hampton10 napja
  • this is just the right level of weeb

    I love WipesI love Wipes10 napja
  • "Imagine being starved for content when you can just date your content," -Lilypichu 2020 Meanwhile, Michael comes in with cake... (Is this the true side of Lily? Maybe it's Shadow Lily talking)

    just another internet weirdojust another internet weirdo11 napja
  • 3:50 when they hug and their glasses hit😭 If you know you know✊🏽

    AnaAna11 napja
  • the lesson of this is never fight a crackhead

    Not_telling YouNot_telling You11 napja
  • 4:00

    Sniper GamingSniper Gaming11 napja
  • 1:46

    Sniper GamingSniper Gaming11 napja
  • I love how Micheal responds to Lily’s genuine Japanese with the Chin-Chin like from Filthy Frank

    The Greater DaneThe Greater Dane12 napja
  • edited by who ?

    Reediculos - Stream and GameplayReediculos - Stream and Gameplay12 napja
  • 2:19 Michael: I see you're trained in the way of the sword... But you see, the sword isn't actually my weapon of choice! *Pulls out gun*

    Memer of BlavikenMemer of Blaviken12 napja
  • Mykull is using his height to his advantage 😂😂

    ThatOmniPeasant69ThatOmniPeasant6913 napja
  • No mercy. That's *TRUE* gender equality

    Ellis WallaceEllis Wallace14 napja
  • I love how Mykull kept consecutively, simultaneously, continuously attacking her even when Lily already admitted her defeat.

    I have shit on my headI have shit on my head14 napja
  • It's nice seeing Michael care about something else other than proving his fans wrong about their robot ideas being good ideas.

    Trenton PratherTrenton Prather14 napja
  • Where can I get one?

    AesirAesir15 napja
  • Micheal is as short as me, we share tactics

    Peter LivanosPeter Livanos15 napja
  • she actually thought michael would go easy on her

    The Anime BoiThe Anime Boi17 napja
  • Boom 4 minutes of content of Michael beating up lily

    Marcus VMarcus V18 napja
  • When you take all the credit in a school project 2:07

    Kuno KunoKuno Kuno19 napja
  • temmie be like: yep hoomans are idiowts

    Slancer phSlancer ph19 napja
  • This is so funny

    27envy27envy20 napja
  • I just realized that they're doing total breathing concentration from demon slayer on the thumbnail

    Adonis BaruaAdonis Barua20 napja
  • I n t e r e s t i n g

    O9shrimpO9shrimp21 napja
  • *Small goblin backstabs crackhead*

    Laalaa BoyLaalaa Boy21 napja
  • Honestly, watching videos of Lily and Micheal make so happy, it makes me think about all the good times I had in my past relationships

    killerxpvgkillerxpvg22 napja
  • so no ones gonna tallk about that kirito-esque unorthodox slash @ 2:08 ?

    Ta aDTa aD23 napja
  • Michael Reeves looking like a moron

    MTKniteMTKnite24 napja
  • We should draft Michael into the navy seals as a professional goblin fighter

    the Asian yootooberthe Asian yootoober25 napja
  • Michael shows no mercy

    Joey AnimationsJoey Animations27 napja
  • Lily: Korei wa owari da . . . . . . Micheal: Ore wa ochin chin ga daisuke da.HAHAHA

    GOB SlayerGOB Slayer28 napja
  • They call me the cutter 😈

    24x549 Baby yellow24x549 Baby yellow28 napja
  • Mykull is pink guy

    Carlos HernandezCarlos Hernandez28 napja
  • If I can’t sword fight with my bf/gf I don’t want them

    logan8ulogan8u28 napja
  • My biggest takeaway from this video is that michael had buried enough bones to have achieved protect from melee

    Im IrrelevantIm Irrelevant28 napja
  • 1:16 hold up

    Banglos, Heran Jay S.Banglos, Heran Jay S.29 napja
  • 2:05 "Man does a light deflect in real life"

    Ice AnimationsIce AnimationsHónapja
  • Welcome to top 10 Anime Battles

    William LedesmaWilliam LedesmaHónapja
  • Michael 2000 iq strat "going for the legs cause he smol"

  • shadow lilu months before the d&d creation...prophetic!!!

  • Michael was made to be an Artificer

    Anthony LoachAnthony LoachHónapja
  • The actual foreshadowing of li'lu and shadow Li'lu

    a nobodya nobodyHónapja
  • We have learned....... never underestimate the cheese dagger

    Chrisrocks GamesChrisrocks GamesHónapja
  • Crap now I want cake

    Caanon LongCaanon LongHónapja

    sadname07 tsadname07 tHónapja
  • 3:19 new language made by mykull (ANIMENESE)

    TheAnimeTrain YTTheAnimeTrain YTHónapja
  • when u want to lower a pokemon hp to catch it but accidentally crit hit: 3:30

  • michael is just ruthless

    spbid lalspbid lalHónapja
  • We are all children at heart

    Dark ster11Dark ster11Hónapja
  • Sir "goblin" Micheal always goes for the legs

  • He kinda fights like Palpatine...

    Fearless GDFearless GDHónapja

    •Itsuki Senpai••Itsuki Senpai•Hónapja
  • Micheal Reeves is Filipino Kirito

  • Mykull feet 😤

    Duncan BeachDuncan BeachHónapja
  • If this isn’t my relationship, I dont want it

    Emrldmine FEmrldmine FHónapja
  • so epic

    Gunga GodGunga GodHónapja

  • lol protect from melee icon from osrs above michael's head, that's great

    Oway ChanOway ChanHónapja
  • Micheal going for them kneeew lily - stooop Micheal - GIVE ME.THEM KNEEEESSSS

    Zero TwoZero TwoHónapja
  • I want my relationships would be somethig like this 50/50, one 50 it's a pscycopath with murderous rage but sensitive on the inside and the other 50 to be a wholesome and sweet person with rage deep down

    Alex: ArepasandSweringAlex: ArepasandSweringHónapja
  • The final few seconds really represents lily and Michael’s relationship

    The Spanish InquisitionThe Spanish InquisitionHónapja
  • Bonk

    DaBoiDaMan184 ThingsDaBoiDaMan184 ThingsHónapja
  • I love how he references filthy frank

    Snakeninja 21Snakeninja 21Hónapja
  • 1 week later, Michael will secretly put a tazer in it then taze Lily

  • Michaelwent full fucking crab mode 4:05

    that one guy with anxietythat one guy with anxietyHónapja
  • which app does lily use to draw??

  • Does Michael just wake up and just smoke a pound of crack every morning

    Flashplayz 17Flashplayz 17Hónapja
  • This is america mate,sword are "oldschool"

    Kurt Reilley Casimsiman MercadoKurt Reilley Casimsiman MercadoHónapja
  • No one Mukyll: *does orochis zepher strike from for honor* Me: “you know I saw him as more of a berserker main but ok”

    Tyce FreemenTyce FreemenHónapja
  • Yeah sure Lily kore de owatta

    Netryusai Is hereNetryusai Is hereHónapja
  • Lily the lvl 15 Swordsman Vs Michael the lvl 100 Swordsman Seems fair to me

    Oh YeahOh YeahHónapja
  • Lily is that girl who just stands there with the sword cuz shes is too peaceful

    LordShadowSan 123LordShadowSan 123Hónapja
  • gotta make sure the body is really dead

    Dogeasaurus RexDogeasaurus RexHónapja
  • Go for the knees.

    ultimate gamerultimate gamerHónapja
  • Use leslie's vibrator it has better stats. :P

    kent leonhartkent leonhartHónapja
  • you now its a good copula when they back stab echother and now the other is going to also

    ash sikorskiash sikorskiHónapja
  • i love how michael just hit lily in the legs ...for me that's very respectful

    Andrei FulgencioAndrei FulgencioHónapja
  • the young reeves still has the simp power in him

    Jean ZapataJean ZapataHónapja
  • And for Mykull's Final Smash we gave him a gun.

    Gage GravyGage GravyHónapja
  • 3:29 Mykull uses .001% of his power

    U N OU N OHónapja
  • Micheal pulling out PewDiePie's "Swedish Knee Attack"

    90's By Nature90's By NatureHónapja
  • The most powerful move in all history is the Leg attack

    DJ SellesDJ SellesHónapja
  • death

  • 2:17...200 IQ

    Anthony LimAnthony LimHónapja
  • Good job kiddos

    MarkAlexon MirandaMarkAlexon MirandaHónapja
  • I love how mykull randomly just activates a fucking specialty skill

    matthew priepkematthew priepkeHónapja
  • Notice how she plays the fnaf power off sound when she says she can date her content

    BonBunBonnie Studio2BonBunBonnie Studio2Hónapja
  • relationship goals