Smash Bros Drinking Game! Ft. Michael Reeves

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  • i miss march i just feels like every week was every month

    shawn truebloodshawn trueblood8 órája
  • this video saved my mental sickness, its just wholesome

  • 12:00 Is my favorite part Lily: * Falls into Michael's hamburger * Michael: ᵁʰ... ᵒʰ ⁿᵒ... ᵘʰ

  • I find it funny that Michael uses the preset OKAY smash tag because my brother does as well and they have the same energy

    Mr. Bones Tf2Mr. Bones Tf2Napja
  • If they break up .............AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAahhhhhhhhhgghg

    Jaden VoJaden Vo2 napja
  • Me at the start: well this aint gon end well. me at the end: why and how tf is Michael a wholesome boyfriend and a parent

    Jude_3245addme AkaDoYouAreHaveStupidJude_3245addme AkaDoYouAreHaveStupid2 napja
  • She is so drunk bro 🤣

    C.J.LC.J.L2 napja
  • michael did the serious lean in at one point.

    Kappa KappaKappa Kappa2 napja
  • Michael face when mayonnaise got in her hair

    blubintinblubintin2 napja
  • They are such a cute couple!!!

    lucial olealucial olea3 napja
  • Ronaldeevs McMichaelnalds I have sinned lord

    Cyan gaeCyan gae3 napja
  • This video is Mykull beating the shit out of lily

    D is NinjaD is Ninja4 napja
  • Michael is even a psycopath when he plays smash

    stubbyunicornstubbyunicorn4 napja
  • I want what they have so badly...

    HydrostingHydrosting4 napja
  • Lily is trying to make Micheal suck in gaming by intoxication

    Rhys De GuzmanRhys De Guzman4 napja
  • Lilly is literally the cutest drunk🤣

    Chris CigarroaChris Cigarroa4 napja
  • i like the comment by estavel24 content has arrived

    jayr stephen cabulangjayr stephen cabulang4 napja
  • Michael got drunk and became civilized while lily is white girl wasted complaining about cheese land

    All Might 191All Might 1915 napja
  • _Hey watch this vedio and try not to smile..._ If u don't smile.... *U HAVE NO SOUL*

    AvôcadoAvôcado8 napja
  • Micheal as a falcon main should check little zs vid on him. I personally use falcon and roy so i hate pikachu. But i love to play as him.

    Zac EllisZac Ellis8 napja
  • holy shit this was 8 months ago

    kaan tekelikaan tekeli8 napja
  • Where can I find the full stteam?

    Ti blαͷkTi blαͷk9 napja
  • Ganodolf is the worst of movement but he’s strong as hell and take more damge

    Lewd IcyLewd Icy9 napja
  • wow, u was so drunk, didnt u realized at that point?xd btw. michael and u look so cute together. uwu

    Szegedi ÁkosSzegedi Ákos9 napja
  • lily is actually fukkin drunk here HAHAHAHA

    Kira GrimesKira Grimes9 napja

    Student Diego JamesStudent Diego James10 napja
  • as a single this video becomes more and more painfull to watch with every second, jeez those two are so fucking cute together and jeez i am lonely.

    SwizzerSwizzer10 napja
  • Lily got drunk drunk from two shots new record

    Coco Chanel:D No mater whatCoco Chanel:D No mater what11 napja
  • What is the music in the background when they’re eating??

    Weird GhostWeird Ghost11 napja
  • 12:00-12:10 is adorable

    Will ZillWill Zill12 napja
  • Michael is just more responsible when drunk because it makes you relax and he is high strung

    Gold TimeGold Time12 napja
  • Lily you look and act like my ex gf We lasted 2 weeks

    Vlad MarcusVlad Marcus12 napja
  • thar kiss at 6:46 made my heart melt

    Nevin LimNevin Lim12 napja
  • aaaaaaand I wish i was already in college.

    BurlapRabbit515BurlapRabbit51513 napja
  • "McMayonaise"

    Kyle NewlandKyle Newland13 napja
  • Oww Man, it's too much loovveee!! My bf acts the same with me when I'm drunk and it's even funnier because I'm bigger than my bf so he tries to stop a fucking storm with his hands hahaha z

    Shar ÁvilaShar Ávila13 napja
  • Gotta love being sober when you're drunk

    KamronO the firstKamronO the first13 napja
  • EXPAND ME ヽ(´益`)ノ Kappa

    MoogprodigyMoogprodigy13 napja
  • why did michael barely get drunk but lil gets 2 wins and is wasted

    Sanctuary GuardianSanctuary Guardian14 napja
  • does micheal not know that ganon is a reskin of falcon

    Grassy traderGrassy trader14 napja
  • And return of the crack king🤣🤣

    Bruh Moment :PBruh Moment :P14 napja
  • Lily:"I'm not drunk" she said as she was wasted

    Luca-Emil BoeriuLuca-Emil Boeriu14 napja
  • "I wanna go to cheese land!" Ah, you want come to Wisconsin. She is a woman of culture.

    Kypli 1Kypli 115 napja
  • Michael is drunk in his brain,thats why he plays better

    Tara ArchdaleTara Archdale15 napja
  • Alcohol doesn't even affect Michel

    MaRiA EsCaMiLlaMaRiA EsCaMiLla16 napja
  • Temmie is so cute 🥺

    jamiejamie16 napja
  • They look REALLY Good with each other, i wish i have that kind of relationship :DD

    CrumBleCrumBle16 napja
  • 12:00 [Everyone Liked That]

    Maria MolinaMaria Molina16 napja
  • The little head kiss on 6:46 is everything this man so inlove

    Insane SquishInsane Squish17 napja
  • 11:36 Sunshine, and buterflys...

    Dxreck 112Dxreck 11217 napja
  • is lily competitive or an alcoholic

    beagle manbeagle man17 napja
    • Probably a little of each

      beagle manbeagle man17 napja
    • Competitive :)

      j u s t p e a c h y.j u s t p e a c h y.17 napja
  • I feel like a lv.9 bot at smash(no offense)

    Shakib GamietShakib Gamiet17 napja
  • Why does this make me look good when I play

    Lil_walking_dumpling LLil_walking_dumpling L17 napja
  • they r so cute together

    Ryan’s XboxRyan’s Xbox18 napja
  • “ *I just want to go to cheeseland siejsndjskwisoso* “

    Floof PancakesFloof Pancakes18 napja
  • It’s so cute how much they love each other 😂

    Elena SierraElena Sierra18 napja
  • Bro at 12:02 michaels face told a whole ass story

    ghgdgghgdg18 napja
  • 10:08 Michael: Ahh yes Me:Yes indeed Micheal 👁️👄👁️

    DræyDræy19 napja
  • 8:11 damn no i want more >:(

    galaxygalaxy19 napja
  • im not drunk. lily: *hugs mykull* I WANNA GO TO CHEESE LANDDD :C

    Ryza MedinaRyza Medina19 napja
  • fuuuun

    Campbell FordCampbell Ford20 napja
  • I feel drunk after watching this

    Useless_Idiot129Useless_Idiot12920 napja
  • Did you know that Drunk thoughts are sober thoughts?

    WingzWingz20 napja
  • shut up boomer

    smugumin doesn't caresmugumin doesn't care21 napja
  • 12:00 it's the way he rushing for tissues for her hair for me 🥺

    SaloniSaloni21 napja
  • Who else went BRAZIL at 7-1

    Tangerine ShoesTangerine Shoes21 napja
  • I bet your not going to pin this... See

    Marme BaharierMarme Baharier21 napja
  • I love it how micheal goes like no bad bad to lily when she drinks more alcohol

    Property of AlexProperty of Alex22 napja
  • dafaq

    Juan Pablo OropezaJuan Pablo Oropeza22 napja
  • Lily is more drunk then Michael

    FlamelesSoulFlamelesSoul22 napja
  • Micheal is like a parent and Lily is like a child

    Dolimi ChanDolimi Chan22 napja
  • I love this

    mystery manmystery man23 napja
  • They need to get together

    Max SprattMax Spratt23 napja

    someone that is perhaps your teachersomeone that is perhaps your teacher23 napja
  • 2:55 GOT THAT THO

    BOMBZBOMBZ23 napja
  • 12:12 he wants it for himself

    ChaBoyBlueChaBoyBlue24 napja
  • aahahahhhahhahhahhahahahha she was deffently drunk

    ElleElle24 napja
  • my favorite is ganondorf too!

    J BrunerJ Bruner24 napja
  • wtfn happened in the end

    ONG MING TECK 6C-2021ONG MING TECK 6C-202124 napja
  • Michael acts like a concerned parent when Lily has alcohol

    Weeaboo DegenerateWeeaboo Degenerate25 napja
  • I like how Michael is a funny little bastard man but then tries his best to take care of Lily, pretty cute

    ToasterToaster25 napja
  • Nothing excessive is happening mister Twitch, please no ban.

    HeliusHelius25 napja
  • Lily you weren't at your full power you were using pikachu and not pichu

    CrankCrank25 napja
  • The song Tommy has is in the end

    Carl Alexis SantiagoCarl Alexis Santiago25 napja
  • BREAKING NEWS: Local couple beats each other while getting drunk

    Ragged LionRagged Lion27 napja
  • *when drunk* Michael Is *Chaotic Neutral* and Lily Is just *Chaotic good*

    Hyuuna &RyuunaHyuuna &Ryuuna27 napja
  • She laughs so much that it makes me drunk!

    Kanna The FBI AgentKanna The FBI Agent27 napja
  • how is Michael more sober than lily tf

    beansbeans27 napja
  • I swear Michael put steroids in that drink.

    ThechadThechad28 napja
  • I love how Micheal is stopping Lily from drinking more it's soooooo sweet ❤️

    Kira TaftKira Taft28 napja
  • I like how Lily just took 2 sip and already smashed while Michael is still vibing Cocain is a powerful energy

    Storm BlazeStorm Blaze28 napja
  • Michael: its 20 2.0 its- its- its its- Lilypichu: u havin a fuckin sei-

    Rafael PlayzRafael Playz28 napja
  • I feel like the game would had been more fun if it was drinking when you lose. So you can flex being so good that you go sober. XD

    JayHog1992JayHog199229 napja
  • Jokes aside, Michael's falcon kinda clean 😁👌

    Anonymous AsianAnonymous Asian29 napja
  • Whats the music in the background when they was eating McDonald's somebody tell me please lol

    Aj ThomasAj Thomas29 napja
    • @Little Winge lol france what whats the name and producer of this music please

      Aj ThomasAj Thomas22 napja
    • France

      Little WingeLittle Winge28 napja
  • You know what smash there really playing 😏

    SpydermonkiezSpydermonkiez29 napja
  • damn im am so lonely

  • I think I can beat him. Anyone else?

    beef jakeybeef jakeyHónapja
  • 10:12 im dirty.

    Tu NguyenTu NguyenHónapja
  • Can he change his channel name to Mc Reeves...

    Sa NguyenSa NguyenHónapja