the offlinetv mafia

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the best ships are friendships

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  • I want smol doggo

    SchrolnortSchrolnort58 perccel
  • Brodin goes straight for the front, my type of guy, hella cute but fuckin fearless

    T.B ComicsT.B ComicsÓrája
  • 4:27 Could somebody tell where this moment is in an unedited uncut version?

    FatiTank DrawingsFatiTank Drawings2 órája
  • To start a religion, you need at least three people, there's three people in camera, therefore you are a religion.

    ʕ•́ᴥ•̀ʔ Pastel Smoothie Bear ʕ•́ᴥ•̀ʔʕ•́ᴥ•̀ʔ Pastel Smoothie Bear ʕ•́ᴥ•̀ʔ5 órája
  • Give sykkuno a fry but make sure we get our cut first.

    Daniel HerreraDaniel Herrera5 órája
  • Can you make more MINECRAFT vids I love them

    Bubba llBubba ll9 órája
  • Michael, #1 crackhead.

    50NiC50NiC9 órája
  • I like then Fed friend leaked everything

    Lil WaeLil Wae13 órája
  • And corpse??

    Ariana LopezAriana Lopez17 órája
  • capo means boss in italian.....

    Jediah GlennJediah Glenn17 órája
    • Right

      PxndaPlaysPxndaPlays14 órája
  • I honestly love when Lily and Toast stream together, I always laugh so hard!!! 😂😂😂

    Patricia EPatricia E18 órája
  • "oh wow an apple slice". Someone give this man some food.

    Jessica HallJessica Hall18 órája
  • The way Scarra stands at the door in like a T-pose XD

    Jayden CopeJayden Cope22 órája
  • It took me 6 minutes to realize this wasn’t about the game mafia 😑.

    Alexa DennisAlexa DennisNapja
  • I love it

    Death StructorDeath StructorNapja
  • Bruhh how is michael nice???

    Death StructorDeath StructorNapja
  • Ngl, I feel like I've read a fanfic about this. I can't remember where but I kinda wanna re read it again.

    Lezah NosisLezah NosisNapja

    rafflesia_flower LOLrafflesia_flower LOLNapja
  • There's Don Scarra, Boss Toast and Lily the Comfy Queen. Then there's people like Brodin...

    rafflesia_flower LOLrafflesia_flower LOLNapja

    Maegan GatchalianMaegan GatchalianNapja
  • So no ones gonna talk about how they broke a $70000 robot dog in less then a month of having it?

    Jake ParnellJake ParnellNapja
  • クレイジー

    Mujahid AhmadMujahid AhmadNapja
  • “Why is there a crippled robot dog outside?” I died at this and this was what woke everyone up

  • Lily and Toast pretty much act like me and my brother 😂

    SnowFox 2074SnowFox 2074Napja
  • OTV Definitive Edition

  • Hy guys

    Pusat VideoPusat VideoNapja
  • you should put the robot dog in rice.

    Very LokiVery LokiNapja
  • 100k down the drain

    Alen ChazAlen ChazNapja
  • 6:17 Toast is saying DON COGLIONE and in italian it literally means Don Dick hahahahaha Who tf taught him that

    Bonnie's ChannelBonnie's ChannelNapja
    • @Kenji Asakura ohh that would make a lot more sense hahahaha thanks

      Bonnie's ChannelBonnie's ChannelNapja
    • I'm pretty sure he meant Corleone

      Kenji AsakuraKenji AsakuraNapja
  • Willie I like nice guys also Lily dates most insane person in the household

    Bob RobBob RobNapja
  • Destroys the careers of anybody who gets in the way should have gone to poki

    Adriel LausbergAdriel LausbergNapja
  • I once’s had my robot dog drown on accident, but it wasn’t a robot and I did it on purpose.

  • Squ drew a picture of you, Lily :3

    Gentleman EggGentleman EggNapja
  • Turtle sould be under Michael

    You BenjaminYou BenjaminNapja
  • This is so funny af!

    SJH RM1SJH RM1Napja
  • Corpse face reveal

    Mamun HussainMamun HussainNapja
  • Lily Toast and Scarra always make the best content when they are together. I'm glad that Fed is not here anymore because he used to always ruin the moment.

  • what a beautiful writing toast has.

    Tugsbat DagvadorjTugsbat Dagvadorj2 napja
  • the arts are soooooo cute i made them my phone background

    ali mohammadzadeali mohammadzade2 napja
  • Lily u have to hear this song with u and corpse by dan pratama he put ur songs together he put agrophobic and dreamy nights together

    Icy PopIcy Pop2 napja
  • i stopped watching otv for like two months and toast got twice as hot how did he accomplish this

    GhostGhost2 napja
  • Should’ve got that robot dog Warranty

    64bitpug64bitpug2 napja
  • Plis History the anime expo 2019 -LilyPichu and John Wick plis

    Dark CrashDark Crash2 napja
  • I thought this was going to be a game of mafia, but this is so much better lmaoooo

    Vihaan AmbreVihaan Ambre2 napja
  • how tf do they have so many friends!?

    Ava AmarAva Amar2 napja
  • Toast and Lily:SYKUNO!!! My eardrums: ;-;

    ••Toasty ••••Toasty ••2 napja
  • "Teme" means Basterd ;(

    Kãterina BowersKãterina Bowers2 napja
  • Oh my god!

    Kãterina BowersKãterina Bowers2 napja
  • I have neither a defined jawline, nor a defined personality.

    Zenith TechZenith Tech2 napja
  • nobody simps for scarra in the top lieutenant tree tbh i think they put scarra as the don because he's the person that didn:t get as much fan mails or like the other good things the other offline tv get from fan mails or like dms.

    Raymond LinRaymond Lin2 napja
  • *i liked the don above the capos and capos above the other capos then it got too cRAEzy-*

    officxl softiofficxl softi2 napja
  • the ending song brings me so much serotonin omg i love it so much. i need it in like a 10 hour loop t-t

    Caroline HolmesCaroline Holmes2 napja
  • Ngl i fell in love with brodin in this vid 😂

    not julianot julia2 napja
  • Ngl brodin is the cutest thing ever!!!!

    Alice FayAlice Fay2 napja
  • toast is just a walking content

    andre varianandre varian3 napja
  • Toast thinking about how they would work if they were in the mafia is such a mood

    Sófis !Sófis !3 napja
  • R.I.P ROBO DOGO is big sad

    8B18 S.marvel8B18 S.marvel3 napja
  • im on lily

    frey lagsfrey lags3 napja

    Cyrel CorsunadoCyrel Corsunado3 napja
  • Soo this how comfy cartel was born

    Cyrel CorsunadoCyrel Corsunado3 napja
  • i can't read the title for rae and sykkuno... they are #1 what?

    Shio OfficialShio Official3 napja
  • Is toast and lily together or michael and lily cuz im confused

    Mark - The - SpiderMark - The - Spider3 napja
  • poggers dreamy night

    crowncrown3 napja
  • Is scarra balding?

    Angels GrimAngels Grim3 napja
  • am is it me or is micheal 23 and lily 29 shocking i look at it as micheal older jesus

    ricardo josephricardo joseph3 napja
  • I know you do a among us song

    Slendy TubbiesSlendy Tubbies3 napja
  • This would be an amazing mafia anime

    DBDeanDBDean3 napja
  • y’all voted off fed but he wasn’t the imposter :(

    lucifers basementlucifers basement3 napja
    • @Sleeping Insomnia facts lol

      lucifers basementlucifers basementNapja
    • he did admit to the allegations against him if I recall just we have two imposters him and poki

      Sleeping InsomniaSleeping Insomnia2 napja
  • U missed out Leslie and Brodin as Capos :(

    MAXY_ FTWMAXY_ FTW3 napja
  • Is syykuno part of the team? Just wondering

    monstarr .xmonstarr .x3 napja
    • No , he just lives with them but he’s not part of offlineTV

      MairaniMairani3 napja
  • toast lily scarra sykunno brodin yvonne micheal = thank you

    RalphRalph3 napja
  • Petition to make michael the executioner/torturer

    Some random CatSome random Cat3 napja
  • Who thought this was a game of Mafia from the thumbnail?

    hoy plushoy plus3 napja
  • Ummm toast.. isn't mkbhd the number 1 tech HUworldr?

    Casey ColeCasey Cole4 napja
  • i died when toast asked if this was to dangoures LMAO its to funny

    Luzide 812Luzide 8124 napja
  • Toast seems to be a big fan of The GodFather

    shidshid4 napja
  • Don Scarra = Don Pedro any Filipino fan like if your a fill

    Zj GamerZj Gamer4 napja
  • What do they go live on?????

    Krystin SheakleyKrystin Sheakley4 napja
  • What's the title of the end song plass

  • Toast is literally content

    Dark ShadowDark Shadow4 napja
  • 5:58

    Menelik The FirstMenelik The First4 napja
  • Once upon a time their lived a NINJA named SYKKUNO. He was a great NINJA who could shoot LAZARBEAM. He fell in love with a girl named VALKYRAE. He used to DREAM of her. VALKYRAE's sister POKIMANE was always jealous of her. So one day she DISGUISED TOAST as CHOCOTACO, poisoned it and gave it to SYKKUNO. As soon as he ate it he turned into a CORPSE. His CORPSE was placed inside a SHROUD. All the villagers were sad. They came to his funeral. People like JACKSEPTICEYE, LOGIC and MR.BEAST were there too. A few days later a LILY bloomed on his SHROUD. THE END

    JT 19JT 194 napja
  • The edits, the laughs, the plans, accents, the people, the drawings and everything is so cuteeeee!

    Aian .MAian .M4 napja
  • What position would Corpse have? Certainly a General of some kind!

    Matias YancyMatias Yancy4 napja
  • With all this mafia stuff i kinda wanna rewatch bungou stray dogs

    Daniel MassonDaniel Masson4 napja
  • Do you think how long people will come to this channel?

    Fadh FadhlullahFadh Fadhlullah4 napja
  • This greatly cheered me up

    Breanna EnnisBreanna Ennis4 napja
  • I just love lilypichu content is so wholesome, funny and enjoyable

    Renford MooreRenford Moore4 napja
  • it's a maffia that is a church to the government.. stellaris subversive cult intensifies. PRAISE THE MACHINE GOD!

    LokrohkLokrohk4 napja
  • at 3:28 - 3:43 he really did a pokimane to lily

    peepypeepy4 napja
  • Multi-level marketing

    An Le HoangAn Le Hoang4 napja
  • They should start a cartoon or anime called the comfy cartel THAT WOULD BE AWSOME

    • We have to start a Kickstarter for that now 😂

      SnowFox 2074SnowFox 2074Napja
    • That would be actually a good moneymaking endeavour

      MercenaryMercenary2 napja
  • poki is liar.

    Akib LimAkib Lim4 napja
  • watching scarra laugh so hard is like watching my uncle laugh 😂

    mogumogu4 napja
  • RIP Fed

    OriginalKarasuOriginalKarasu4 napja
  • Toast has the most powerful forces just because sykkumo is under him

    Just Some Random fellowJust Some Random fellow5 napja
  • 4:56 Comrade Toast.

    Adwitiyo RahaAdwitiyo Raha5 napja
  • Lily be like : "for legal reasons we were joking."

    Some Random WeebSome Random Weeb5 napja

    Callop2Callop25 napja
  • .

    luna Nightingaleluna Nightingale5 napja