Your Head Is Too Big for Your Body - Ft. Destiny

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  • I miss this duo

    Rasmus Thorbjørn Overgaard PedersenRasmus Thorbjørn Overgaard Pedersen5 órája
  • The Destiny-Lily Dynamic is the best dynamic

    SadSayoriSadSayori7 napja
  • destiny sucks

    Jden RobevesJden Robeves25 napja
  • Worst is when they talk over each other and I go "WHICH SUBTITLES DO I FOCUS!? AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!"

    JayHog1992JayHog19923 hónapja
  • intro music: doom (2016) harbinger for anyone who's wondering

    quarthquarth3 hónapja
  • Destiny is a *very* extreme Mykull.

    COB4YN GamesCOB4YN Games3 hónapja
  • I actually love when they duo

    Sabishi senpaiSabishi senpai4 hónapja
  • 👁👄👁

    Rika FurudeRika Furude4 hónapja
  • lol ... she has no idea what she is doing and got carried to plat. Yikes.

    So Far So BookSo Far So Book5 hónapja
  • I wouldn't keep talking to him he's super toxic..

    HunHun5 hónapja
    • why do you say that ?

      pond scumpond scum4 hónapja
  • Wonder how they are now after Destiny keeps on shitting Sykkuno

    Nero KasutoNero Kasuto5 hónapja
    • He is the most non-bias stone faced person on Twitch. They have a good dynamic.

      ThaiDuiTxThaiDuiTx6 napja
    • Perfectly good friends. Destiny was one of the first people Lily called when she wanted someone to help her release her statement on Fed and Chris

      Kippers DelightKippers Delight4 hónapja
  • It's weird hearing Destiny as human and not shouting at some alt-right dudes about communism or something

    Janis DaugavietisJanis Daugavietis5 hónapja
  • Lillys make fun of turkish people and then i realize i am turkish

    G2RK3MG2RK3M5 hónapja
  • The level of passive aggression these two have towards each other is genuinely impressive

    DalleDayulDalleDayul6 hónapja
  • I wish I had a friend like Lily

    AndyAndy7 hónapja
  • Awesome couple

    Marzuqi SalimanMarzuqi Saliman7 hónapja
  • 7:42 wait what actually happened doe why did she do that lol

    NikoLOLNikoLOL7 hónapja
  • We are speaking TURKISH why do we speak another language ?

    HanakoHanako7 hónapja
  • Corobizar : les joueurs de Draven sont tellement fragiles !!! Destiny : 5:51

    Xeralta Demonis AngelisXeralta Demonis Angelis7 hónapja
  • I wonder what a convo bet. Michael and Steven would sound like

    MaDSmbR C.GMaDSmbR C.G7 hónapja
  • Big head big brain small head small brain noob

    MunchyMacawMunchyMacaw8 hónapja
  • Lily your just mad that your a BIG NOOB NOT LITTLE BIG Jk ( * b -) sike I lied NOOB

    MunchyMacawMunchyMacaw8 hónapja
  • i remember teh full vod and stream for this. oh gosh it was amusing

    MegasaiyuMegasaiyu8 hónapja
  • Name a more iconic duo.

    Osvaldo IllescasOsvaldo Illescas8 hónapja

    Nikita YudinNikita Yudin9 hónapja
  • m

    iji heroiji hero9 hónapja
  • 2.000.000

    iji heroiji hero9 hónapja
  • this dude is so angry this video is toxic as shit

    Uncle BenUncle Ben9 hónapja
  • at least destiny isnt as bad as Tyler1...

    JacksonJackson9 hónapja
  • this Destiny guy kinda cringe, ngl

    NotoriouslydeviousNotoriouslydevious9 hónapja
  • I’m the 650th comment

    Duck EnterpriseDuck Enterprise9 hónapja
  • Im from turkeyyyyyy

    StyleStyle9 hónapja
  • This is a great example of what a Iron to Silver game would be like.

    Zenith BladeZenith Blade9 hónapja
  • is that fucking LISA MUSIC, hell yeah

    Ab GrootAb Groot9 hónapja
  • Turkish guys also likes asian girls. BUT Not NOW.

  • most comfy streamer: leelee(peechu) nice editing ^^

    Soulhope85Soulhope8510 hónapja
    • Very comfy indeed :D

      TempoTempo10 hónapja
  • Anyone know the music at 3:20?

    Oblivious StrangerOblivious Stranger10 hónapja
  • 1:55 I'm from Turkey and i am really disappointed right now (┬┬﹏┬┬)

    BinnurBinnur10 hónapja
  • We do speak Egyptian because our accent is different we talk differently our accent is way harder than like Dubai or any other Arabic country

    CypoFTWCypoFTW10 hónapja
  • Keep staying strong Lily!!

    Carter DechowCarter Dechow10 hónapja
  • 1:55 Turkey is not a middle eastern country? Wth?!

    Fatmanur DemirFatmanur Demir10 hónapja
  • 2:00 that why i don't subb Destiny

    MrCrev01MrCrev0110 hónapja
  • Anyone else thought of Melanie Martinez song cry baby from the title too?

    NeekoNeeko10 hónapja
  • Steven is the only reason I watch Lilly's league videos.

    ZoapZoap10 hónapja
  • well its a first i actually see her channel :P hmm 5:19 though :P

    ace24680ace2468010 hónapja
  • Tell us when Michael WILL UPLOAD

    BaartzyBaartzy10 hónapja
  • My boy steve with that Runescape reference at 8:29 Mad respect

    George ThompsonGeorge Thompson10 hónapja
  • dang, the last video i saw by you was you taking about your teachers bullying you for your voice. its been foreverrrr!

    Sapphire and Ruby :3Sapphire and Ruby :310 hónapja
  • Thats pretty petty. Lol.

    JustSaiyanSteveJustSaiyanSteve10 hónapja
  • Video should be called Lily plays lol with a 40 yo virgin

    2jz swagg2jz swagg10 hónapja
    • I never would have never guessed

      2jz swagg2jz swagg10 hónapja
  • ok, WILD intro.

    TheMirkxDTheMirkxD10 hónapja

    momoriemomorie10 hónapja
  • Marry Michele

    Yuvaraj MYuvaraj M10 hónapja
  • I saw a league of legends commercial so I checked out this channel XDsteven be like *************

    emmanuel kwartengemmanuel kwarteng10 hónapja
  • Lily is the true villain of this story.

    denaresdenares10 hónapja
  • Those RuneScape noises just triggered something inside me. I think I need to go renew my membership.

    delancy542delancy54210 hónapja
  • wat lili is in plat? looked like silver plays

    signor donsignor don10 hónapja
  • 4:36 I recognize the RichaadEb

    n0o01n0o0110 hónapja
  • lily: "I don't want to be shipped with my friends" stevo: "Lily x Destiny"

    MinergeMinerge10 hónapja
  • When Steven was laughing about the Zed ult the first time. He deadass sounded like Dr Eggman

    Dragon of IceDragon of Ice10 hónapja
  • The 4:53 "'Kay" was adorable.

    vendockvendock10 hónapja
  • when destiny is more genuine and caring towards lily than lily's other close friends :')

    akuma13akuma1310 hónapja
  • Ive been waiting for this duo forever

    Leanna SalveLeanna Salve10 hónapja
  • Someone PLEASE tell me the name of the son at 8:49

    TheNerdNamed NateTheNerdNamed Nate10 hónapja
  • I only speak *mobile legends*

    iPoundStonesiPoundStones10 hónapja
  • yo lily i think i just met you in overwatch. remmber RussianDuck?

    bluedhasbluedhas10 hónapja
  • i have a hunch that both lily & destiny are going to be a husband & wife ... or at least it`s happen somewhere in other alternate reality, lol

    Adlan KacakAdlan Kacak10 hónapja
  • Stop hanging out with someone that says the n word hard r on a regular basis and openly admitted it saying "I don't give a fuck".

    Nunu Support One TrickNunu Support One Trick10 hónapja
  • "why are you slow? is it because your big head?!" "you are too fast because your head small!" HAHAHAHAHAHAHA~~!!!

    Adlan KacakAdlan Kacak10 hónapja
  • Do they speak Egyptian in Egypt?

    yahia Assadyahia Assad10 hónapja
  • LOOOOOOOOL the Doom Soundtrack xDDD Very unexpected

    Ninja PinguinNinja Pinguin10 hónapja
  • Ah yes, Steven.

    SM OnTheRunSM OnTheRun10 hónapja
  • Just gonna throw richaadeb's bad apple cover and not let it play more than a second ;(

    ChefChef10 hónapja
  • Lily play more league and runeterra?

    X1 HangyulX1 Hangyul10 hónapja
  • wheres michael

    Kys LmaoKys Lmao10 hónapja
  • Dude did anyone else look at Aria's "Lilys new Pomeranian puppy"?? Lily looked older that time. LILY IS LITERALLY AGING BACKWARDS WTF-

    Cayla Jean RoqueCayla Jean Roque10 hónapja
  • Look at her channel the ones with Michael reeves has more views then other vids on the channel that’s couze every one loves Michael

    NaQ OreoNaQ Oreo10 hónapja
  • Lol

    SarahAnimatesWolvesSarahAnimatesWolves10 hónapja
  • The title should be "How friends stay friends after trash talking each other at League".

    Peter PiperPeter Piper10 hónapja
  • 4:39 song?

    predatorpredator10 hónapja
  • This is pretty funny and entertaining I was just about to unsubscribe Edit NVM these is no healthy im out

    King SilverKing Silver10 hónapja
  • lily I just saw the stream you and dr.k or HealthyGamerGG did together and it made me sad seeing you like that. you are the cutest and nicest person I have seen and you are everything I wish to be. hope you feel better soon lily.

    im hulkiim hulki10 hónapja
  • 7:41 caught me so off guard LMFAO

    RoxaileRoxaile10 hónapja
  • Getting strong *Aggretsuko* vibes on this one

    Digital SaintDigital Saint10 hónapja
  • Its a weird place to be

    wild beastwild beast10 hónapja
  • gosh lily is so cute

    Colton CraneColton Crane10 hónapja
  • Bestiny of Destiny

    Seth DeeganSeth Deegan10 hónapja
  • 9:29 that edit, lol

    iownu92iownu9210 hónapja
  • missed opportunity to show some bigstiny

    iownu92iownu9210 hónapja
  • When u wanna sub to lily pichus twitch but ur poor Me: *laughs while crying under breath

    Lil PendejoLil Pendejo10 hónapja
  • Why did the editor use the black and white effect so much?

    EaglespearEaglespear10 hónapja
  • Let me just say I love Destiny

    Magiczny SznurekMagiczny Sznurek10 hónapja
  • The beginning was like a movie trailer

    DatOneShadyKidDatOneShadyKid10 hónapja
  • des-TINY

    ShaunShaun10 hónapja
  • does anyone know that country ass song in this video?

    Robi JakusRobi Jakus10 hónapja
  • Is that a RuneScape Reference? UWU

    PanalpanePanalpane10 hónapja
  • When is the coding stream?

    DyezzDyezz10 hónapja

    cartiercartier10 hónapja
  • their plays are too wholesome for me

    akitshimaakitshima10 hónapja
  • The intro was pretty cool.

    Hasan ImtiazHasan Imtiaz10 hónapja