WE DID EACH OTHERS MAKEUP! - Ft. Michael Reeves & DisguisedToast

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  • Dude said he can feel electric magnetic because he feels the brush on his face I’m litterly the same but with razors

    Bob ?Bob ?10 órája
  • 9:15 how tf does he know about this?😂😂😂😂

    BNBN12 órája
  • Lily’s first mistake : She looked for Live Action Atla

    Wewan Ya BoiWewan Ya Boi12 órája
  • 10:20 Why does he kinda look like young Ellen Page?

    Dragon FlierDragon FlierNapja
  • 1:08 If anyone's going to edit a video or interested in the sound, the sound's from L4D2

  • Michael is so in love with Lily its ADORABLE

    Kay OfficialKay Official2 napja
  • If my boyfriend won’t let me do this to him I don’t want him

    Stampyfingers 4Stampyfingers 42 napja
  • I love how some of the music sounds like the music from inuyasha.....cuz i think/know it is

    Lily YukimuraLily Yukimura2 napja
  • I'm pretty sure none of the BTS boys look like that

    Hermione GrangerHermione Granger2 napja
  • Micheals head this video ➡️⬅️↙️↘️⬇️⬆️◀️🔼↙️↘️↗️⬆️⬇️➡️⬅️↘️↙️⬆️⬇️↖️

    TrashYT GachaTrashYT Gacha3 napja
  • she should of taped his eyebrows up

    a trash can UwUa trash can UwU3 napja
  • nightmare nightmare nightmare.

    C25 PlayzC25 Playz3 napja
  • I can’t believe she ever let him touch that pat magrath eyeshadow pallet 👁👄👁 it’s like 200$

    Elio SkullsElio Skulls3 napja
  • Is micheal or lily army is that why he makes those jokes 💜😂?

    Abigail PonceAbigail Ponce3 napja
  • YIP YIP Temmie

    Very LokiVery Loki4 napja
  • I love the fact that toast just came by to check and leaves the room with an arrow drawn on his head

    KreyMGKreyMG5 napja
  • 8:55 DaVinky?????

    Irene J.Irene J.6 napja
  • Michael’s human aura was going off the whole time😂

    Tristan GoellerTristan Goeller7 napja
  • I'm a simple man I see toast and Micheal in one video and I click

    Zephaniah AnwarZephaniah Anwar7 napja
  • i knew he was doing itachi loterally at 8:35

    Usman KhanUsman Khan7 napja
  • Beautiful!!, also Lily is pretty good looking too

    Daniel MassonDaniel Masson8 napja
  • When michael wear the jacket I just think of star wars

    Steven Ilya SuprayogaSteven Ilya Suprayoga9 napja
  • 9:01 Michael: It's perfehhhhecckkkkkshuuhhhhnnn

    Saloni SrivastavaSaloni Srivastava9 napja
  • Why tf is goron city theme playing?!

    Zac EllisZac Ellis9 napja
  • Lily: Oh sh*t, F*ck, oh sh*t, F*ck f*ck Michael: Oh yes! Oh yes! Yes! Yes!

    LeychieLeychie9 napja
  • This is random but I wish I could do lily make up and just send her so many make up cause if she loves that pallets shade I have many to give her 😱🥰

    Rosa MendozaRosa Mendoza10 napja
  • *"Do you have a blue marker"* Famous last words before chaos started all around his head

    RamunelonRamunelon10 napja
  • 11:13 got me dead

    Ew I Saw A MirrorEw I Saw A Mirror11 napja
  • 11:18 Toast's Face!!! Also, they should have walked around the house and face call their friends to see their reactions! I would like to see Scarra's reaction the most!

    Chrysan themumChrysan themum11 napja
  • When you curse in front of a 3y.o. 5:00

    Elyza LanggaminElyza Langgamin11 napja
  • when she laughed from doing his eyeliner she sounded like Yandere Chan/Ayano Aishi from Yandere Simulator

    Kiwi GachaKiwi Gacha11 napja
  • 8:51 "Ore wa ochinchin ga daisuki dayo" 😂

    Sonny FabundiaSonny Fabundia11 napja
  • I'm gonna die, Im still watching lily apply his eyeliner

    AmberLeigh FinniganAmberLeigh Finnigan12 napja
  • Toast: ( comes in looking like mr clean ) lily: i shal turn you into a LEGEND michael: CRACKHEAD CRACKEAD CRACKHEAD CRACKHEAD here toast have some Toast again: (goes out looking like disguised aang )

    Maria MolinaMaria Molina12 napja
  • It was fun watching this again til he started talking about kpop

    CxʀᴘsᴇSᴛᴀɴLᴍᴀᴏCxʀᴘsᴇSᴛᴀɴLᴍᴀᴏ12 napja
  • The Goron city bgm is vibing

    That one child dealerThat one child dealer12 napja
  • Not gonna lie but at 3:17 a ad came when micheal opened his eyes that I wanna die , I have no choice but to die it was a Indian series trailer I think😂

  • I kinda think Michael is secretly a bts stan- 👀

    of course im a joke lolof course im a joke lol13 napja
  • This was so cute! Thank you, Lily, you are amazing~ Thank you for the amazing content 🌟 (and Micheal and Toast to for such a good customers)

    Tria MelliniaTria Mellinia14 napja

    potato headpotato head14 napja
  • Micheal reminds me soooooooo much of Julien Solamita (of how ever you spell his name)

    Just an eJust an e14 napja
  • 1:11 yOuR a wiZaRD haRRy

    Yori’s SushiYori’s Sushi14 napja
  • Is that a B - T - S - ?

    Jimin’s Lost JamsJimin’s Lost Jams15 napja
  • michael lowkey looks like kun (wayv) 👁👄👁

    julsjuls15 napja
  • When Michael talks about BTS I think awrrrgh BTS has a true identity luv Michael and lily

    Aakriti Manandhar 7 NGAakriti Manandhar 7 NG15 napja
  • The things toast does for content

    Akshat ChadhaAkshat Chadha15 napja
  • "Like one of those deer girls" You have been banned by ferociouslysteph

    IlIll IlIlIlIlIll IlIlIl16 napja
  • I watched this at 3am and I'm dying laughing and trying to not wake up my mom!!!!!!!

    King RaidKing Raid16 napja
  • Toast is so kind. He always agrees to stuff as long as the OTV members can use it as content. XD

    Lee KuruzawaLee Kuruzawa16 napja
  • Michael lowkey an army guys

    Nathaly KimNathaly Kim17 napja
  • micheal says BTS a lot and I can't blame him

    RNARNA17 napja
  • The "want to buy some kpop figures" killed me 😂

    MaRiA EsCaMiLlaMaRiA EsCaMiLla17 napja
  • I think my favorite part is that Lily will constantly tell him to do things that he’s already doing- like the constant “chill chill chill”

    Scarlett BrinkleyScarlett Brinkley18 napja
  • 5:19 I was sleeping and the laugh woke me up and scared the shit outta me

    bb321 victorbb321 victor18 napja
  • “He was her queen and god forbid anyone hurt her queen”

    DrFr0styDrFr0sty18 napja
  • Temmie is just looking at them like👁️👄👁️.

    han leehan lee19 napja
  • I LOVE THIS OMG when michael brought up BTS i died!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    sky diamondgirlsky diamondgirl19 napja
  • 6:24 michael knows the bts' members names oof hes an army lol i didnt expect them to be mentioned here

    민윤기민윤기19 napja
  • 9:45 temmy my god

    Jose JaviJose Javi19 napja
  • They really now how to place an ad looks like michael had ptsd of the cold war

    coolhandmickey tggcoolhandmickey tgg20 napja
  • In the thumbnail I honestly thought that it was noshinoya 😂

    Hridyani KashyapHridyani Kashyap21 napja
  • Mo mo wait yip yip

    Ifran EshanIfran Eshan22 napja
  • Poor toast, not every battle can be won 😔

    FudgeFudge22 napja
  • Watching this while doing my makeup lol

    Aleesa BarkerAleesa Barker22 napja
  • 8:51 someone call papa franku

    JoMimosaJoMimosa23 napja
  • Content u want(っ˘̩╭╮˘̩)っ

    Sam-KunSam-Kun23 napja
  • 11:18 that face killed me😂😂😂

    Kate SealKate Seal23 napja
  • Poor our toast. He just wanna borrow a blue marker

    Hey NaylouHey Naylou23 napja
  • 9:27 i wheezed...help😂

    hapy blephapy blep24 napja

    ysaysa24 napja
  • we stan micheal for slaughtering toxic masculinity

    xpeachyboixpeachyboi24 napja
  • anime mykull

    YalwenYalwen25 napja
  • My generation 😂😂😂 I'm so proud of you!😂😂😂❤

    SoCalSafSoCalSaf25 napja
  • For someone who makes so many jokes about kpop. How the fuck does he know so much about BTS?

    Sarah H.Sarah H.26 napja
  • What you don't want to hear when someone's doing your makeup: "oh shit, shitshitshit-"

    Stephani SamaniegoStephani Samaniego26 napja
  • Michael legit looks like the annabelle movie doll

    It's Not TennisballIt's Not Tennisball26 napja
  • 10:35 Michael looks like Shayne Topp from Smosh Pit!!!

    HARAぜつぼHARAぜつぼ27 napja
  • bruh, that ain't Joker, that's ✨Hisoka Morrow✨

    felix's ramenfelix's ramen27 napja
  • i live to hear lily swearing

    redlentel soupmixredlentel soupmix27 napja
  • Michael Reeves looks oddly like Tom Holland combined with Harry Potter on crack

    FoxfiaaFoxfiaa28 napja
    • makes sense somehow-

      Aditi SAditi S9 napja
    • LMAOOO

      Saloni SrivastavaSaloni Srivastava9 napja
  • Chin chin: 8:50

    Arsen DemydenkoArsen Demydenko28 napja
  • is the music goron city from zelda

    big boibig boi29 napja
  • i probably love more this avatar then the movie so you did a goood job

    FurybananaFurybanana29 napja
  • Is nobody gonna talk about how temmie was in the mirror near the start

    Insecure WierdoInsecure Wierdo29 napja
  • The only internet couple I care about 😍 o God they are so freaking cute wtf

    Anushka BhardwajAnushka Bhardwaj29 napja
  • He said true she wouldn't talk to him if he wasn't a content for stream

    хочу пельменьхочу пельмень29 napja
  • 5:41 Byakugan!!!

  • Michael teasing Lily on BTS’ military- AHAHAHHAHAH HUHUHUHUHU

    Soapy RozSoapy RozHónapja

    Soapy RozSoapy RozHónapja
    • Michael will finally look like his idols BTS JIMIN and JOHN COOK

      Grace BbafnGrace Bbafn5 napja
  • The avatar movie sucks We have the perfect series and then the movie

  • does anyone know the song that plays in the beginning?

  • I think the only time bts wore red lipstick like that was when they smeared it all over their face after they won an award 😂


    Chesca Blythe De JesusChesca Blythe De JesusHónapja
  • 8:52 Franku reference!

    Rituraj HalderRituraj HalderHónapja
  • I only read "we did each other*

    Luis SilvaLuis SilvaHónapja
  • 2:44 when you walk into a room and forget what you wanted to do

    Salty DawgSalty DawgHónapja
  • Hahahahahha i loved this video so much hahahaha

    Joe AzziJoe AzziHónapja
  • Michael's threatening stance at the door

    Sebastião MendonçaSebastião MendonçaHónapja
  • michael: bts jimin bts rm bts v *pause* me: *deep breathe* o..kay *smile* *play*

    Nathalie ChiuNathalie ChiuHónapja
  • Plot twist Micheal is the one who does lily's makeup everyday

    Corezon YtCorezon YtHónapja