WE'RE DATING NOW, RIGHT?! Ft. Michael Reeves - Road Trip | Crunchyroll Awards

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  • : Toast hey guys welcome to lily's vlog! : Lily just do the outro just do the outro!

    Erik HuberErik Huber6 órája
  • You guys met Xavier woods!!!

    Berserker RiderBerserker Rider16 órája
  • When you notice this isn't offline tv and it's lily pichu's vlog

    Xx_Vaughn _xXXx_Vaughn _xXNapja

  • you failed to go in that door passage like doing card swipe

    shadowshadow2 napja
  • Me first time watching lily:..... Is that Daniel Radcliffe's son??

    peppa dogpeppa dog3 napja
  • yo wtf i screamed so hard when michael held lily’s hands IM IN MY ONLINE CLASS GODDAMNIT

    stankyfishstankyfish3 napja
  • I saw connor and screamed 😭😭

    GhirgaGutsGhirgaGuts3 napja
  • The card swipe in among us 0:31

    Maddysims ; /Maddysims ; /3 napja
  • Does anyone thing that Michael reeves looks so much like daniel radcliff

    にのまえあはとにのまえあはと3 napja
  • The Future Has Past

    GooseAtIKEA The Time LordGooseAtIKEA The Time Lord4 napja
  • Yo was that Connor next to Lily?!

    Ft_DragneelFt_Dragneel4 napja
  • I feel like in San Francisco a lot of people smoke weed

    Japple The bestJapple The best5 napja
  • is this real lily"s channel

  • me just enjoying binge-watching lilys content out of nowhere: cdawgva shows up 0.0 (7:27)

    faithfaith6 napja
  • 4:33: It's says "you're not a librarian" in the subtitles, but she's clearly saying "Liberian".

    lynthlynth6 napja
  • Fuck finally someone gets how to eat bread properly!

    Ivan PopovIvan Popov6 napja
    • Wow your weird 😂

      YES HAWYES HAW3 napja
  • This is relationship goals

    The Nerdy ChickenThe Nerdy Chicken6 napja
  • Ive lived in SF for most of my life, and I never knew that there was a Twitch building here.

    SDMIII :SDMIII :7 napja
  • 7:04 omg hi connor

    dino armsdino arms7 napja
  • How did I not know they were dating until today. I am dum

  • yes some good vlog content yes

    Ikhwan 3560Ikhwan 35609 napja
  • The cardswipe following Lily from among us to irl XD

    Mystic Leo 14Mystic Leo 149 napja
  • 4:49

    Dylan ComilangDylan Comilang10 napja
  • This is basically the "Weeb Awards" and i support.

    Kennedy AlgieriKennedy Algieri10 napja
  • The true way to win a girl's heart taze them until they can't say no anymore

    RitualGibbonRitualGibbon10 napja
  • i realize looking back i see tina a lot more

    N8than8aN8than8a10 napja
  • Lily: oh my god I’ve never seen so much beef- I mean cow before

    Kelsey BarcialKelsey Barcial11 napja
  • 8:33 was that tina???

    ShikioujiShikiouji11 napja

    francis idenburg-liufrancis idenburg-liu11 napja
  • 1:00 Michel first person (Skyrim view)

    denise cintrondenise cintron11 napja
  • Man I can never look at fed the same

    Brandon BikesBrandon Bikes11 napja
  • I love Austin Creed, he is my favourite human being in the world, i want to meet him someday

    theGLaDPokesuperfantheGLaDPokesuperfan11 napja
  • Do you mind if iiiii steal ya dog ma'am Pat pat a little suvanya can I steal her from youuuuu

    ExoticSimpExoticSimp11 napja
  • I love michaels smile so much AHHAHAHAH it's so CUTEEE😭😂🥺🥴💗

    GabrielleXOXOGabrielleXOXO11 napja
  • Lily: circling and talking non-stop Yvonne: LET ME ADMIRE YOOOOU! 😂

    anne dlaanne dla12 napja
  • Who was the host of the awards? Was it Xavier Woods from WWE?!

    Josué GamaJosué Gama12 napja
  • Lily: Oh this is really pretty!!! Michael: *points camera at lily*

    hi hihi hi12 napja
  • Lily is so cuteeeeeeee

    lil flowlil flow12 napja
  • cool

    A1D4NA1D4N12 napja
  • I just realized this is just Future diary but the genders are reversed

    《VeSinc》《VeSinc》12 napja
  • 8:08 to 8:11 omfg i cant it a dead one lmao!!!!

    soft pawssoft paws12 napja
  • Temmie is funny and stupid

    M8M812 napja
  • This is some bigger than life shit. It makes me feel so small

    Scandalous PorpoiseScandalous Porpoise12 napja
  • They so cute

    SevenDashSevenDash13 napja
  • "in front of whomst? in front of twitch?"

    Jembob xJembob x13 napja
  • Why does Lily look like a Korean mom who contemplates life

    Es. CrowEs. Crow13 napja
  • Mind blowing 😂

    Grey C MGrey C M13 napja
  • No one: Michael: Hold. Hand. NOW

    Lily AltoLily Alto13 napja
  • There was a lot of uncensored Hand Holding in this video and I'm proud of Micheal

    Mita_SanMita_San13 napja
  • wait i see tina there pog lol

    Takuro KawamuraTakuro Kawamura13 napja
  • Yooo cdawgva is here

    IluvcinnamonIluvcinnamon13 napja
  • why does lily look so awkward on the crunchyrool vid

    SynonymousSynonymous13 napja
  • How am I just spotting Connor (CDawgVA) in this video? 😂

    Gokul SubramanianGokul Subramanian13 napja
  • Oh hey Tinakitten cameo at 8:33

    VaccariaVaccaria14 napja

    BaconLivesOfficialBaconLivesOfficial14 napja
  • Is Michael going though puberty again?

    Overly FatmanOverly Fatman14 napja
  • Lmao Xavier woods (or if you know him as Austin creed) made a appearance

    censored_herecensored_here14 napja
  • Michael is so cute aww 😍😍💕

    츄ParkYuna츄ParkYuna14 napja
  • Was that Xavier woods

    El Chombo SchlomboEl Chombo Schlombo14 napja
  • wow a crackhead and a cutie perfect

    lieza riveralieza rivera14 napja
  • 6:52 YO ITS DOMICS

    IDontKnow FCIDontKnow FC15 napja
  • Watching this after pandemic and I'm like: where is her mask?

    Damaris A.ADamaris A.A15 napja
  • i see someone... can it be... the animator... the 1 and only... DOMICS?! ( 6:55 )

    cookiezsycookiezsy15 napja
  • At 6:53 you can see domics you know the shortest guy up there

    MemeGodMemeGod16 napja
  • lmao Connor looks awkward next to lilly

    Ealainez BeckettEalainez Beckett16 napja
  • The fucking day I get cheated on I see this shit. Sorry it’s not shit I’m just pissed

    Mark HMark H16 napja
  • The title everyone was waiting for And yes I posted this comment 8 months after she posted it SO WHAT

    Maria MolinaMaria Molina17 napja
  • I didn't know Lily and Jomm knew each other. Wild crossover

    MammonMammon17 napja
  • I recommend a bakery called Pineapple King Bakery

    Sum Ting WongSum Ting Wong17 napja
  • "jaywalking, it's illegal your see. But convenient" well Mr. Reeves. It's not illegal if you're not caught

    Nocturnal12amNocturnal12am17 napja
    • “Anything’s legal if you run fast enough” - someone

      Tony WeiTony Wei18 órája
  • Foreshadowing

    Ryan ItaharaRyan Itahara17 napja
  • 8:02 what kind michael? your genius so find it out huhu

    Harvy JepolloHarvy Jepollo17 napja
  • Has Michael got some skin issue or something? Like he has wayyy to many breakouts on his face which is not normal....I'm kinda new to offline TV so idk if he anytime told about this before.

    tanvi upadhyaytanvi upadhyay17 napja
    • @ILoveNutella Yea I know, I am just asking dear

      tanvi upadhyaytanvi upadhyay17 napja
    • So what? Not everyone has good skin

      ILoveNutellaILoveNutella17 napja
  • who tf would dislike this

    Fasya 77Fasya 7718 napja
  • One question how tf do you stab straight through a boba tea cup???

    Gabriel GardonGabriel Gardon19 napja
    • well it's kinda easy if you hit the side

      M_Somosera JM_Somosera J19 napja
  • Crunchyroll that’s cool

    Reetunus UnusReetunus Unus20 napja
  • 4:46 Micheal Reeves is great and everything but how is NO ONE talking about this?!

    Veronica CruzVeronica Cruz20 napja
  • Why is seeing Connor in this vid the thing that interests me most

    saad zamansaad zaman21 napja
  • I've never seen so much "beef" ... I ahhaahah T_T

    Thiri ShweCynnThiri ShweCynn21 napja
  • moar apple smash content

    Evan AndersonEvan Anderson21 napja
  • 7:03 CONNOR our favorite HUworld Sebastian-

    Tsumae OkamiTsumae Okami21 napja
  • aye it's xavier woods

    sara exesara exe21 napja
  • Michael is like the best God damn person to live on this planet

    Midñight PhøenixMidñight Phøenix22 napja
  • 4:31🥺

    yuki stellaryuki stellar23 napja
  • The group was Lily, Michael, Aria, Jummy and Tina right?

    Sword Of Rome11Sword Of Rome1123 napja
  • I see connor there

    SplatSlacksSplatSlacks23 napja
  • He just wants to hold her hand aww

    Sunset SkyeSunset Skye23 napja
  • 'They have fake" things make me dead

    Anita MoktanAnita Moktan23 napja
  • aww Michael needs to hold hands with an adult when he crosses the road

    Gamunu WithanaGamunu Withana23 napja
  • is that... is that Xavier Woods?!

    Manays McSauceManays McSauce23 napja
  • i saw cdawg and lily in a single video. i refuse this to be real.

    Victor Acosta Jr.Victor Acosta Jr.23 napja
  • i didnt expect there will be xavier woods

    W M Arief AkhfarW M Arief Akhfar23 napja
  • them: go to san francisco me: tf this place is clean?? i live here tho maybe my side is just dirty lmao?

    mablehh _mablehh _24 napja
  • 8:05

    BatSwarm StudiosBatSwarm Studios24 napja
  • Maybe this vid I’d for weebs

    StanY LinStanY Lin24 napja

    Anon ANONAnon ANON24 napja
    • Also this video was very wholesome and I loved it but also CDAAAWGG VA

      Anon ANONAnon ANON24 napja
  • Cqn we hv a tutoriap for that cafe look so prettty

    Jace AJace A25 napja
  • Y is Xavier Woods hosting the crunch roll thing

    SniperFoxYTSniperFoxYT25 napja
  • And yes my name is spelled sis

    Fransisco GarciaFransisco Garcia25 napja