we paid money to smash random things - Ft. Valkyrae, Fedmyster & Sykkuno

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smashing things and eating with friends
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  • Watching this currently I keep wondering why they aren't wearing masks. then I remember that the pandemic didn't always exist.

    TenroTenro7 órája
  • Sykkuno putting his hands in his pockets is such an aesthetic

    rosie beerosie bee2 napja
  • sykkuno looks so different! (not in a bad way)

    uwuxcrossinguwuxcrossing4 napja
  • Sykkuno’s left handed like me 🥺❤️

    Niamh GibbonsNiamh Gibbons4 napja
  • I was today years old when I found out Sykkuno is left handed

    Silv3rMeiliSilv3rMeili4 napja
  • you can use this if you need to take out ur anger...

    virthentvirthent5 napja
  • I HEAR BTS SONG "IDOL" IN THE BACK ROUND IM FANGIRLING RN when Sykkuno was showing the moneyy

    Anushkha DeonathAnushkha Deonath5 napja
  • Someone just stole your video Lily:(

    AngelAngel5 napja
  • 5:10 Llmfaooo😂😂😂😂😂

    Black D.Black D.5 napja
  • watching Lily trying to break things is the most hilarious thing ever !!

    g33k0-83g33k0-836 napja
  • If lily made appliances you can break it with a single punch

    Kotaro KashimaKotaro Kashima6 napja
  • Awww sykunno is so shy ☺️

    Silent MoonsSilent Moons8 napja
  • 9:01, Lily: this is good content Me: Oh you have no idea what content is yet.

    RiboneRibone8 napja
  • i like the jojo music

    Alex StănescuAlex Stănescu8 napja
  • Me after playing lol: 4:35

    ImBoredOutOfMyMindImBoredOutOfMyMind8 napja
  • 4:41 I know it's probably awkward because Fed, but the sounds of destruction + Kirby's dreamland theme is freaking hilarious to me XD

    LilianaeLilianae9 napja
  • I still hate fed he's a perv...

    obt.Koneruツobt.Koneruツ9 napja
  • God Sykkunos hair defo got an upgrade

    Nikkaela Loves FrenchfriesNikkaela Loves Frenchfries9 napja
  • 3:28 4:28 jojo References

    Juliais_coolJuliais_cool10 napja
  • He looks so pale and dry here loll (not hating on him he's still cute here and i love him sm) He had a great glowup :D

    Czervy UwuuCzervy Uwuu10 napja
    • He has skin allergies but it got a lot better recently

      HaneulsjamsHaneulsjams7 napja
  • haha lily is cuteness overload haha, I wonder who lily is off camera though

    Anon CommenterAnon Commenter10 napja
  • 5:09 is just the cutest XD

    Alyss ParonableAlyss Paronable10 napja
  • Please do this again with mykull that will be fun.

    6wr6th66wr6th611 napja
  • i know its content but is it just me tearing up seeing them hitting the printer and microwave that didn't even did anything wrong-

    spicymiloospicymiloo12 napja
    • But the thing is it's a rage room their supposed to smash thing and the printer don't work so nobody would normally have a use for it

      Erick SanchezErick Sanchez6 napja
  • sykkunos hands are so....nice.... they would look so great in my-

    Alana M.Alana M.12 napja
    • Pocket! Yes, pocket not anything else!

      Oliver EyeOliver Eye11 napja
  • Wow sykunno look...... Different

    the gamerthe gamer13 napja
  • My god! Reading all the comments about Sykkuno's appearance, I thought he'd be completely unrecognizable but it just looks like he got a better hairstyle now, filled in eyebrows, and lighter skin. Nothing extreme. No need to leave rude comments.

    henjiinhenjiin13 napja
  • Remember when Unus Annus did this? I do...

    The Idiot Cow GuyThe Idiot Cow Guy13 napja
    • memento mori

      ThatOnePersonWhoEatsCheeseThatOnePersonWhoEatsCheese12 napja
  • That was sykkuno's first insta post he looks sun burnt

    Wahi Wahi wahohoWahi Wahi wahoho15 napja
  • FED! Yay.

    GAMER64TGAMER64T15 napja
  • Woah Sykkuno looks really *woah*

    British YoutuberBritish Youtuber15 napja
  • Every time lily throws a bottle the edge hits

    Licht OTKLicht OTK15 napja
  • My favorite part was the jojo music 😎

    Sugar_ nutzSugar_ nutz16 napja
  • Im gonna tell mikull.

    Caylo BandCaylo Band16 napja
  • 0:31 pewdiepie

    gerardus wgerardus w16 napja
  • Sykunno's face

    NMNNMN16 napja
  • 안녕하세요 릴리 저는 당신의 비디오를 좋아합니다! 당신은 항상 내 하루를 만들고 결코 실패하지 않을 것입니다 ❤️

    WolfyFimoWolfyFimo17 napja

    rose lineda st aubinrose lineda st aubin17 napja
  • Sykkuno had the biggest glow up how-

    marimari17 napja
  • 6:18 ....well that didnt age well

    iT'z_VoRT3x™iT'z_VoRT3x™17 napja
  • SYKKUNO'S HAIR adasdsfsdgdsbgb cv

    The Annoying PeanutThe Annoying Peanut17 napja
  • Aww short hair syk also i kno this vids a year old but i really need thos dumplings like stat

    lizzylizardkinglizzylizardking18 napja
  • I have never seen someone struggle so much to break a glass bottle...

    Ananya GargAnanya Garg18 napja
  • Is Lily and sykunno siblings?

    Kristoffe FrianezaKristoffe Frianeza19 napja
  • I’m so used to hearing the song when they were at the crepe store being a song for a sponsor from alpharad.

    Christian QuintoChristian Quinto20 napja
  • Wtf happened to Sykunno

    Anmol GuptaAnmol Gupta20 napja
    • @priimcry yes

      cetlucecetluce14 napja
    • @cetluce really?

      priimcrypriimcry14 napja
    • he used to have cancer

      cetlucecetluce19 napja
  • I just saw dis in the oder channel but.. 1:00 Sykkuno 😂😂😂😂

    Deborah HlychhoDeborah Hlychho21 napja
  • So this is where, Rae and Sykunno actually first met.

    Ruselle AplacadorRuselle Aplacador22 napja
  • Woah... no wonder Sykkuno always say that he's not good looking. He looked like a starving man. Now he looks like an anime boy.

    HTETHTET23 napja
  • That aint no sykunno

    Uzay ÜnlüUzay Ünlü24 napja
  • sykkuno then and him now is crazy

    Holm_ NielsenHolm_ Nielsen25 napja
  • rae struggling with chopsticks was adorable 😆 the 3 together really radiate wholesomeness

    AyanamiRei5kyuAyanamiRei5kyu27 napja
  • Great anger management please :3

    Co0kies :〉Co0kies :〉29 napja
  • I want them to remake these videos without fed

    Ember D&TEmber D&T29 napja
  • sigh.. i miss fed

    XaylnXayln29 napja
  • Sykkuno looked like that last year... hmm I would not have been a simp

    Gucci_gangerGucci_ganger29 napja
    • thats kinda mean..

      priimcrypriimcry14 napja
  • 1:08 Idol by BTS?

    Mohd. Haider KhalidMohd. Haider Khalid29 napja
  • "Wait that's so tiny" - Things heared in Fed's bedroom

    LilaFabiCHLilaFabiCH29 napja
  • Ive never seen rae and sykkuno so close 9:23

    Joy GalmeJoy GalmeHónapja
  • Keep in mind, this was the first time Rae and Sykkuno had met in person. The natural chemistry is insane, and Lily is like friendship third wheeling on the other side of the table bahhaha

  • That’s the creme brûlée I’ve cream she showed mykull 🥺

    The Q Crew KThe Q Crew KHónapja
  • UnusAnnus UnusAnnusUnusAnnusUnusAnnus!!!!

  • ... never before have i wanted to punch someone in the face... these signs man

    Rajeev ChoudhariRajeev ChoudhariHónapja
    • @PΣПGЦIП 1 just because nothing happened yet doesn’t mean there can’t be signs. the way he was talking and acting definitely hints at the kind of inappropriate behavior he has exhibited

    • You're dumb there was no signs nothing happen between them at this point

      PΣПGЦIП 1PΣПGЦIП 1Hónapja
  • Sykkuno:I can't believe it's working Valkyrae:wow!thank you senpai

    Lara Faith R. PolicarpioLara Faith R. PolicarpioHónapja
  • What's the song at 8:17?

    Hunter GrayHunter GrayHónapja
  • What's the song at 8:17?

    Hunter GrayHunter GrayHónapja
  • Sykkuno look so different here

    Anonymous PKAnonymous PKHónapja
  • Someone:Glass bottles are fragile be careful Lily:*throws the bottle but it bounce* Also Lily:IS FAKEEEEEEEEE

    Omgtuyf 121Omgtuyf 121Hónapja
  • how tf did sykkuno de-age 20 years from then to now?

    Jake XieJake XieHónapja
  • rae to sykkuno a year ago: "thank you senpai" rae to sykkuno now: "fuck you" "i hate him" "goddamnit sykkuno"

  • During the dinner time, the thing that I was annoyed about is that the chopsticks were crossing

    Remus LimRemus LimHónapja
  • This video has confirmed that Sykkuno has been trolling Rae at least a year 8:40

    JA'mhar ComenaJA'mhar ComenaHónapja
  • Sykunno looks so different in this video

    • Yeah i think its the hair and his eyebrows

  • What if theree was a room full of things thata only seem breakable, but UNBReakAblE

  • Umm sykkuno has like no eye brows wtf

    Gabby WebbGabby WebbHónapja
    • ah yes very polite of you. He fills them in now, if that’s what you’re wondering.

      Nedd BearNedd Bear7 napja
  • Sykkuno's a leftie?

    Ahgase LoveloopAhgase LoveloopHónapja
  • I miss fed

    • me too. but he changed, for the worse

  • Shorthairkunno is bad, lol

  • Sykkuno looks so different lol

    Xeno AndroidXeno AndroidHónapja
  • Sykkuno used to look very....... Different.

    godzillafan 1954godzillafan 1954Hónapja
  • 2019 Rae: “Thank you senpai” 2020 Sykkuno: “You’re welcome, M’lady.”

    • M’lady

      briannabrianna4 napja
    • Mc'lady

      Maple OfficalMaple Offical6 napja
    • 6 3 6

      Cookie PoofsCookie Poofs6 napja
    • M'LADY

      _prasannasp__prasannasp_6 napja
    • M’lady

      Party ShowParty Show6 napja
  • That’s Sykkuno!!?!?!?!?!?!??! He looks so different now!

    Ian RobledoIan RobledoHónapja
  • Young Syykuno

    Daniel BuenafeDaniel BuenafeHónapja
  • both of their voices are so soothing omg

    asian blobasian blobHónapja
  • Offline TV should go to a mirror maze!!

    Shadow StarxXShadow StarxXHónapja
  • Is that zuko? Lolll

    Diggle BickDiggle BickHónapja
  • that moment that you go to a rage room to break stuff with the intent to release stress and anger, but you cant break anything so it just adds to your anger...

  • 3:28 hehehe I smell jo jo what did you say about my hair

  • I wish i could smash some stuff... Smash Albert thats what im talking about.. AND SMASH THE LIKE BUTTON :3

    • FlowerBo •• FlowerBo •Hónapja
  • Raekkuno

    Elijah OgleElijah OgleHónapja
  • I kinda wanna believe they have cameras in there to look at people try to break stuff lol

  • 2:26

  • 1:05 idol in the background 🎵

    sam with luvsam with luvHónapja
  • Sykunno has so much confidence now!!!

    Abhishek AgravatAbhishek AgravatHónapja
  • This video will be so much content if michael reeves is here and toast too this will be so good fuckin video and funny too

    Lady Bug and Chat NoirLady Bug and Chat NoirHónapja
  • 5:11 just admmit it Ur too cute for this world 5:13 nvm (0_0)

    Agastya kathadAgastya kathadHónapja
  • Rae: Thank you senpai! Sykkuno liked that.

  • this was 11 months ago so im guessing sykkuno's hair is real

    Kurt DomingoKurt DomingoHónapja
  • I would break everything even the walls

    Chris FilChris FilHónapja
  • how tf can a glass bottle bounce and a mirror bend when you try to hit and smash them HAHAHA

    The_39th_ SeraphimThe_39th_ SeraphimHónapja