VISAGE! Playing a Horror Game with Michael Reeves

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**warning headphone users** gets LOUD sometimes
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  • 20:43 your welcome

    pumpkinpumpkin10 órája
  • What was on the multiple paintings

    Shane RShane RNapja
  • horror

    pat kellpat kell2 napja
  • Basically Among Us when the impostor Turns Lights off

    W MW M3 napja
  • POV: you’re reading the comments for safety

    Lieke JoostingLieke Joosting3 napja
  • I wish I could play a horror game with my girlfriend, but I don’t got non. Words of Sykkuno, girls aren’t attracted to me

    LifegoatLifegoat4 napja
  • You already know making the transition into the game menu scared them

    Skyzon CloncluxingSkyzon Cloncluxing4 napja
  • its ok guys come down to the comments you will be fine

    Rhyley JRhyley J4 napja
  • No one is home besides my dog...I might have to go to a friends house

    Always RelicAlways Relic5 napja
  • 14:14

    Gabriella Santos-AyalaGabriella Santos-Ayala5 napja
  • “Please give me my sanity back” -Michael Reeves 2020

    Vid.Vid.5 napja
  • The while game is soO dark I see my horrible face on my phone screen 👁️👄👁️

    Lajibolala _Lajibolala _6 napja
  • such a cute couple :3

    Nom Nom CreationzNom Nom Creationz6 napja
  • Me realizing the temmie speack fuck meme is from lily

    Yeet Master 64Yeet Master 647 napja

    Shane RShane R7 napja
  • when the one of the mirrors in the circle broke i screamed "CHAMBER OF SECRETS"

    Sammy HSammy H8 napja
  • Michael Reeves gets scared and becomes a fucking drug dealer.

    5tomp5tomp8 napja
  • Wait if Michael is extremely angry with us posting bad robot ideas in his comment section *We Post In Lily’s*

    MHAfanNiko 7MHAfanNiko 78 napja
  • who the hell hides in the comments when you re used to haunted situations

    Alex PilotinAlex Pilotin8 napja
  • Wait does this have jumpscares? Or is it just them screaming?

    Misha Chloe PoliquitMisha Chloe Poliquit9 napja
  • 0:00 um chile-

    internet clowninternet clown9 napja
  • 21:39 jump scare

    Ciara AdelineCiara Adeline9 napja
  • There’s no need to worry

    Elijah Joshua Sta. MariaElijah Joshua Sta. Maria9 napja
  • Good news 2020 is almost over

    Elijah Joshua Sta. MariaElijah Joshua Sta. Maria9 napja
  • At the rate that Mykull is taking those percs, hes gonna end up like Juice wrld lol

    kwolakwola10 napja
  • Michael bully’s lily all the time but when she’s drunk he’s so cute with her 🥰

    Ally RoseAlly Rose10 napja
  • Is it weird that even though I watch a horror lets play video but I still get diabetes

    Yuuki HarutoYuuki Haruto10 napja
  • I want to see them play outlast

    Eeveecookie121Eeveecookie12111 napja
  • 25:48 someone really put sex in chat wtf

    Oliver EyeOliver Eye11 napja
  • Das Das was 😟 and his son of sir sir and a a man 👨 who had to die and was 😟 to his life as the head coach coach in the new world 🌎 and his team of all good 😌 to his career and was 😟 to be honest about how the squad squad is being held 🦸‍♂️ by his teammates to Germany 🇩🇪 in a way of of winning streak with with that same year and and win over to a single match for that tournament that is is now in north east and south south of the country in the first round in a a series against the other team that had to play the world 🌎 cup in a few days in a series against a two point victory ✌🏽 by an international goal 🥅 to be held held 🦸‍♂️ the last three years after that this time of a new era was 😟 to win a second in a a second straight defeat by a second second place 🥈 on Sunday k

    sepnu 420sepnu 42011 napja
  • 5:29 Isn't that the Gordon Ramsay sound effect?

    ThePoshBoy 1ThePoshBoy 112 napja
  • *Michael Comes in* Michael:Are you Winning lily? Lily:*looking at reddit* Michael:Lily....

    PlastiKNoobPlastiKNoob12 napja
  • Why did I watch it this at 3:00 I am so dumb

    ed6arito Lasted6arito Last12 napja
  • You and Michael was made to be together

    Renford MooreRenford Moore12 napja
  • The most horrifying thing is that this game changed. I watched too many playthroughs of this when it came out, the game has legit changed. 😨

    o0Avalon0oo0Avalon0o12 napja
  • I’m legit wearing headphones

    Baotien NguyenBaotien Nguyen13 napja
  • Why am I remembering lon lon ranch?

    6wr6th66wr6th613 napja
  • Michael "come on we have to go forward sometime" Lily NNNNNNNNUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU IIIFFF III STAY HERERE THEY CAN'T HURT ME

    Will CallahanWill Callahan13 napja
  • im watching this now and i just realized that this was uploaded on my 17 birthday

    Lara AliyahLara Aliyah14 napja
  • Michael and lily are the cutest couple

    Hunter AbbottHunter Abbott14 napja

    potato headpotato head14 napja
  • 7 ADS?

    LIthaleright1 ʕ•ᴥ•ʔLIthaleright1 ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ14 napja
  • They’re so adorable together. Like c’mon this is like when the chaotic friend gets a girlfriend and they are cute together cuz they’re both chaotic.

    Ramen _the_YumRamen _the_Yum15 napja
  • What is Michael calling his medicine? perks percs? Can someone help me understand what it means. i can not find proper definition in the internet? ;c

    mblel bmblel b16 napja
    • Perc -(slang) Percocet, especially when used as a recreational drug. Oxycodone/paracetamol, sold under the brand name Percocet among others, is a combination of the opioid oxycodone with paracetamol, used to treat moderate to severe short-term pain. -Wikipedia

      IndomitableIndomitable16 napja
  • who knew i would be so happy to see an ad

    PoorGnat3341PoorGnat334117 napja
  • I have 2x speed on, Low graphics light mode Nothing can go wrong

    Help i gt scaammed send hrlpHelp i gt scaammed send hrlp17 napja
  • Me watching it in full screen

    Arekkusuz •Arekkusuz •17 napja
  • so everyone is just gonna ignore the reddit post at the beginning of the video?

    ChokoBrownieBearChokoBrownieBear17 napja
  • I just noticed how we’re all third wheeling

    Renee wangRenee wang18 napja
  • What is with the comedic timing of ads these days, as soon reechu screams *boom* comes in an ad

    Hannes KasmanHannes Kasman18 napja
  • 21:37 MY SOUL LEFT MY BODY!!!!!!!!!!

    Tzuyu's sticker note bookTzuyu's sticker note book18 napja
  • don't starve together

    brute truckbrute truck18 napja
  • guy gets shot content

    TheGannahGannahTheGannahGannah19 napja
  • my god, why am i watching this at 3:35am- literally!! it’s that time in the PH

    a cool namea cool name21 napja
  • The ship :3 Edit:has been broken with this game

    Irma GonzalezIrma Gonzalez23 napja
  • This chick sounds like a cartoon character & while the only experience i have ever had with Michael Reeves is him absolutely slaughtering a watermelon on the 10 Minute Power Hour, he's pretty okay. Minus chicken wing breath ?

    Danielle HollisDanielle Hollis23 napja
  • This is the first lily's video I've ever watched because there's michael in it

    BotHusks _NotBotHuskBotHusks _NotBotHusk24 napja
  • Is so freaking cute when lily scared she hug to micheal arm🤣🤣🤣

    Frake 2Frake 225 napja
  • it wasnt a ligjt

    bopity boopbopity boop25 napja
  • Lol when Michael takes some pills he just starts running straight into the dark

    RJSMRJSM25 napja
  • this is cute cause you can tell lily actually cares about him

    QauticQautic28 napja
  • *watches in the toilet, alone, at night*

    gloria rexanaliegloria rexanalie28 napja
  • This is why I was scared of mirrors as a kid.

    FruitieBeeFruitieBee29 napja
  • Lily's singing honestly adds to the creepy vibes later into the game lmao XDDD Michael, in a trembling, terrified voice, "sorry you're f*cking LEAVING?? 8]]]]]" this is all adorable. and also yes i'm hiding in the comments with a tiny popup video lmao

  • The ad fucking scared the shit out of me 🤣

    Kirigaya KazutoKirigaya KazutoHónapja
  • ヽ ( ´ 益 ` ) ノ

    grace Empressgrace EmpressHónapja
  • I love how chat's just chanting "CONTENT" once Michael arrives

    Adrian AletaAdrian AletaHónapja
  • Found you two by accident. Love it ever since. Stay happy and prosper cotton candy girl and diabolical science boy

    Dato daisukeDato daisukeHónapja
  • I’ve never laughed so hard at 9:30 😭😭

    Renee OmwengaRenee OmwengaHónapja
  • Can anyone put timestamp of jumpecares. Atleast I can get ready before anything happens.

    I drink waterI drink waterHónapja
  • Can we talk about how “the we all fall down” part was perfectly timed with the mirror falling down

  • I came to comments hoping someone made a list of jump-scares w timestamps.

    æ Ææ ÆHónapja
  • Kawaii

    Kido SoundzKido SoundzHónapja
  • wait who's the harry potter?

  • Are they dating

    Cosmic Drew1xCosmic Drew1xHónapja
  • Wierdly enough i am thankful for the day micheal lost it it just made him funnier

    Puffer SaurusPuffer SaurusHónapja
  • Thank God for ad breaks

    luke millluke millHónapja
  • Man, maaaaan, you can really see they like each other so much ;____; so good feels man

    Jamie FilmsJamie FilmsHónapja
  • 20:43 ohhhhhh tip toe through the window by the window

    Hybrid_ TryhardsHybrid_ TryhardsHónapja
  • Everytime I see Fed's name, see Fed, or there's any reference to him I just D:

  • "Why are you pressing f?" *"Pay respects"* YOU HEARD THE MAN F F F F F F

    Qtaro KujoQtaro KujoHónapja
  • lily humming Pan's lullaby made it so much more creepier

  • wait whats the song at the very beginning-

    Penny LeahPenny LeahHónapja
  • when he got in the washing machine i thought someone was gonna pull a step to on him

    Maybe HaydenMaybe HaydenHónapja
  • You know how Michael entered the room just standing there with a drink, thats how I greet my brothers; Walk into the room, stand there and stare into their souls while holding apple juice

    Zoe PapanikolopoulosZoe PapanikolopoulosHónapja
  • The start when the tripod fell omg lol

    24x549 Baby yellow24x549 Baby yellowHónapja
  • people who can't smile when lily and Michael are together aren't human

  • Michael:” it’s just a bunch of ones and zeros” me : ThOSe ArE SoME ScARy OnEs AnD ZeRoS

    Elite VoyagerElite VoyagerHónapja
  • F

    Ash _FireAsh _FireHónapja
  • me forgetting to watch a horror movie before 3am: oh shittttt me just thinking.. eh i'll watch this is a fUnDgInG horror movie and it's almost 12am and i don't even know what the hell im doing im doing reading comments and liking my own comment bc no will and yea no shit i'll stop talking | v that is my own like

    Marvin TavarezMarvin TavarezHónapja
  • 4:18 light bulb is so scary

  • if you whant a horror game go to a us school but you might get shoot

    progameing stuffprogameing stuffHónapja

    Waterman GoodmanWaterman GoodmanHónapja
  • this is such an awesome video!

    Mia BrackettMia BrackettHónapja

  • dont lie you are reading this

    Jake OmbrosaJake OmbrosaHónapja
  • Ghost: appears. Michael: Pulls out taser. Ghost: Disappears.

    Tommy HoughtonTommy HoughtonHónapja
  • Michael nothing can hurt me also michael AAAAAAAAAAA

  • Me: watches beginning and reads description saying warning for headphone user Also me: tries turning my headset down until it's too late

    Logan does nothingLogan does nothingHónapja
  • lily out here soundin like the anime mc's childhood friend confessing after 4 years

    Xenon SolXenon SolHónapja