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There are many layers to this mystery..
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  • 2020 anyone

    Onch BaterdeneOnch Baterdene38 perccel
  • Are there more videos like this? This was so interesting and fun. Also Sykkuno and would be great anime characters if they ever do that.

    Wambly GorrilaWambly Gorrila2 órája
  • episode 2 is pure gold

    Curious PersonCurious Person17 órája
  • You both deserves oscars lmao

    Sidy _to_SpeedySidy _to_Speedy17 órája
  • two perfect voices for a anime

    DragoDrago18 órája
  • ;-;

    Jessica CiampaglioneJessica Ciampaglione22 órája
  • They look like a couple they r soo cute

    Isak KhawlhringIsak Khawlhring22 órája
  • is there an episode with michael and tomatoes?? XD

  • sykunno is just the voice of a sad anime boi

    Julianna WiezorekJulianna WiezorekNapja
  • I like this anime

    Melanie KhounMelanie KhounNapja
  • Sykkuno sounding like he's trying to not get caught playing on his phone too late

    Hannes RodriguezHannes RodriguezNapja
  • So cute

  • onion puns on point though.

    Jonathan AndersonJonathan AndersonNapja
  • it's 12 and I don't know why I hear zuko's voice in sykkuno's

  • I want to see the video:Temmie reacts to: YOU FED ONIONS TO MY DOG?

    G LeeG LeeNapja
  • how does this only have 800k views, this deserves its own crunchyroll original anime, ney, HUworld ORIGINAL ANIME

  • i cried

    Leonard AjkicLeonard AjkicNapja
  • Who honestly wants this to be a anime

    Lenny HernandezLenny HernandezNapja
  • this is the best anime!

  • i was hoping for lily to say i like you or something haha

    Dahiyahwho?? ?Dahiyahwho?? ?2 napja
  • 🤧😭😱

    G-MAN PlayzG-MAN Playz2 napja
  • You could both easily be professional voice actors. I would watch everything you do.

    Stitch I'LaluStitch I'Lalu2 napja
  • OMG SYKKUNO AND LILY ARE SO GOOD AT ACTING!!! You should make an actual video out of this :)

    Benjamin CheeBenjamin Chee2 napja
  • Sykunno should really be in an anime

    Jasmine SchuttJasmine Schutt2 napja
  • LMAO

    a childa child2 napja
  • Sykunno tries to be mad but can’t

    3irk Mauricio3irk Mauricio2 napja
  • Is this when sykunno mad

    3irk Mauricio3irk Mauricio2 napja
  • Next episode: 50 layers of onion......LMFAO😂🤣

    aman_01 ahmadaman_01 ahmad2 napja
  • 6:03 that was laughing ,but u improvised! 😂

    aman_01 ahmadaman_01 ahmad2 napja
  • This was amazing. I legit got invested in this story. I need S2. I NEED THIS FRIENDSHIP BACK!

    Sófis !Sófis !3 napja

    Deaths ChildDeaths Child3 napja
  • iF i GET A DOLLAR fOR eVERYtIME Lily sAYz CUtE, I would become Jeff Bezos

    Flame BlitzkriegFlame Blitzkrieg3 napja
  • Okay but the generic onion anime ost 🙌🏻

    lynlovescakelynlovescake3 napja
  • OTV doing a sitcom skit would be amazing. I would 10/10 watch that. Like a classic 1990 sitcom. Kinda like friends but otv

    SauceStudiosSauceStudios3 napja

    linnie̷linnie̷3 napja
  • Ok i love this!! XD

    Slytherin Knight98Slytherin Knight983 napja
  • Sykkuno has anime voice big time

    Eshadi SharifEshadi Sharif4 napja
  • Lily is such a genuine person u will never find a friend like her who sits and make anime pic and post it on birthdays...

    Ashok DharaAshok Dhara4 napja
  • "Beans are not stupid!" "Yes they are" *"Take that back!"* "no" *"tAKE THAT BACK!"*

    jamiegmoonjamiegmoon4 napja
  • Sykkuno's voice is just so good!

    Angelica MarasiganAngelica Marasigan4 napja
  • so lily is an artist who can draw, write, sing, play instrumental and she is also a gamer/otaku/lofi hip-hop/comfy/uwu

    LittlePancakeLittlePancake4 napja
  • Sykkuno sounds like childe

    Fadzli arifFadzli arif4 napja
  • wait wtf i want more

    :33 :333:33 :3334 napja
  • If Lily never liked bean then why was it her bean on the table?

    FL4R3 BL1TZFL4R3 BL1TZ5 napja
  • It's so good!!! I need more of this

    takoyakontakoyakon5 napja
  • Sykkunos birthday is a day before mine!

    Gaming with AnaGaming with Ana5 napja
  • OMG!! Just watched this. Please do more of cringey ass onion anime >///< it's so good for everbody's soul!!

    Random LoL FanRandom LoL Fan5 napja
  • Oh my gosh this is seriously so funnyyy

    kyiah kayannkyiah kayann5 napja
  • Someone need to recruit them. No lie both of them so good at voice acting. Sykkuno did so good I wasn’t expecting that.

    Jamie SweetJamie Sweet5 napja
  • But I love onions :< Please don't hate my onions :(

    Ferris LuxGoodFerris LuxGood6 napja
  • When’s the second season out?😂

    Seph UbaldoSeph Ubaldo6 napja
  • This is my favorite video on the internet

    EverEver6 napja
  • This was so fun to watch

    king 21 Duelking 21 Duel6 napja
  • I love this and... I kinda want more...

    Sora AragakiSora Aragaki6 napja
  • yo someone hook sykkuno with a anime protaginist script

    JaegerGamingJaegerGaming6 napja
  • why the SNK soundtrack tho XD

    Arianne LlimitArianne Llimit6 napja
  • the ending song is actually rlly good woah

    floppittyfloppitty6 napja
  • i wanna cry🥺

    freakz kyzzfreakz kyzz6 napja
  • What? The manga was better?

    No OneNo One7 napja
  • This was actually so good holy crap

    John AugusteJohn Auguste7 napja
  • "BEANS ARENT STUPID!" - Sykunno 2019

    Ethan TongEthan Tong7 napja
  • I felt the last two eps. I'm dyingggggggg I can't stop laughing!!!!

    Kim HuynhKim Huynh7 napja
  • This episodes are really good I would like to see more sykkuno and lily voice acting and I actually cried during episode 2

    Justin MonteclaroJustin Monteclaro8 napja
  • Alternative title: Two anime protagonist make scripts about a dog dying from onions and beans breaking their friendship

    UwUElla_ Yt2947UwUElla_ Yt29478 napja
  • Their voices are perfect for anime characters

    Es. CrowEs. Crow8 napja
  • This was actually low key sad 😢

    Logan DangLogan Dang8 napja
  • They can be both Anime Characters soo good

    Yurikco GamboaYurikco Gamboa8 napja
  • Episode 3 spoke levels to me though

    JoshuaJoshua8 napja
  • i can just imagine in episode two when she said you lied to me she pulls out a glock 19 and shoots him

    jean jack gamesjean jack games8 napja
  • *”You never wanna hear it, do you?”* This actually hit me-

    Honey LlameloHoney Llamelo8 napja
  • i would watch a drama if sykkuno was the main.

    Angela SantosAngela Santos8 napja
  • The puns why

    OwnThe WolfGodOwnThe WolfGod8 napja
  • I love the song that was in the end 💕

    Ssu KuraiSsu Kurai9 napja
  • Wow this acting is really good. Especially with the effects.

    Astony The GodAstony The God9 napja
  • This so good lily, hoping more coming up! Really miss this dramas 😂❤️

    danny jeondanny jeon9 napja
  • it's so Adorable 😭

    Psyché TirañaPsyché Tiraña9 napja
  • 9:11 why did he sound like Toast

    Isabelle LampaIsabelle Lampa9 napja
  • Stupid anime wheres my manga?!!??

    Diego SalinasDiego Salinas9 napja
  • Dog arent alloud to onions ....

    Yveltal gamingYveltal gaming9 napja
  • I'm crying T_T Who the hell cut the onions!?

    La LupinaLa Lupina9 napja
  • yes.

    SokaPrimeSokaPrime9 napja
  • that was soooooo goooooooood 💓

    ykcaj rodavlasykcaj rodavlas9 napja
  • i wish someone would make sykkuno but with the body language of kratos

    - Imnotan3mo -- Imnotan3mo -9 napja
  • Y is this so good

    Aditya MarikalAditya Marikal9 napja
  • Bro... I LIKE THIS 😤😤✨

    MariyaaaMariyaaa9 napja
  • Goddamnit😭 Sykkuno's voice is just the greatest voice i have ever heard in my entire life♥️

    ImFeeling PurpleImFeeling Purple10 napja
  • I'm dieing helpppp

    Chika CruzChika Cruz10 napja
  • man ......... this is so cool Lily

    Abdullah Al AabirAbdullah Al Aabir10 napja
  • this is so deep holy shit

    jihoon heartsjihoon hearts10 napja

    Butternut i thinkButternut i think10 napja
  • oof this is like a movie brrooooooo this is like an movie the title is :the onion

    karl edouard De jesuskarl edouard De jesus10 napja
  • This was actually good Surprising...

    Delgado MarcanoDelgado Marcano10 napja
  • it's always challenging opening up yourself up to someone, what?. my new quote.

    Ivar OlsonIvar Olson10 napja
  • The fk, dogs can eat onions, dont be crazy... We've always fed our dinner scraps to our english staffy, He lived until 19 years old There was 100% onions in many many many of the scraps fed to him, You are all crazy

    Anon CommenterAnon Commenter10 napja
  • The ending is better than the hole anime ngl....

    RandomERandomE10 napja
  • Sykkuno sounds more anime talking about his birthday than when hes scripted 🤔. Love him though.

  • Eye

    ᴄ ᴀ s s ᴀ ɴ ᴅ ʀ ᴀᴄ ᴀ s s ᴀ ɴ ᴅ ʀ ᴀ10 napja
  • *_This should be a thing, a recurring segment_* . Like this so that @LilyPichu can see this

  • You can see how much of a difference laugh tracks can make

  • Lily's ratings: 1. Cute 2. So Cute 3. OMG 4. Wow

    LecronoLecrono11 napja