YOU GUYS SUCK!!! - Valorant Ft. DisguisedToast, Michael Reeves, Scarra, Natsumiii & Sykkuno

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positive reinforcement~ stay comfy ;-;

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  • how to get a boyfriend?????????

    Ms CathMs Cath5 órája
  • lily is gold rank.... im fricking iron2.....

    KenDoesThingsKenDoesThings8 órája
  • Michael as Rock Lee lily as Tenten

    Roberto_ OsegueraRoberto_ OsegueraNapja
  • oops

    Ashley TruebloodAshley Trueblood2 napja

    Ashley TruebloodAshley Trueblood2 napja
  • you should ask micheal to make u a setup where u can play valorant with your piano keys or with your drawing tablet . Cmon thats a good idea whos in on this ...

    Aarit JoshiAarit Joshi3 napja
  • Lily - “i do better with positive reinforcement” Toast- “oh... you guys are great.. AT SUCKING”

    Jacob FoxJacob Fox5 napja
    • I love toast sm😂😂

  • Everytime Mykull says Honey, he's not talking to Lily. He's plugging an ad for Honey browser extension.

    L0b0 CooksL0b0 Cooks5 napja
  • 0:10 who wheezed

    Washim AkramWashim Akram5 napja
  • Sykkuno: asks lily to buy a vandal for him Lily: ofc sykkuno! Toast: F#&k this Phoenix

    10,000 to prove my parents wrong?10,000 to prove my parents wrong?6 napja
  • 3:25 ur not a ninja ur john cena

    Johann Christopher LaoJohann Christopher Lao7 napja
  • ey lily try watching shroud play :)

    Crimson GamingCrimson Gaming7 napja
  • I want them to play valorant again

    k a r m ak a r m a9 napja
  • 6:09 stop reminding that im single 😭just kill me now💀

  • The first clip!!!!!! BOSS😂😂

    Johan SamJohan Sam10 napja
  • Valorant aka rainbow six meets meth hallucinations

    Colton McGrathColton McGrath10 napja
  • sanaol

    zeqezeqe12 napja
  • Me: Sees Lily and others' rank Me again: Oh wow. Ranking up is hard for me man

    Gameboy MasteryGameboy Mastery12 napja
  • .

    M J A YM J A Y12 napja
  • 1000th Comment probably

    BrennAnHere 1BrennAnHere 112 napja
  • I love you lilyyyýyyyyy

    Chornic_resumeChornic_resume13 napja
  • Chornic_resumeChornic_resume13 napja
  • lily and mykull being the cutest couple again

    nishanisha13 napja
  • The first went viral,n now I'm a fan of otv🤣

    Yash JagtapYash Jagtap13 napja
  • Toast: YOU GUYS F****** SUCK! Lily: wait i do better with positive reinforcement Toast: Oh... Oh sorry youre.... you guys are really good at SUCKING LMFAOOOO

    SUGASUGA14 napja
  • L

    SoftPotatoSoftPotato14 napja
  • Darn it I was drinking water and spilled it all over myself toast you fricking hilarious piece of human

    ᄂİnciᄀᄂİnciᄀ15 napja
  • I should find some skills I have none

    Douglas DanielsDouglas Daniels16 napja
  • "Sometimes when I'm really bad at videogames, I have to remind myself I have other skills" HAHAHA 🤣 It's funny cus it's true 😭😭😭

    🌿Leafie🌿Leafie17 napja
  • The crosshair needs some work... pistol play looked ok. With some experience, it will be smoother.

    MinatoAceMinatoAce17 napja
  • The cutest

    Bouchra DehimiBouchra Dehimi18 napja
  • Maybe play Reyna then???

    Pavanan M SPavanan M S21 napja
  • for some reason i knew valorant player going to talksht if they saw player like lily

    Rex_ BomRex_ Bom22 napja
  • The first clip 😂😂

    Suxhi RollSuxhi Roll22 napja
  • I miss valorant

    Jose Arvin CelosoJose Arvin Celoso23 napja
  • I'm pretty sure cypher is the hardest agent to utilize

    Cold_Air deliveredCold_Air delivered25 napja
  • 2:01 so lucky

    KwekkyKwekky26 napja
  • Thanks for making me feel single💗💋

    y2k D0llzy2k D0llz27 napja
  • I saw this on tik tok and now I follow you on HUworld

    24x549 Baby yellow24x549 Baby yellow28 napja
  • Did Mykull wear his shirt backward???

    Lam NguyenLam Nguyen28 napja
  • when Michael enter Lily's room The feeling of someone enter her rooms The feeling of hearth broken Can u feel it :'(

    RANDOMTHING 6969RANDOMTHING 696929 napja
  • whats harry doing behind lily ?

    Darius KhanDarius Khan29 napja
  • was michael wearing his shirt inside out

    marcos duranmarcos duranHónapja
  • my eyes hurt :

    Jasdel DelanJasdel DelanHónapja
  • lily play roblox. there so much cute stuff on it for you.

    comfy Honeycomfy HoneyHónapja
  • is valorant free to play?

    Hans de KrakerHans de KrakerHónapja
  • idk if this trick work for everyone.. but i put like small pillow under my wrist while playing csgo.. so i got more movement on my mouse... fck idk wht im saying

    Shisui UchihaShisui UchihaHónapja
  • i love mykull is that the right speeling i dont know whats the speeling sorry aammam

    mary ellen yusikeemary ellen yusikeeHónapja
  • Toast: you guys f***ing suck Lily: I do better with positive encouragement... Toast: oh, you guys are really good at suc***g 😆😆😆

    Basil FabianBasil FabianHónapja
  • The interaction between these two make me happy but then I realize I will never have it. :,(

    HS AthletesHS AthletesHónapja
  • Am i the only one that realized micheal's shirt was inside out

  • cutest couple I've ever seen. ^^

    DK ChoiDK ChoiHónapja
  • me knowing that my name is phoenix: cries when toast says "fuck this phoenix" btw i main phoenix, not because his name because hes fucking sick

  • Love the end music

    GIRÜ kitsuneGIRÜ kitsuneHónapja
  • Can I Express how this would look if they played Overwatch?

  • @5:58 Lily : Kills someone. Mykkul : You gave him the SCHMOKEEE! 😤

    La Vita E BellaLa Vita E BellaHónapja
  • when your so lonely so you talk to yourself 8:54

  • lily is boosted is so hard lol

    miguel delmomiguel delmoHónapja
  • Does anyone else just chew gum \ \ \ Then just not chew gum??? No just me... ok

    Ivan MoralesIvan MoralesHónapja
  • the Vtuber model was so laggy TWT

  • Do you guys call Lychee Lie-cheee or Leechie

    Akiren KurumiyaAkiren KurumiyaHónapja
  • 666693 views Darm

    main accountmain accountHónapja
  • Ayy sana all kinikiss uwu❤️

    Kuya KlyneKuya KlyneHónapja
  • LilyPichu is so weird but in a cute & funny sorta way. :3

  • 4:02 im here to eat my food which is you*

    Kulas TanKulas TanHónapja
  • the shirt of micheal

    Charlier AndoCharlier AndoHónapja
  • What Lily and Michael have is what I want in the future :/

    Jonathan ZhangJonathan ZhangHónapja
  • I always come to this video to see the beginning part I like the toast cartoon edit wish I could share only the beginning part with people lol 🤣

    Bubu !Bubu !Hónapja
  • in the beginning of the video michael is wearing his shirt backwards

    Miguelangel FelixMiguelangel FelixHónapja
  • was that thing form date alive

    Game InvestigatorGame InvestigatorHónapja
  • OMG!! due you and Michael are sooooooooo fuckin cute!!! Seeing you guys all lovely dovely make my heart melt 😍😍😍

    Mozhgan SobhanMozhgan SobhanHónapja
  • Lily play dark deception with mykul

  • I wanna know what that comfy hooded thing she was wearing was :(

    Selena NguyenSelena NguyenHónapja
  • 3:30 nice voice

  • Thats the weirdest way to say that "ur suck"

  • am I watching valorant gameplay or am I third-wheeling lmao

    audrey villalunaaudrey villalunaHónapja
  • I Love lily and all but how is she silver?

    Pink FlavorPink FlavorHónapja
  • WAIT A SEC SHES PLAt she wayy better then me

  • 3:29 3:32

  • Envite me to your team and Toast will be proud of me cause im good at valorant

    KieL PlayZKieL PlayZHónapja
  • Why am I Lily at 9:00 and just talking to myself our loud and all of my friends just silently judge me... ;-;

    Mac N cheeseMac N cheeseHónapja
  • lily cheated on michael with lily ...

  • Vtuber lily look like futaba


    Rafid KhanRafid KhanHónapja
  • im feeling so single af watching this

    Check PingCheck PingHónapja
  • I was besude my mum and the earphones i was wearing werent fully plugged in and my phone was on max volume so when that first clip played.......... i felt it..... may i rest in a hole

    Zeal 1111Zeal 1111Hónapja
  • 34 years : Micahel has a Baby Boi And tases him (JK)

    Rapid ELITERapid ELITEHónapja
  • 4:24 AM iPad 6% Sat Oct 3 2020 I’m watching this because I’m bored

    Timeo McytTimeo McytHónapja
  • Lilypihu yea

    Mark Daniel AbendanteMark Daniel AbendanteHónapja
  • Mykull should add controls to the piano so Lily can use that to play Valorent - use her strengths

    sam gsam gHónapja
  • Anyone else hear toast say "Heal your save for me" lol

    Dairy HiDairy Hi2 hónapja
  • The first clip is the best toast clip ever

    Γιάννης ΦωτογράφοςΓιάννης Φωτογράφος2 hónapja
  • What is the name of the game

    Trevor ChadwickTrevor Chadwick2 hónapja
  • Who's game

    Trevor ChadwickTrevor Chadwick2 hónapja
  • Ahaha she said it again "Mr. Obama? *Crickets"

    Micah LazoMicah Lazo2 hónapja
  • What is that at 7.48, is that facerig or something I'm legit curious it looks cool af

    QuaintrelleQuaintrelle2 hónapja
  • I’m like why is she still walking? Lol

    Hwa Bin WongHwa Bin Wong2 hónapja
  • The only person that can snipe with a shotgun

    VoxVox2 hónapja
  • hi lily im here now

    Just A Random Dude With A Random NameJust A Random Dude With A Random Name2 hónapja
  • I played this game for a week now and I think I'm getting better

    RavenRaven2 hónapja